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{PART 28} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Tricking Yoongi proves to be easier than you could have ever hoped, as you stumble upon just a taste of what your awakened abilities can achieve. However, in your haste to serve Yoongi punishment for his crimes; you and Jungkook learn that that life and death are just a means to an end - for every living thing…must one day, die.

“To play God not only means to give life; but take it as well. As she stared into the abyss, it stared right back at her…and she finally realised the true meaning behind all things living; even herself.”

|| Warning: This chapter contains mentions of blood and scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} //{Part 27} {Part 28} {Part 29}

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its au time you sons of hecks

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Driven by Revenge

When a loved one is murdered, revenge can very often be in the forefront of the victim’s loved one’s minds. Of course the majority leave it to the justice system to serve punishment and justice, however, in 2015 24-year-old Alam Khan took things into his own hands. When Alam was just 12-years-old, he witnessed his father get murdered by a family friend, Mohammad Rais. Twelve years later, Alam lured Mohammad to his house where he stabbed him to death before chopping him into 12 pieces - one for each year he waited for this moment. Alam then placed the dismembered pieces into plastic bags before throwing them into a river. They were retrieved when they washed onshore. Alam readily admitted to killing Mohammad and confessed that he had never told anybody that he witnessed his father be murdered so that he could plan his revenge instead of letting justice take its course.

Wanting to put this all out there.

I honestly get what Emmerdale was trying to do with this Robert and Aaron story. The execution may have been sloppy or misdirected at times but the general idea was to break Robert and Aaron individually, to make them become the worst versions of themselves in order to confront their issues and then take responsibility for it and move forward. 

It began with SSW where all of these issues that had been bubbling under the surface since they got back together came boiling over with the arrival of Rebecca (I will address her later). 

Short version: Robert has sexuality issues and Aaron self-worth issues. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you make some prompts for weird loopholes created by magic for murder trials, or any legal complication really?

1) “Well, technically,” the necromancer waved a hand at the zombie they had created. “They’re not actually dead, if we’re following the laws of undead magic. So technically I can’t have killed anyone. Assault, at worst.”
“You’re not helping yourself,” their lawyer said tiredly.

2) “You created a soul bond with an innocent man so they couldn’t have you executed!” 
“You can execute me fine.” They flashed a smile. “He’ll just die too.”
“You think this is funny?” 
“An interesting discussion on the pitfalls and ironies of capital punishment serving as a justice system to murderers, at least. Like, come on man.”

3) “The spirit killed them, not me.”
“You summoned the spirit. A gun doesn’t kill a person, the being wielding it does. You don’t put a gun on trial.”
“I think the spirit community would find it very upsetting that you’re suggesting they have no agency over their own actions when magic users invite them to this plane.”

4) “I have taken the truth potion, and I declare myself not guilty of this crime.”
The jury murmured among themselves as the potion revealed no lie in the words. 
“Lack of remorse, lack of feeling guilt,” the prosecutor’s voice tightened. “Does not mean that you are innocent of this crime. Can you declare yourself innocent?”
“Objection! That was never the question of this court.”

ok but

AU where the Miraculous holders become Kwami of their item should they ever be fatally wounded while transformed or misuse their power:

  • Tikki reacts with mild interest when she meets Plagg, “So you’re the Kwami of the Cat Miraculous…”
  • Marinette asks what’s up, “Aren’t Kwami’s thousands of years old?”
  • Tikki clarifies, “I’m thousands of years old, but past Cat Noirs tend to be… recklessly loyal to their Ladybugs”
  • Kwamis retain certain characteristics of their past human lives–see Plagg’s cheese obsession
  • Tikki won’t tell Marinette how she became a Kwami, but she swears to never let Marinette put herself in mortal danger
  • Tikki once heard of a rumor that the Cat Kwami may have a chance to reincarnate every 9th holder
  • Kwamis are semi-immortal–they only cease to exist if their holder replaces them
  • One can never be sure whether their Kwami is serving punishment for their past misdeeds or gifted the chance of immortality for their sacrifice
  • I don’t know where all these grimdark ideas came from
  • I’m sorry
  • This was all a convoluted headcanon so I can draw a smol bitter hawkmoth as a Kwami

Since it’s not illegal to be gay in SK but it is illegal (& punishable) to be gay in SK MILITARY (where men are forced to serve) then SK government should just ~exclude~ gay men from participating FORCED military service (which most youngsters are complaining about).


His voice is light, a mere whisper in the wind. Yet his tone exudes of unyielding dominance – an air of someone who is used to having his way. He remains cool and unmoving, even as he feels the person next to him shift in her place.

“But I’m tired,” his partner complains, although she does slowly sit up. With a groan, she starts stretching her limbs and lets out a yawn as she stands her ground. “Let’s do it again tomorrow.”

A pause, and, “Tenten.”

