punjabi aunty

So here’s a story !
A random aunty came to visit us ( I have never ever seen her before)  and she said that their childeren are really rude to each other because they say shut up to each other aaaaand my mom said ; mere naiyane tah ek duje nu fuck you fuck you karde rende ya and that random aunty started to stare at me and I just looked at her like ;

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The annual Punjabi dad joke...

An aunty was walking back home from the grocery store on a cold December day, hands filled with groceries. As she was walking on the sidewalk, she failed to see a patch of ice and she slipped on it and fell. All the contents of her bags went everywhere, and out of exasperation she exclaimed, “Haye, meri kismat!”

Meanwhile a gorah was walking by. He looked down at the aunt, smiled, and said, “Hi! A very Merry Christmas to you too!”