punjam hy loo


|| I always feel like somebody’s watching me || (Pitch Black x Jack Frost)

What if Pitch never left the North Pole? What if the eyes he left behind witnessed the identity of the potential new recruit to the Guardians?

What if he got there first?

After his successful raid on Punjam Hy Loo, a trick to distract the Guardians from tracking down their quarry, and to snatch a few prize jewels in the process, Pitch lures Jack into a trap. He exposes the confused spirit to memories he didn’t know he had, and points the finger of blame at the one who would use Jack to benefit his own agenda.

And Jack feels sinking disappointment that the Moon was never his friend at all…

(This is a present to all the faithful Blackicers that still believe. I’ve had a couple of comments recently that inspired me, so thank you my darlings!)

[RotG] Drift Compatible

So I was looking at this post, about Chris Pratt and the Jurassic World Raptors being Drift Compatible, and started laughing at the idea of Jack and Bunny being Drift compatible. 
-and then boom. Angst. AU,1,050 words, totally unbeta’d. I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning. 


“I can’t do this, North!” Bunny shouted, his tones sharp and clipped as he waved his hands in the air. His ears were constantly twitching, the fur down his spine sticking up, making him look fluffier as he paced back and forth in a short line in North’s office. “I… Cannot… I don’t have the words, I cannot do this.”

“Bunny, Bunny, relax!” It was all North could do to keep from chortling with glee. Drift Compatible! With Jack Frost no less! The way they moved, all speed and lashing instinct, it had been a glorious sight to see.

Well, until Bunny chased the rabbit and the neural bridge broke down. But still, he hadn’t seen numbers like that since… Well, Toothiana, but she was technically drifting with herself.

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|| One More Night || (Pitch Black x Jack Frost)


The alleged first meeting between Pitch Black and Jack Frost at Punjam Hy Loo was not in fact the first, and sets in motion an ensuing battle of flirtation and violence, with steps that seem frighteningly familiar to both the Frost Sprite and The Boogeyman.

The Guardians choose not to interrupt for fear of that vicious rage being redirected in their direction.

Pitch and Jack had obviously met before, and the way they stare and snipe at each other seems both savage and wanting, but this can’t be normal…