Tenten releases another yawn.


Tenten huffs, runs a hand against her hair as a grin slowly forms. 

“Fine,” she acquiesces, giggles when she sees his mouth twitch to a smile. “You are such a brat sometimes, Neji.”

She places a hand on his cheeks, grin going wider. She takes a long, deep breath. “Kissing Lesson 101! Let’s begin!” 


Hiashi calmly sips his tea as he eyes his nephew returning home from training. The boy’s hair is a mess, his forehead protector uncannily lopsided. There is a deep cut on his lower lip, and dark specks of crimson blood stain his stark-white robes.

The Hyuuga patriarch hums.

“Neji,” his nephew turns to bow at him. “Training?”

Neji nods solemnly. “Yes, sir.”

Hiashi makes his approval known with a slight tilt of his head.

“Very good,” he remarks. “Keep at it, nephew. You are making this clan very proud.”

“Of course, sir.”

“And Neji,” Hiashi calls him before he can make his escape. “Please tell Tenten-san not to bite next time.”

Neji blushes from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes. Hiashi smartly hides his smirk by taking another sip of his tea.


Wherein Neji treats everything as training. Even making out with his girlfriend. And Tenten humors him because she doesn’t really mind. Not at all.

Open Your Heart: Chapter 1

Lavi is trapped in a cycle of flirting and failed dates, looking for love, whilst trying to balance his studies. Allen has been betrayed too many times to let someone like Lavi in, and his fear will push them down a painful path that neither of them are ready for. Modern AU.

Disclaimer: D-Gray Man and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Punishing drug use serves no purpose

Drugs are used for two purposes: coping and enlightenment.

Individuals pursuing enlightenment should not be punished for attempting to gain a higher understanding of the universe and their place within it.

Individuals attempting to cope, should NOT be further abused for seeking refuge from a life of disparity; instead, we should punish the DISPARITY and those oppressors who perpetuate it onto others, creating a society that promotes freedom and wellness–not one that demands forced labor and wage slavery.

If you don’t support drug use, the answer is simple: don’t use drugs. But don’t confuse yourself, thinking it’s okay to punish someone for doing something in a life YOU aren’t living, whose decisions don’t effect YOU, and whose circumstances YOU don’t live in, nor comprehend.

Oswald x Reader- Body Confidence- Good Things, Small Packages (Rated M smut)

This is a request from both an Anon and @thequeenofgothamxo for writing Oswald with a Petite/short female reader. I hope its okay!!

Also I totally may have hinted at Subswald ;) Something tells me you’re into that? :D

Oswald finds two bullies making comments about your height, so steps in to save the day. How will you repay him? There are a few ‘height comments’ in here, Im sorry if it offends anyone, I just needed a reason for Oswald to become so mad!

Warning- Sexual content, Blowjob, masturbation, penetration, violence and death, stabby Oswald, slight Subswald, Reader is made to feel embarrassed but finds her confidence once more, bullies, OOC

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Here’s a question
What’s right? What’s wrong?
Who gets to judge
On which side of the jail we belong

These man made laws
Stated by the government
Or the one in the holy books
The ten commandments

To everything they are offended by
A ban is introduced
A new law is written
And the rebellious gets sued

I dont feel we are measured
on the same scale
Where the Poor gets jail
While the Rich gets bail

I dont support murderers,
Rapists or thieves
I have problem with the powerful men
Who have the law up in their sleeves

If the law is blind
Atleast the world has eyes
Why dont we speak
Against the men in disguise

They determine a criminal
Only after his crime is proven
To me he’s a convict, no matter the verdict
That is how I view one!

Law is controlled by the democracy
Democracy is controlled by us
If we be united and determine
There’s no way the law can b unjust

Make sure the accused is punished
And justice is served
Dont let the law tell you what’s right or wrong
Do what you think the world deserves.


19th Jul, 2016

ALRIGHT so re: Black Moon
None of this is spoilery it has just come up more in this book than in others!
Topic: OCHUS

Alright not sure what the point of this post is going to be, it may just be a lot of rambling.
So I had the pleasure of taking a course in my undergrad on the classical tradition Scifi which are two things that I love so I was in there like a shot.
After taking the class it has really gotten me to read books and watch films differently and see how consciously or not, the classics manifest themselves.
Zodiac is an interesting one because the zodiac itself is a classical idea and the variations of humans across the galaxy is reminiscent of Lucian and his accounts of the people on the moon.
But Ochus as a character and especially his dialogue with Rho in Black Moon really brings classics to the forefront.

Firstly, Ochus is the prime example of an archetypal trickster god ESPECIALLY coming from the greek tradition, he is Prometheus and Kronos through and through. Rather than stealing fire from the gods for the humans he tries to help the humans extend their lives and is punished for it. His punishment, like Prometheus’ serves to obscure all that he has done for humanity as well as keep him in this limbo. Unable to live and unable die he just exists which is poignantly echoing Prometheus in Aeshylus’ play Prometheus Bound.

