The Harmandir Sahib
Amritsar, Punjab, India
“The Golden Temple“
Built: 1585–1604 


“Golden Temple or Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji,is located in Amritsar,Punjab (India). The Golden Temple, also referred to as the Darbar Sahib, is of significant importance to the Sikh faith. The location of the Golden Temple, originally a small lake in a deep forest,has long been recognised as a place of spiritual significance. 

It is said that Buddha spent some time there,and later the first Sikh Guru,Guru Nanak Dev Ji, meditated at the Lake. Subsequent Sikh Guru’s further developed the site,and soon the the city of Amritsar grew around the Harmandir Sahib. From simple beginnings to the current striking Golden Temple, it is a truly unique,and for the Sikh’s a central,place of worship.

In and amongst the hustle and bustle of India stands a timeless place of worship,where one can listen to enchanting hymns that captivate both devotees and tourists alike. “I have seen many places,but none like Thee”
– Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

Golden Temple Amritsar.co.uk soughts to provide information about the Gurdwara (or Temple) from the early history to the present day. General visitor information together with photographs and art capturing the Golden Temple through the ages will give you an insight into the place and people that have been touched by it.”

It’s like, Sikh-Americans can’t love India because we’ve been getting slaughtered by the Indian government but we can’t love America because we’re greeted with xenophobic reactions. We aren’t welcomed in our Motherland and we aren’t welcomed abroad. We have been robbed of our home.


Cultural appreciation post time! Since a young age I have been influenced by my culture, upbringing and religion and I am thankful for being bought up this way. My Punjabi culture is very beautiful and I love to embrace it and show it in every manner possible.

It may not be a bindi (I am totally with the movement of reclaiming the bindi, its amazing to see so many folks representing and truly embracing the cultural aspect of it!) but in these images the reference to the pagh (turban, in my instance the one I wear when I dance as I am a bhangra dancer) or even a rumaal (handkerchief) worn in a Gurdwara or even a kurta pajama which I absolutely love to wear (I have many haha). 

These are all little symbols of faith and culture of which I love to represent and I am so proud to be a Sikh, its such a beautiful culture to belong to. 


Inside the Central Sikh Museum in Amritsar, Punjab.

Second image: The portraits of Sikh scholars, saints, religious, social and political personalities.

Third image: Painting depicting Ahmed Shah Durrani ordering Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple) to be demolished by cannons. (1762)

Fourth image: Painting depicting Bhai Dayala ji being boiled alive by Mughals in Chandni Chowk, Delhi in order to terrorize Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. (1575)

Fifth image: Portrait of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and the destroyed Golden Temple after Operation Blue star, a military operation carried by Indian military in 1984 on the order of Indira Gandhi, then the Prime Minister of India. The operation led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent Sikh civilians.