Autistic Chloe Price Headcannons~

-Her bullet necklace is actually a chew necklace that Rachel got her when she noticed her chewing on so many things she shouldn’t have been

-She only ever wears tank tops year-round because most clothes are sensory hell for her

-Her suspenders are used as a fidget where she’ll pull/tug on them when she’s having a sensory overload

-Her beanie is a comfort item

-When her dad died and Max left she had a meltdown

-When Rachel went missing she had one too before she decided to make the posters for Rachel

-Rachel and Max are the only two people outside of Joyce and William that have seen Chloe flap

-Her special interest is science

-When she found out about Max’s powers that became her special interest and wanted to know everything about them

-When Rachel found out because Chloe accidentally started to happy flap in front of her Chloe got scared that Rachel wouldn’t see her the same before Rachel said “That’s hella punk.”

-Chloe was forever known as A ‘hella punk autistic’ to Rachel and whenever she was feeling down Rachel would remind her of that.

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punk!Percy and girly!Annabeth are way more important than my homework okay

So because of the recent blow up with punk!Percy and girly!Annabeth caused by @bananannabeth and @lililibird I wrote a little fic 

i. the first date

Percy’s hands are sweaty, and he’s scowling angrily because the wind keeps ruffling his hair and it took him forever to even kind of make it lay down straight and this is not how things are supposed to start out.

He thinks about the probability of Annabeth wearing a dress tonight. He wonders if he should really be upset about the wind at all.

He’s picking Annabeth up at her house for their date tonight. They’ve been distant friends for a while, but since Percy started sitting next to her in their Biology class at school, he’s decided that he can’t stand just being friends with her. It was an accident when he asked her out. The question had just flown out of his mouth yesterday when she had been talking about her English paper as he walked her to her car. She had stopped and stared at him for a few seconds before smiling and telling him to pick her up at seven.

He’s also driving his mom’s car just because he doesn’t want Annabeth on his motorcycle. Even though he drives it, it’s fucking dangerous, and he’ll be damned before he lets Annabeth get hurt.

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Can you do some sort of fic where Percy is shirtless and Annabeth sees the scars that she knows weren't from monsters and she asks Percy how he got them and he tells her about Gabe beating him and his mom? Please? Or like some head cannons?

I’m gonna do an AU with punk!percy if that’s alright (and they got a lot darker than I meant for them to)

  • Percy and Annabeth have been semi-sort of-not really dating for about a month now.
  • The reason it’s a kind-of-sort-of relationship is because Annabeth knows that her parents won’t like Percy just because of the tattoo on his forearm and the leather jackets that sits on his shoulders most of the time. 
  • She hates that it’s like this, but Percy has been so amazing over the past few weeks that most of the time she just can’t believe that she gets him and gets to have a wonderful best friend/boyfriend in her life. 
  • So they’re hanging out one night in her room, and her parents are gone out of town for the weekend on a conference for her dad’s work. Annabeth technically isn’t supposed to have people over (and probably not a boyfriend kinda guy), but she really doesn’t care when Percy suggests they go outside and take a swim. 
  • She nods enthusiastically, pushing him out of her room and saying that she’ll meet him at the pool in the backyard. She changes into a black bikini that’s still new because she never had the nerve to wear it before this, and it seems like the kind of thing that Percy would like. 
  • (Not to mention he’ll probably get the nerve to finally kiss her.)
  • Annabeth grabs two towels on her way downstairs and slips out onto the patio. The lights in the pool are on, so it’s dark except for the light coming up from the pool. 
  • Percy is standing at the edge of the pool. He’s already stripped down to his boxers, and he hasn’t seen her yet. Annabeth watches with a small smile as he dives into the pool. 
  • When he comes up for air a second later, he spots her and grins, waving his hand for her to come in. As she gets closer and he sees her more clearly, Annabeth watches his face and eyes darken to a heavy expression. 
  • There are butterflies swarming her stomach, but she ignores them. 
  • She dives into the pool, swimming over to Percy and spitting water in his face. He laughs and splashes her, and they have a water fight until Percy grabs her wrists and hauls him closer to her, pressing her against his chest. 
  • She sets her hand on his right shoulder, and smiles at him. His hands settle on her hips. She can feel his muscles in his shoulders shift as he pulls her closer, and her hand slips over his skin until she feels a rough indention on his upper arm. 
  • She frowns, looking down at it. “What’s this?”
  • Percy’s voice is rough when he says, “Nothing. Look at me.”
  • She glances back up at him, and his eyes are heavy, like he really wants to kiss her, but when she moves closer and lets her hand slip to his back, she feels another indention. 
  • “Percy,” she says, “what are these?”
  • Annabeth runs her hands over them, looking closer until she realizes that they’re scars. 
  • “Do we have to talk about this?” he asks, turning her head back to his. “We could do… something else.”
  • “After,” she promises. “Now tell me what these are.”
  • Percy sighs, looking away from her. He drags her over to the side of the pool, and they sit on the concrete side by side, holding hands. “Before my mom married Paul, she was married to another guy. His name was… uh, his name was Gabe. And he was. Fuck. He was fucking terrible, okay?”
  • “Okay,” Annabeth says, worried about where this is going. Percy’s voice is shaking, and she’s honestly never seen him like this. 
  • “I was 12, I think. When I realized that he was hitting my mom,” Percy says. Annabeth sucks in a surprised breath. “He’d been doing it for years, and I was so young that I always believed the stories that my mom told about tripping and hitting the door or bumping her arm on the counter or whatever it was that day.”
  • He takes a breath before he keeps talking, hand tightening around hers. “The first time that I saw a bruise on my mom after that, I punched Gabe in the stomach.”
  • “What happened?” Annabeth whispers. 
  • “My mom was screaming, clawing at him to let go of me when he grabbed me and threw me to the ground. He said if I was old enough to hit like that, then I was old enough to be hit like that. He kicked me until my mom broke a vase over his head,” Percy explains. His voice sounds weird, and there are tears in Annabeth’s eyes now. “It didn’t do us much good. He hit her and made me watch.”
  • Annabeth runs her fingers over the scars again, but before she can say anything, Percy says, “I think that’s what those are from, but there are so many others that I can’t really remember. I try to forget about it.”
  • “What… what happened? In the end?” Annabeth asks. 
  • Percy finally turns to look at her. “It was about a year after the first time he hit me, and I came home with bad grades for the term. I was trying to talk to Mom about it, but when Gabe came in and saw it… He said a lot of bad stuff, and then he… he–”
  • Percy’s voice breaks, and he squeezes his eyes closed. Annabeth’s tears leak down one of her cheeks. 
  • “He burned my hands. With the stove. Said I was too stupid to notice probably. Mom was… Mom was screaming and I was screaming and I didn’t even notice when she came back in with a gun.”
  • There’s a long pause before Percy says, “Police said it was self defense. Judge said that the planet was better off without him. There wasn’t even a trial.”
  • Annabeth waits long enough to be sure that he’s finished talking before she says, “Percy, I’m so sorry.”
  • “I shouldn’t have told you all of that,” he mutters, kicking his feet in the water. 
  • She turns his head to face her. “Hey, you can tell me anything.”
  • “Yeah, but…”
  • “What?”
  • He shrugs out of her grasp. “You think differently of me now. Probably think I’m pathetic.”
  • And really, that’s the worst thing that he’s said this whole time. 
  • She takes his chin in her hand again and turns his face back to he has to look at her. Her other hand slips to rest on his chest over his heart. “Percy.” 
  • He finally looks up at her with wide, green eyes. 
  • “I would never think that about you,” she says softly. “You’re so strong. I couldn’t imagine… You’re so strong, okay? And you’re amazing and kind and gentle and I… I love you.”
  • Percy’s staring at her. His voice is rough and husky when he says, “Are you sure?”
  • “Of course I’m sure.” And just for good measure, she leans forward and whispers it into his ear and against his cheek when she presses her lips there. 
  • “Okay,” he says, and his voice sounds a little broken, but when he wraps his arms around her and pulls her closer, she breathes out a breathe and decides this is where she wants to be for forever. 

