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Thoughts on the Singhni doing Bhangra with her dumalla on? And the subsequent backlash against her? And also, what are you views on Gurjant Singh and his Facebook videos on Sikhi and what a true Sikh is, and the influence Punjabi singers are having on the youth of Punjab? Thanks, and hope you're well my friend.

I’m well thank you! Hope you are too. :)

First of all, I address Sikh women as Kaurs not “Singhnis.” They were given the term Kaur by Guru Gobind Singh Ji as a form of their own sovereignty. They do not require their identity to be held subjective to their Singh counterparts. That’s what the term “Singhni” does.

Secondly, that whole controversy is fucking ridiculous and totally sexist and chauvinistic. People who bullied her should get their heads out of their asses and spend time doing something constructive for the Panth instead of putting someone down for having fun like a soulless fucking zealot.

Thirdly, I haven’t seen the video and question and frankly speaking I don’t care to. I have a problem with these youth preachers who pass off their opinions as doctrine. Guru Sahib gave us Gurbani so that we can all have a personal relationship with him, a direct connection. However, instead of doing that we are caught up with vichole who we follow instead of the Guru. Forgive me if my words sound harsh but the youth of today are just short of committing idolatry when it comes to the way they worship these preachers. Read Gurbani. Read gurmat itihaas. Form your own informed decision. When we have to rely on what someone else thinks, we dilute the revolutionary heritage given to us by the Guru Sahibaan.

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The person was only pointing out the context of the use of the name, they even said it be a privilege to be in your presence. You responded "am on my period fuck off" very classy not You insult the Sikh heritage and your surname too, best you change that too You may have graduated doesn't mean anything

Maharani definitons
1.The wife of a maharajah.
2. A princess in India ranking above a rani, especially the sovereign ruler of one of the former native states
3.Used as a title for such a woman. 

Resource: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/maharani 

Maharani namesThere are girls who have the name Maharani. There are restaurants named Maharani.Resource https://www.babycenter.com/baby-names-maharani-336745.htm and https://www.yelp.com/biz/maharani-restaurant-madisonJazzy B the Punjabi singer has a whole album called Maharajas. One of the songs is also called maharajas: gaddi utte Mr. Singh likhvaea asi vaddiyan gharan deh vadiyan gharan de sehjade. Sadi rees kaun kar lau sanu rabb ne bnaya maharaje. 

The Sikh Empire (also Sikh Khalsa Raj, Sarkar-i-Khalsa or Pañjab (Punjab) Empire), was a major power in the Indian subcontinent, formed under the leadership of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who established a secular empire based in the Punjab. Maharani Jind kaur (1817 – 1 August 1863) was regent of the Sikh Empire from 1843 until 1846. She was the youngest wife of the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, Ranjit Singh, and the mother of the last Maharaja, Duleep Singh. She was renowned for her beauty, energy and strength of purpose and was popularly known as Rani Jindan, but her fame is derived chiefly from the fear she engendered in the British in India, who described her as “the Messalina of the Punjab”, a seductress too rebellious to be controlled. I do not compare myself to the sikh empire.

Insulting/ judgmental. This is what you said  ‘’ You responded “am on my period fuck off” very classy not You insult the Sikh heritage and your surname too, best you change that too You may have graduated doesn’t mean anything. I did not say anything about the Sikh heritage or insulted it. I was having heavy cramps and as a woman you should understand that.Instead of focusing on me and judging me by saying things like I am insulting the Sikh heritage and surname you should focus on your relationship with god. If I am or if I did something wrong waheguru will let me know. Focus on yourself. You are nobody to tell me that I should change my surname or just because I got graduated it means nothing. Hating on another persons succes will not get you any further. I am happy that I graduated and that is all what matters. YOU do not matter to me. 

