Punk!Phan (3) Masterlist

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A Saturday Well Spent - princessdanyul

Summary: punk!Phil, pastelgoth!Dan.

A Tattoo Of Your Name - demisexualhowell

Summary: A punk!Phil and shy!Dan in high school AU.

Bear - philoveslions

Summary: Popular!TumblrFamous!Punk!Phil starts to have a crush on NewKid!Dan and makes secret posts about him on his blog, that Dan happens to follow.

Bible Camp - ultxmasunicornphanfics

Summary: punk!Phil has to go to a ‘bible camp’ after his behaviour has gotten out of this parents control. Although things are not too bad when he meets pastel!Dan.

Black Makes Colors Look Brighter - annatheism

Summary: Pastel!Dan & Punk!Phil Phil POV: they have been friends for a long time and live together. Phil finds himself drawn to more than just Dan’s adorable style choice, but he can’t act on that. Phil Thinks too much is at risk, but Dan may have other thoughts.

Can You Feel My Heart - amazingjordonisnotonfire

Summary: Punk!Phil is an employee at Hottopic and Pastel Punk!Dan is also an employee, but they never end up having shirts together until someone switches shifts with dan and ended up having shirts together and then they get lose and after their shifts they can go on a date or just fuck.

Carefully Chosen Words - phansparent

Summary: Punk!phan; Dan is in a punk band, and he catches sight of Phil in the crowd during one of his gigs. Dan’s always good at choosing his words carefully, but Phil is about to change that (with really good sex).

Disgusting - lesterkinky

Summary: punk!dan is disgustingly in love with pastel!phil but phil isnt really convinced.

Don’t - theaterkidlester

Summary: Pastel!Dan spends the weekend at his hot older boyfriend, punk!Phil’s, house and gets rimmed for the first time.

Favorite Record - subtextphan

Summary: Dan Howell is an introverted songwriter who prefers writing emails to actually interacting with people. When he is forced to work with Phil Lester, the lead singer of a popular pop-punk band, he is petrified of screwing up.

Flower Boy - phanerys

Summary: punk!phil meets pastel/lushemployee!dan.

I Don’t Need Anyone To Save Me - didnotthinkitwouldcometothis

Summary: Pastel!Dan is bullied and punk!Phil comes to help. But maybe Dan doesn’t need help after all?

I Like Trains - ultxmasunicornphanfics

Summary: Basically, shy pastel!Dan meets punk!Phil on a train and Phil saves him from an attacker later. Super fluff, maybe a lil angst.

My Defender - ultxmasunicornphanfics

Summary: When pastel!Dan arrives to school earlier than his boyfriend, punk!Phil the bullies get to him first. However, Phil is soon there to sort them out and look after him.

Okay, Maybe Jerks Are My Type - phanfulsofcarrotsoup

Summary: Pastel!Dan gets chased by (sorta)Punk!Phil, but Phil isn’t exactly what Dan would call a “bully”.

School - ultxmasunicornphanfics

Summary: badboy punk!Phil is possessive and shy!Dan forgets a lot, but they get by and their relationship works well. Ultra fluff, microscopic angst.

Sing Me To Sleep - trophyeyes

Summary: Punk!Phil suffers from an abusive home life while Pastel!Dan tries to make him see reason.

Turned Tables - versacephan

Summary: pastel!Dan and punk!Phil hate each other. They always get into fights and pick on each other for no reason other than the fact that they hate each other. But, things will change when one of them wakes up with feelings for the other.

Your Flower Crowns Are Nothing Compared To Your Beauty - phangirlsunite

Summary: Dan loves flower crowns, he loves soft, sweet colours, but most of all he loves the part time tattoo artist, part time cashier, punk, that rings him up when he buys his flower crowns. (Dan might, just maybe, know the punk’s cashiering schedule by now.)

Your Flowers Are Cute - uttermemetrash

Summary: Cliché Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil fluff.