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Midlife Crisis Alison and Neo-Corporate Pirate Rachel need to go out for a drink.

omg me too after that episode. can I join them?

Make My Wish Come True [fic]

Hey, guys! I just want to wish all of you happy holidays! I hope you have tons of fun, and here’s you a punk!Percy and girly!Annabeth one shot to make it just a bit better! This is the “i know we hate each other but it’s christmas eve and your flight was cancelled please come inside” Percabeth AU

Come talk to me and let me know how your holidays are going! I would love to hear about them xoxo


Annabeth had decided not to go back to San Francisco this year for the holidays because of money and work. She also didn’t mind that much because she didn’t really get along with her stepmother, and even though she wouldn’t get to see her dad this year, she couldn’t make herself feel bad about it.

She was spending Christmas with her friends, and she was more excited about it than she had been for the holiday in years.

Since her mom died when she was younger, Annabeth never had another real Christmas. Her dad was just too sad, and then he met his new wife and she brought along her family and kids and it was just—too much for Annabeth. She missed waking up with her mom and dad and opening presents and then watching Harry Potter all day long while playing with her new toys and gifts.

It was Christmas Eve today, and Annabeth was curled up on her couch underneath her comforter, eating popcorn and candy canes and watching the first Harry Potter movie. She had done some work earlier this morning, planning for some of the designs for her firm and the meeting after the first of the year, but now she was trying to get into the “Christmas spirit.”

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Hey do you happen to have any pastel!philxpunk!dan phanfiction? Thanks.

Nothing Gold Can StayIt’s Autumn, the leaves are changing colors. Dan needs a birthday present for his mum and Phil runs a flower shop.

Awkward Encounters - “So I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m really embarrassed” au.

A Good DifferentPhil Lester absolutely hates the world, and everything in it. He doesn’t have any friends and he doesn’t get along with his parents either. But then he meets Dan Howell, who is different than most people he meets.

These were the only ones I could find!

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So I read this fic awhile ago where it was pastel!dan and punk!phil and Dan was being abused by his boyfriend and he runs out of the house and Phil finds him and takes him away. I think the title started with Pastel. I checked through your tags and I couldn't find it!

Pastel Pains - (TW) Pastel!Dan is running from an abusive relationship when he meets an unexpected angel Punk!Phil.


you were the song stuck in my head (playing again and again)

I wanna wish a HUGE happy birthday to jasongrinchless! Meg, I don’t know what I would do without you, and I love you so much! I hope you like this, and I’m so sorry that it’s a day late!

Author’s Note: The title is from Fall Out Boy’s song, Favorite Record. I don’t have any plans to continue this, but do let me know what you think about this!


“Could you write me a song?”

Percy looked down to Annabeth curiously. He couldn’t really see her face, but he raised his eyebrows anyway, staring at her blonde curls. He said, “I write you songs all the time.”

“I know,” she said, shifting one of her legs to rest between both of his. Percy tried not to groan. “But I need one that I can dance to.”

“Dance to?” He asked.

“Yeah,” she said.

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I'm looking for a chaptered fic that I was reading on ao3. it was punk!artist!phil and pastel!florist!dan and I think it was called the London Tragedy or something like that? thanks :)

London TragedyPhil Lester’s an artist who can’t feel the same shades of colours that other normal people can. When a job proposal from the BBC comes into sight, he ends up meeting a firework of palette that’d much rather mute his spark with pastel clothing and a floral fascination.