[Image description: Three photos showing two communication cards the same size and shape as business cards. The first card says, “I am not a self-narrating zoo exhibit. The bearer of this card is entitled to their privacy. They deserve the same respect and dignity that non-disabled people are granted. Invasive questions from strangers marginalize disabled people and make it difficult for us to simply exist in public. Let’s make a more accessible world for everyone.” 

The second card reads, “Disabled people have the right to participate in society and live our lives without fear of marginalization. How would you feel if you couldn’t go in public without being stared at? Please consider what your actions are saying. Let’s make a more accessible world for everyone.” End image description.]

My contribution to the cripple punk community. Communication cards, for days when you are 100% done with abled nonsense.

Two cards are available- “I am not a self-narrating zoo exhibit” and “It’s rude to stare”. Both cards are standard business card size and printed on stiff card stock. The dimensions are 3.5 x 2 inches (89 x 51 mm). The text is black and the cards are white.

I am selling these in sets of 10 and 25. You can find them over here at my new shop! (Which doesn’t have much in it yet, but I’m working on that!)

And if anyone has an idea of what designs or colour schemes you would like to see on communication cards like these, I would love your input.