I am not good no one is bad. ~Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


Here’s a GIF set I made of Gauhar Khan. She plays a punjabi kudi in a new punjabi film called “Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya” opposite the singer, Jassi Gill. :)

I love her beautiful salwar suit! <3

Let's get this rishta rolling. Punjabi Style
  • 1. Tea or Coffee?
  • 2. Can you make good tea?
  • 3. Favourite type of Parontha
  • 4. Punjabi bolni aandi aa?
  • 5. Can you make round rotis?
  • 6. Samosa or Pakora?
  • 7. Favorite Daal?
  • 8. Favorite Food.
  • 9. Bari barsi khattan geya si, khat ke leyanda....?
  • 10. Do you like lassi?
  • 11. A couple of your recent punjabi songs you listened to?
  • 12. Do you do your own dishes?
  • 13. Say a few lines from a punjabi song that you know of
  • 14. Gurudwara you would like to visit is...
  • 15. Things you put in your tea?
  • 16. Favorite Punjabi movie?
  • 17. Favorite Bollywood movie?
  • 18. Fave Punjabi Singer?
  • 19. Gobee or Aloo?
  • 20. Can you do Bhangra?
  • 21. Ideal date setting/location?
  • 22. Can you sing?
  • 23. Do you know any bolis? If so, say one?
  • 24. Cricket, Hockey, or Kabaddi?
  • 25. Indian Serial or watching cricket?
  • 26. Ideal career?
  • 27. Fave punjabi song?
  • ...Add your own : )

The legend of Jagga Jutt - the dacoit, a Punjabi Robin Hood who would rob the rich to feed the poor, is one that has been told and retold many times by several prominent Punjabi singers from both sides of the border including Gurdas Mann, Abrar-Ul-Haq and Kuldeep Manak.

This popular folk song glorifies one great soorma (warrior), Jagga, who was unparalleled in his brawn, bravery and fearlessness. It describes how Jagga’s birth was celebrated by vadhaiyan (congratulations) throughout the village and how Jagga grew up to be the greatest dakoo (robber) in the history of Punjab!

Now like all free-spirited, young Punjabi lads, Jagga was in the habit of rearing pigeons. This is something of a national pastime among young boys, especially in rural Punjab. Countless pigeon-sheds can be spotted on Lahore’s rooftops, especially in the Androon Shehr (the ancient walled city). Jagga’s pigeons’ were cheenay (having white flecks on their plumage) and would fly high over the nehr (canal) that ran on the outskirts of Jagga Jutt’s pind (village).

Like all handsome, young Punjabi men, Jagga Jutta sported a handlebar mustache, a moch. He would curl the edges of his mustache between his fingers to show his authority and to cower his opposition.

The legend also recounts Jagga Jutt’s grand robbery in Lyallpur (present-day Faisalabad in Pakistani Punjab).The news of the robbery spread like wildfire. Police forces (in the British-ruled Punjab) were sent in Jagga’s wake. It was during this fateful chase that Jagga’s jangia (a kind of boxer briefs that Punjabi men wear under their dhotis/lungis) got stuck on a Banyan tree branch that he was trying to climb. He slipped.

Jagga hung from the Banyan branch. The police officers in his chase caught up and beheaded Jagga under the Banyan tree. Lore has it that so much blood spurted out of Jagga Jutt’s decapitated body that it soaked nine tonnes of sand.

The news of Jagga’s death reached his mother who was bereaved beyond words. She would wail and cry out her only son’s name saying, “Jay mae jandi Jaggay nay mar jana, tay aik di thaan do jam di!” (If only I had known that Jagga would die (so soon),I would have borne two sons instead of one!).

This folk song is an ode to the great Punjabi hero, with the singer lamenting Jagga Jutt’s loss after every stanza, saying: “Jaggaya tur pardes gayon, buha bajeya!“ (Jagga has moved away to a foreign land and his door is bolted!)


Here’s a GIF set I made of Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu from his new “Ja Ni Ja” music video. “Ja Ni Ja” is a beautifully sung song by Garry. :)

In my opinion, Garry Sandhu is one of the best Punjabi singers out of the current younger generation of Punjabi singers. He’s so talented! I love that Garry is so humble and classy unlike some of the current young Punjabi singers who behave arrogantly. Plus, he’s so good looking! I feel that he’s underrated. He definitely deserves more recognition and appreciation! Love Garry Sandhu! <3

Why the hell.

Why the hell do grown male punjabi singers sing about 16 year olds? 
They’re like breathing their last breathe and singing about banging a 16 year old. Okay, not literally but you know what I mean. Every other punjabi song mentions it (which I can’t think of atm BUT THEY DO). Maybe some 16 year olds like that shit or can relate. Then sorry excuse the fuck outta me. But I for one hand find that utterly disgusting

I swear that’s not even a legal age in most countries…fucking pedos. done rant.