We Germans certainly do not regard ourselves as a particularly cruel or hard-hearted people, still less as particularly irresponsible and happy-go-lucky; but you only have to look at our old penal code in order to see how difficult it was on this earth to breed a ‘nation of thinkers’ (by which I mean: the nation in Europe that still contains the maximum of reliability, solemnity, tastelessness and sobriety, qualities which give it the right to breed all sorts of European mandarin). These Germans made a memory for themselves with dreadful methods, in order to master their basic plebeian instincts and the brutal crudeness of the same: think of old German punishments such as stoning (– even the legend drops the millstone on the guilty person’s head), breaking on the wheel (a unique invention and speciality of German genius in the field of punishment!), impaling, ripping apart and trampling to death by horses (‘quartering’), boiling of the criminal in oil or wine (still in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries), the popular flaying (‘cutting strips’), cutting out flesh from the breast; and, of course, coating the wrong-doer with honey and leaving him to the flies in the scorching sun.With the aid of such images and procedures, man was eventually able to retain five or six ‘I-don’t-want-to’s’ in his memory, in connection with which a promise had been given, in order to enjoy the advantages of society – and there you are! With the aid of this sort of memory, people finally came to ‘reason’! – Ah, reason, solemnity, mastering of emotions, this really dismal thing called reflection, all these privileges and splendours man has: what a price had to be paid for them! how much blood and horror lies at the basis of all ‘good things’! …
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, Genealogy of Morals
(Spoilers...maybe) My Thoughts on Kuwata Leon’s Execution (1000 Blows)

I finished watching Danganronpa: The Animation and watched the whole gameplay of its game a few months ago. I was greatly hooked by the storyline of the game/animation, full of mystery and tensions. Then several weeks after that a thought just struck me when I’m doing an assignment. It was on Islamic Laws, and somehow it reminds me back to Kuwata Leon’s execution and wondered if that was inspired by this. The thoughts are:

- One of the punishment stated in the Islamic Laws is Rajm, infamously known as stoning where the person is punished by stones thrown at them till they’re dead. This practice is still applied to some Islamic countries today.

- Although the Rajm is punishment set for adultery or whatever that falls under it, the idea is matched towards it as Leon got baseballs launched at him repeatedly until he dies from it.

- The act of throwing stones also reminds me of Ramy al-Jamarat or Stoning of the Devil. It was one of the act in the pilgrimage of Hajj where the pilgrims throws 7 stones to the 3 pillars each (which the pillars represents Satan) as an act to purify the body and souls from the temptation of the devil. This connects me to the execution where Leon got tied up to a post and battered to death, which also give a brilliant example for the future culprits of what happens if they got caught.

- One more thing that reminds me of this because at the ending of the execution, we got a line of Arabic melody. I didn’t know much about what that phrase implements but that made me linked it towards the Arabic background.

- Also, the execution is done publicly to everyone (broadcasted, and watched by the rest of the SHSLs) which is shared by the act of Rajm .

Well, that’s all of my thoughts about it. I must say Danganronpa is a good VN by its storyline, characters and the stuffs that makes the game. Forgive me if I was wrong about certain aspects in the Islamic Law(etc). I’m not an expert on that, just the basic stuffs or some of that sort.

RIP Kuwata Leon