Then we have the matter of time that Ochus mentions. Ochus claims he was trapped by Time. This is where I will lose the plot a bit and just start rambling. So Ochus says that he is trapped by time.
In ancient Greece there were three concepts of time. Kronos was measurable, linear time. Kairos was time as in “a moment” and Aion is cyclical time. In Mithraism (a super fun precursor to Christianity you can ask me more about) Kronos features in imagery as a being bound in a snake which represents linear time bound in cyclical time. The snake, obviously, features in the symbol of the thirteenth house thus returning us (cyclically hah hah) to the argument that Ochus represents the archetypal trickster of the Zodiac universe by being both Kronos and Prometheus.

What I am most interested about with this clear parallel to ancient texts is if it extends to the other original guardians. Can we hypothesize that the 13 guardians may be based off a classical pantheon? For this to happen we would have to see the other original guardians but it would be a fun thread to follow (at least in my opinion!)

What I am looking forward to though is if the parallelism to Prometheus and Kronos will continue with Ochus into the next book. As we know, both Greek tricksters have a role in subverting already existing power structures (Ouranos and then the Titans) and it will be cool to see how the rest plays out!
Sadly, the second Aeschylus play Prometheus Unbound does not exist so the parallels for classical literature would end here but the possibilities are endless!

IDK how much sense this made but I just wanted to get something into writing.

Who is Ymir?

The fandom is wondering if Ymir Fritz and Survey Corps Ymir could be the same person. Or is Ymir really just a very common name? 

I used to side with the latter opinion. There just wasn’t any proof to support this theory.

…Or is there?

When I look back into the series, I found these 'hints’ that seem to point to the same thing. The Ymir we know is really Ymir Fritz.

Now I’ll be honest and say these hints have a lot of holes in them. But combined together they form an argument that can’t be easily dismissed. So here we go, 5 reasons why Ymir is/was the original Titan (+character analysis)

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Sass Don't Get You Anywhere,Mister. (Shield Foursome)

Imagine: You and The Shield are fuck buddies and you usually bottom but one day, Dean gets sassy (usually he runs the show) so you say that he needs to be a bottom for a day just for punishment. So, you top with the help of Roman and Seth.

“See, I told you guys she was going to bitch at us.” Dean grumbled at he ran a hand through his curls. You glared at him then snapped,“I’m not fucking bitching,I’m chewing your asses out for losing to those newbies.” Roman shot a glance to Seth who then transferred the look to Dean but you were too busy with your rant to notice what the Hounds were up to.

A hand wrapped itself through your hair before tugging, causing you to yelp and go silent, as Dean warned,“Listen, kitten, we don’t need your ass lecturing us on what we did wrong. If you hadn’t shook your ass at Tyler, we wouldn’t have lost. But since you wanted to act like a little slut, you’re gonna get treated like one.”

Your mouth went dry and you gulped in hopes to wet your mouth, only to see the looks in the boys’ faces. They weren’t fucking around today. Your (e/c) eyes blinked up at Dean in false innocence then you whimpered, “Can we take this back to the hotel, please, Sir?”

He chuckled at your pet name then nodded, releasing his grip on your hair. You all sat in silence as Roman drove you to the hotel before you hurried in the suite, knowing the consequences if you weren’t undressed by the time the boys arrived in the bedroom.

“You look very sexy tonight, Princess. Were you looking for a punishment, huh? Is that why you stated mouthing off to Dean?” Seth asked, his gloves still on his hands. Dean entered behind him with Roman following, but you never answered the two toned man’s question.

“Answer him, baby girl, before your night goes from bad to worse.” Roman warned, his deep voice playing as a soft caress against your skin. You nodded eagerly then replied, “Yes, Sir, I wanted to get punished tonight.” Dean let out a chuckle as he approached you then spat, “Whore. You just love the way we treat you. Our own little sex toy.”

Your temper flared and before you could stop, your hand smacked a print against his cheek. His head whipped to the side and he gave a wicked chuckle then asked, “You like that, kitten? Huh? You like smacking me around in front of my brothers? Does it makes you wet?”

You left your eyes fall to the ground because you knew it was true but didn’t want to admit it. Dean’s mouth always got him in trouble but it was sometimes a blessing in the bedroom. Roman murmured something to Seth and you felt the bed shift which signaled that Dean had gotten off and you felt ashamed at your kink.

“Kitten?” Dean’s voice broke your silence and you raised your head slightly to see The Shield naked and oh so turned on. Your mouth watered at the sight but it quickly stopped when The Lunatic Fringe continued speaking, “It’s okay if it gets you off, darling. I’ve talked to the boys. Do you want to be in charge of…”

His voice died off but with a jab to the ribs thanks to Seth, he finished his sentence, “Do you want to be in charge of me for a night?” Your eyes widened and you shot a glance to Roman and Seth who nodded in encouragement then you stated, “I would love to make you my personal sex bitch for a night, Dean.”

