punjabi quote

Masjid dha de, Mandir dha de,
dha de jo kuch dainda,
Par kisi da dil na dha,
Rab dilan vich rehnda

Bulleh Shah

Break down the Mosque, Break down the Temple,
Break everything that can be broken,
But don’t break somebody’s heart,
For in hearts does God reside

Chal Bulleya, chal uthey chaliye
jithe sare annay
Na koi saadi zaat pachaane
Na koi saanu manne
Chal chal Bulleya, chal uthay chaliye
Jitthe saarey anney

Bulleh Shah

Come, O Bulleh Shah, let’s go to the place 
Where everyone is blind
Where nobody knows our caste 
Where nobody holds me in high regard
Come come, O Bulleh Shah lets go to a place 
where everyone is blind