“Woah, hang on. There’s still rules though. You may be in charge of Dean here for a night. But that don’t mean you’re charge of Rome and I.” Seth informed you. You grinned then stated, “It’s a deal.”

You motioned for Dean to lay on the bed as you dug through your suitcase in search of handcuffs and a blindfold. Once you got the items, you cuffed him to the bedframe and tied the fold over his eyes, causing you to smirk at the sight.

“God, you’re gorgeous, baby boy. Just… Fuckin’ gorgeous, ya know that?” you cooed, pulling off your panties.

“Ain’t no way in hell I’m more gorgeous than you are, kitten.” he protested but shut up as you smacked him again.

“Shut it, Ambrose. I didn’t ask for your mouth and flattery won’t get you anywhere in this situation.” you warned. You glanced down at the baby blue lace that you had balled up in your hand then grinned and said,“In fact,I’ve got a great idea to keep that pretty mouth busy.” You waved the panties over his nose and nearly melted as he sighed with relief and bucked against his restraints.

“You wanna taste me,Dean? I’m fucking soaked for your hard cock.” you cooed in his ear. He snapped his teeth in your direction, causing you to laugh and throw your panties back towards Seth and Roman.

“Here, big boy. I’ll give you a taste. But only, if Seth gets a taste of your cock.” Dean groaned at the stipulation then nodded and stated,“Deal, Mistress, please, I just want a taste of your sweet cunt.” You smacked him again then warned, “Watch your filthy mouth, Dean,or you won’t get anything tonight. The only thing you’ll see is Roman and Seth fucking me senseless.”

Seth gripped your hair then warned, “You slap him again and your ass will be redder than rubies by the time we’re done with you.”

“Yes,Sir.” He released you then patted your ass and stated, “Get up there and let Deanie have a taste of you.” You crawled up the Cincinnati man’s body, laving him in kisses and love bites, before Seth nodded at you, signaling in was time for you to sit on Dean’s face.

You sat down just as Seth enveloped Dean’s dick with his mouth, causing you all three to groan. Dean’s tongue immediately went seeking for the source of your sweetness and his scruff roughed cheeks heightened the experience as you grinded down his face like a bitch in heat. Roman stood from his chair then walked over to your little circle, watching with you three with burning eyes.

“Get over here.” you ordered, motioning him forward. He frowned at your demand then declared, “I don’t take orders from little girls who’s sitting on my best friend’s face. “

“Please, Sir!” you cried out, rocking your hips against Dean’s clever mouth. He chuckled and crawled onto the bed where he met your lips with a teeth crashing kiss. It was very sloppy but so very primal and Dean let out a groan of warning. He was going to come. You pulled away from Roman then barked, “You don’t come until you have my permission, Dean.”

“Please, Mistress! I’ll be a good boy, I promise.“he whimpered as Seth pulled away from his cock.

“No!” you barked. He groaned with denial and you jumped slightly at the feeling as someone shoved a finger inside you,causing you to cry out.

“That’s a good girl. You’re so wet, Princess. Who got you this wet?” Seth asked in your ear, his fingers moving cleverly over your slit.

“Dean did. Oh God, so did you and Roman. All three of you did. Please let me come,Sir!” He chuckled and suddenly, another mouth joined in down at your cunt and teeth skimmed your clit, causing you to scream with delight.

“Come now.” Roman ordered, watching as your hips bucked for release.

“No! She doesn’t get to come!” Dean cried out, pulling away with your cream across his lips. You fisted his hair and forced him against you as you snapped, “You don’t get a say in this. Make me come and I’ll make sure that Seth will suck your cock enough to make you come for me.” He eagerly returned to eating you out,suckling on your nub as his scruff roughened cheeks shredded against your inner thighs and it delivered a delicious burn that had sent you over the edge.

You yelped as Seth drug you away from the pleasure but moaned as he forced his dick inside you, burying it to the hilt.

“So gorgeous, my Princess. Such a pretty pussy, all for my brothers and I. Can you handle a second cock, Princess?” He gave a short laugh, not giving you the chance to answer because he was already shooting into his next sentence,“ ‘Course you can take a second dick, you’re a whore that begs for three on a daily basis. Poor Ambrose. He can also sit back and watch. How cruel of you,Sweetheart.”

“The bastard deserves it.” you snarled only to scream in slight pain as Roman’s big hand cracked across your bottom.

“Don’t make me gag you with Dean’s cock, baby girl. Just remember, you may be in control of him but we can always punish you for what you’re doing to him.” Roman reminded you, soothing a hand down your back.

“I’m sorry,Sir. But Dean has always denied me orgasms so its only fair-”

“Its only fair if it does done between just you two. Otherwise,there will be no punishment for Dean served by you unless we give you permission.” Roman declared, glancing over at his best friend who stared fervently at the area where Seth and you was joined.

“Please.” Dean whispered,tugging in his restraints. You glanced up at him just as Seth twisted his hips and shoved his cock deeper, causing you to scream out Seth’s name with a broken voice.

“What do you want, Dean? Tell your Mistress what you want.” you panted, gripping Seth’s shoulder, causing him to hiss and bit your’s in return.

“Let me join you. Uncuff me, darling, please, let me take that sweet ass of yours.” he begged, blue eyes wide with hope and desire.

“Then where does that leave Roman? Hmm, Deanie? Are you going to let Roman take your precious ass, baby boy?” Roman grabbed you by your hips and pulled you off of Seth’s dick before shoving three thick fingers inside of you.

“Yes,Mistress,anything you want. Please,anything you want.” he insisted, eyes glued to Roman’s pumping fingers. You gave a small laugh then glanced over at Roman who nodded in approval. You slid off his fingers and whimpered in denial before sinking down on Seth’s cock, who groaned in reply.

“Goddamn,Princess, give a man some warning before you do that. He’ll have a heart attack if you don’t warn him about that tight pussy.” Seth cursed, gripping your hips. You let out a small chuckle then realized that you forgot to uncuff Dean. You turned to Roman then ordered,“Uncuff him.“

Thankfully, Roman listened to you without a protest or punishment, which you were slightly upset about it. You loved when Roman spanked you. But when Seth did it.. Whew, you could get off on just that. In fact, you’ve done it before.

Seth slipped his cock from your heat then allowed Dean to sink right in,causing you to moan and push backwards and he groaned in return. The familiar click of a bottle of lube being opened filled the empty space and suddenly, Dean tensed and you knew why. He was never very good with someone taking him from behind, given his past.

You pulled away from Dean then reached for the bottle, kissing Roman in process, before you whispered to the ginger,"Relax,baby boy, I’ll start you out. But Roman will take you and this exquisite ass of yours.” He whimpered and mumbled, “Understood, Mistress.”

Instead of using the lube, you did a last minute decision and used your wetness for lubrication. You whined at the empty feeling before sneaking a finger into his tight hole, causing him to groan and push back into your hand, silently asking for more.

You pushed in another finger then yanked them back after pumping a bit and stated,“Time for Roman to take over, baby.”

Seth pulled you back to him then shoved you onto his cock and hissed, “You think that shit is funny, Princess? News flash, it’ll get your ass spanked cherry red. But right now, I’ll settle for fucking you senseless.”

He thrusted forward,pushing you back onto Dean’s dick, then the ginger wrapped a hand around your throat as he pushed inside and growled,“ You’re going to regret this in the morning,doll face.”

“W-worth it.” you choked on, digging into Seth’s abs as you grinded downwards. The boys shared a laugh then Dean froze against you, which was a dead given away that Roman had joined you.

"Are you lubed up?” you panted, turning your head the best you could. Roman’s silver eyes swung to you and nodded before he pushed unto Dean, who in turn,rocked you further down onto Seth. You reached behind you and grabbed onto Dean’s hip before you whispered,“Trust him, baby boy. You’re safe.”

“Are you sure?” he whimpered. You nodded as best you could then pressed against his hand and encouraged,”Let Rome do his job,baby boy,and you won’t regret it. Please? It’ll make us all feel good,Sir. P-plea-” Your voice broke away as Dean gave in to what you wanted, causing you to scream out,”God yes, please,more!” The three begun a rhythm that only the Shield could keep going without fucking it up,causing you to tumble into your second orgasm of the night. 

“C’mon,Princess,you know that sweet little pussy ain’t done just yet.”Seth declared, tugging you back for more. You cried out for more which is exactly what they gave you. Seth came right after your third time before Roman let out a roar,signaling that he came as well. Which meant that there was only one more person to come. 

“I can’t.” Dean stuttered out, releasing his hold on your throat as Seth and Roman rolled away from your group. You slipped off his cock and met his eyes as you sunk right back down to the hilt. He groaned and arched his back before you demanded,”Look me in the eyes,Dean, and don’t look away. I’m going to make you come.”

“Promise?” he stuttered,gripping your hands as he pushed you harder against his pelvix. Your lips twitched with a small smile then replied,”Anything you want,baby boy, I trust you.” He thrusted into you with a growl then his beautiful mouth started running,”Fuck,kitten,you look gorgeous riding my cock. Mouth wide,practically begging for one of my brothers to choke you with their dick. Looks like a fucking goddess on me.” 

“Gimme more,Dean,I can take it, I know I can. So give it to your slut.” you encouraged, grinding down harder against his cock and thighs. He gave a quick chuckle then snarled,”That’s not who you have right now, so call me by the right name and I’ll make you come so hard you’ll forget your name while you scream mine.”

You cried out as you came again, with his name on the tail end,”Mox,God yes, Mox, please!” He chuckled and through the ringing in my ears,I could hear Seth say an old warning to his partner in crime and sex,”Go easy on her,Mox. We don’t want her running away screaming.” 

Another laugh bubbled out of Dean’s mouth then he replied,”She’ll be screamin’ a’right,but I know for damn sure she won’t be runnin’ away. She’ll be runnin’ back to our cocks.” His old demeanor begun slipping through the cracks that the Lunatic Fringe had sealed long ago with no intentions of opening it back up. But apparently, you roughing him up had brought Jon Moxley out to play. 

“One more,Mox, one more please. You gotta come with me,please,you gotta.” you sobbed, twisting down for more. He gave the cockiest smirk ever known to man then said,”Ya got it,doll. Come one more time, come for yer Mox,whore, and I’ll be right behind you.” He stayed true to his word because the moment that you started to come for the whatever many number that you were on, he was right behind you,cursing so loud with vulgar statements thrown in the mix. 

You fell onto of his chest and he gently pushed you off his cock, earning a tired moan from your mouth before Seth and Roman joined your cuddle after sex time then you begun to his giner looking curls and murmured,”Thanks for letting me make you my sex bitch,Dean.” He hummed in response as he curled into you then mumbled back,”Anytime,cutie. Any-fucking-time.” The boys shared a laugh then you said softly,”Oh and Dean?” 


Sass don’t get you nowhere,mister.” They shared a laugh again then Roman stated in his bass tone,”Shit, if that’s nowhere then I will gladly give you sass.” 

jean+touch (i’m jerejean trash. part 1 of jean hc here )

  • the trojans are, for the most part, so big on casual physical affection, and that’s the biggest thing jean has trouble adjusting to
  • they’re a very physical team. they don’t fight all the time like the foxes (they don’t fight like that at all) but they’re constantly throwing arms around each others shoulders, or grabbing arms after a joke, or jumping on each other’s backs
  • and aside from the brutal raven training/punishment routine, jean served as riko’s personal punching bag for years
  • it takes a long time for him to feel comfortable enough, to feel like he knows the trojans well enough, that he stops instinctively flinching whenever he sees a hand or arm out of the corner of his eye
  • the trojans learn to make sure jean can see them face-on before they try to touch him
  • not only so he isn’t taken by surprise but also so he has plenty of time to tell them if he’s not in a place to be touched that day
  • at first jean thinks they’re mocking him tbh bc that’s the only reason most of the ravens would do something like that 
  • (how many times has jean drilled don’t be weak, don’t show fear, don’t show weakness, don’t be weak don’t be weak into his own head? how many times has he felt worthless for failing even himself?)
  • so jean is constantly so surprised?? by how much the trojans genuinely care about his comfort?? 
  • like they just started doing this, he never told them he was uncomfortable or that he wanted the chance to say no?? 
  • it genuinely doesn’t occur to jean that his teammates will change their behavior to accommodate him, until the trojans have done this for a few weeks and he knows that they will do this every time they want to interact with him, for as long as he needs it
  • at the raven’s nest he had to change or hide his reactions to riko, and on a logical level jean knew that he wouldn’t be property to the trojans
  • but that doesn’t mean he actually realized that he would have a say in how people treated him, that the trojans would change the way they acted instead of the other way around
  • jeremy esp helps jean start to get used to casual touches

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edwardelricistheawesomeness  asked:

How about the two of them accidentally switching into item of clothing? Like, dressing really quickly in the dark after a fun night and they accidentally switching shirts, or boots before they run out to the others. And everyone is curious about what's different but can't quiet pinpoint what.

Have the Uke-iest Eren in existence, or y`know, check the AO3 vers if you want, Too Small

Levi hummed in contentment, snuggling deeper into Eren`s chest as he slept. He`d had an absolutely wonderful night and waking to this the next morning only put him in a better mood. When he dared peek his eyes open he couldn`t help but admire his young lover`s sleeping face, his chestnut hair was illuminated by the sunlight filtering through the windows, making a golden halo around his head. His adorable bushy brows were relaxed on his forehead, unlike the scrunched, angry look they had during the day, his pouty lips parted slightly to let out sleepy murmurs of nonsense and his pretty green eyes shifted under his closed eyelids.

Levi sighed, what had he done to deserve someone as gorgeous as Eren was? As sweet and loving and ridiculously angry? He could have watched him like that all morning, his soft body against his. But something felt off, like he really shouldn`t be doing this right now, like something was just begging for his attention…

“Shit!” He exclaimed, he was late, they were late! He jumped up from their shared bed, accidentally jolting a still sleepy Eren awake.

“Levi? What`re you doin`? Come back to bed.” Eren mumbled tiredly, he reached out blindly for Levi and made grabbing motions with his hands. Levi very much wanted to, with how cute Eren was being at this moment morning sex didn`t sound half bad either, but they needed to move.

“Eren, Eren get up. We`re late as hell and everyone is going to wonder where we are.” He said urgently, gently shaking the cadet awake. Eren`s eyes shot open at the word `late`, and he too jumped out of bed and went to scramble for the clothes he`d had on the night before. Levi followed suit as they hastily got dressed, truly they must have set a record because they were out the door in minutes.

Normally they would split off before reaching the mess hall, as to not cause suspicion, but this time they`d be heading off separately because Levi had a meeting and Eren had training, Levi was in such a rush he jumped when Eren placed a hand on his shoulder.

He turned around only to meet soft lips on his and uncalloused hands cupping his face, just as quickly as the late `good morning` kiss started Eren was pulling away, Levi wouldn`t lie and say his lips didn`t chase after his as he did so.

“Good luck, have a good day!” Eren cheered, and with that he jogged away, waving at him until he was out of sight.

Levi touched two fingers to his lips, still feeling the tingle of Eren`s affections. He was probably smiling like an idiot as he made his way to the meeting room, thoughts of Eren dancing through his mind.

Truly, what had he done to deserve him?


It was the middle of the meeting when he`d noticed it, Erwin had been quite annoyed by his late entrance but otherwise the meeting had gone on without a hitch. He didn`t really know what they were on about today, unless they were discussing a certain brat who was too good for this world, he doubted he`d be interested. But back to the point, his shoes were terribly tight, he stamped them on the floor quietly to maybe relieve the tension but they still fit oddly and uncomfortably. He didn`t even give himself hope that he`d grown too big for them, he hadn`t grown in years and probably never would again, so why on earth were his boots so damn small?

It was annoying but he endured it for the rest of the meeting, shifting and twisting his feet inside them in hopes the pressure would go away, but it seemed his shoes were going to be stubborn and put him through hell today.

After the meeting was adjourned, and after Erwin made it perfectly clear there were to be no more late mornings for him, he went down to the mess hall for lunch, as he`d missed breakfast completely and was starving for anything to put in his stomach. He inwardly complained he`d have much rathered Eren`s food first thing in the day, he usually made him breakfast in the kitchenette within his bedroom and it was always far better than anything he`d ever tasted, everything the mess hall offered was lack luster. But due to the rush of being late Levi had to face the fact that he wouldn`t be able to eat Eren`s delicious waffles with raspberries and sweet cream today.

As he finally made it down to lunch his boots were killing him, he swore they were squeaking now with every step he took, it was stupidly painful and no matter how much he moved them they were still the same. With an irritated huff he marched up to grab himself a plate of, something Eren didn`t make him and sat down alone at his table. Alone? His silver eyes shifted around and realized Eren was no where to be seen, and if his mood was sour before it was perfectly rancid now. No Eren, what kind of punishment was this? If Eren wasn`t here it meant Eren wasn`t going to ask him about the meeting he`d just left so he could complain to him, no Eren meant no soothing words of `it`s okay captain` and `just keep working hard`. With an awful scowl in place Levi angrily tore at his, whatever the hell they were serving.

“Man can you believe Jaeger today?”

The man`s head snapped up fast enough to give him whiplash, Kirschstien came trotting in with Springer and the rest of the 104th at his sides, of course what had really caught his attention was the mention of Eren`s name.

“Yeah what a klutz! He fell into everything.” Springer agreed, Eren? Falling over himself? Maybe around him but not on a regular basis surely.

“I hope he`s feeling alright, he looked really upset when the instructor sent him to muck out the stables.” Arlert added worriedly, Eren was being punished?

“Serve him right.” Kirschstien said firmly.

That was all Levi had needed to hear, standing from his mediocre meal and passing by the chattering cadets, he briskly made his way to the stables where his Eren was being held captive. Well perhaps he was exaggerating but without a doubt Eren was being wrongfully punished. He ignored the wince of his boots as he made his way in,

When he stepped inside he didn`t see his Eren anywhere,

“Eren?” He called, instead of an answer though he got a sniffle. He followed the insanely cute but heart wrenching noise into an empty stall, where Eren say in the corner curled up by himself. Levi`s eyebrow furrowed in worry as he disregarded the filth of the hay in the stall and knelt in front of Eren.

“What`s wrong?” He asked, if someone had touched him, yelled at him Levi would be sure to get revenge, all Eren needed to do was say the word.

“I-I`m sorry captain, I messed up in training all day and got in trouble. Even though you told me to be good today.” Eren whined, it made Levi`s heart break into thousands of pieces, Eren wasn`t upset he`d been punished, he was upset he`d let Levi down. 

“Eren I`m not mad, what happened?” He soothed, running his hand through Eren`s silky hair.

“I-I just kept tripping all over the place, my boots fit weird and they kept falling off.” He sniffed.


His boots hadn`t fit either?

“Eren, let me see your boots.” He told the boy, who looked confused but shed his boots immediately. Levi did the same with his own boots.

“Try these instead.” He said, shoving his, or maybe not his at all, boot to Eren.

Eren slid the boot on with no trouble and Levi took Eren`s, or maybe not Eren`s, boots and replaced his other ones. Just as he`d thought these boots fir him perfectly and the annoying pinch was nowhere to be felt.

“Hey! These fit much better sir.” Eren smiled, Levi shook his head, they must have grabbed each others shoes in their rush this morning. He could help but find it cute that Eren`s feet were so much smaller than his own.

“See? It wasn`t your fault.” Levi assured, patting Eren`s head as the boy leaned into his touch. Now of course this punishment was null and void, he`d not have Eren mucking out the stable for his own mistake.

Come on, you`re filthy, we should take a bath.

Eren raised a brow at him,


“Hm? What are you saying Eren.”

Maybe they`d wound up bathing together as Eren finally asked him about his day and he was able to moan about how much he hated meetings, maybe he`d let Eren pamper him a bit my washing his hair and scrubbing his back and maybe he`d pushed Eren down onto his bed and done the very thing that had made them both late this morning in the first place.

zeneles  asked:

Ah hello hello, do you have any psychological manga recommendations?

Yes! I can definitely recommend some Psychological reads. I’m hoping I’ll be giving you a couple of suggestions that you haven’t read yet!

WARNING: The following mangas may or may not contain triggering content. Such links will be marked.

-GOTH by Otsuichi and Ooiwa Kenji
Two incredibly smart people get together and solve murders—but they serve their punishment in different ways. You’ll be getting into the head of killers in this one. It’s dark and twisted in a very good way. Oh and it has a movie

-Black Paradox by Itou Junji
If you frequent horror mangas, I’m sure you’ve heard of Itou Junji. Anyway, this is basically about people trying to kill themselves—but weird things happen. Really weird things. I almost consider this a dark comedy.

-Kouishou Raijo by Nakayama Masaaki
Short stories that have to deal with the possible supernatural. I don’t want to explain the story—because part of the psychological bit has to do with someone interpreting a situation. I’ll probably make a longer review on this.

-Seeds of Anxiety Plus by Nakayama Masaaki
Short stories that have to do with legends, ghosts, etc. A lot of it has to do with the imagination of the mind.

-Seeds of Anxiety by Nakayama Masaaki
I recommend and think that the first volume is pretty psychological. So read just the first volume—but i HIGHLY recommend reading the rest of it too. Read my review here!

-Death Sweeper by Kitagawa Shou
Has a lot to do with life and death. I mean, it’s essentially a discussion and agreement of death will eventually get us, so what should we do until then?

-Annarasumanara by Ha Il-Kwon
Symbolism everywhere! One of my favorites! Read my review here!

-A Boy Who Fishes Dreams by Hanna-Hye
Whoa! This one. Pretty crazy. I mean, delivery could be a little bit better, but whoooa! Read it til the end if you start it! It’s a one-shot.

-Nijigahara Holgraph by Asano Inio
It’s heavy read. I’m telling you now. It’s good but it a heavy read. You’re gonna have to get your brain muscles pumping more iron than ever because it’s pretty heavy on the symbolism. But if you’ve read any of Asano Inio’s works, that is pretty much how it works.

-Goodnight Punpun by Asano Inio
It’s sort of a daily life kinda thing, but it definitely deals with symbolism and his mind is on hyperdrive. I think being drawn as a small bird is symbolism in itself.

-What a Wonderful World by Asano Inio

-My Name is Shingo by Umezu Kazuo

-Flowers of Evil by Lee Hyeon-Suk
Obviously the girl has some kind of anxiety and some complex about her brother, but it’s good. It’s pretty incesty—or at least themes of it.

-[switch] by Naked Ape
Some personality disorder. It has two OVA if I remember.

-Peak by Im Kang-Hyeok
The art is ten thumbs up. It’s in color…the whole time. That doesn’t sound that big of a deal, but look at the art and look at the coloring and look at it. Omg. Also, it’s more of a daily life, inside look at a soldier’s life in Korea.

-Nineteen, Twenty-One by John and Jenna
It’s all about getting back up on your feet. I think once you’ve reached a certain age, you sort of feel a kind of burden and it can shut you down. This story—I feel, is about getting away from that and moving yourself forward. Read my review here!

I’d recommend these but…

-Doubt by Tonogai Yoshiki
Take about PREDICTABLE. It was good until the ending. I found myself shrugging at it.

-Hanged Doll by Team Getname
If you can get through the terrible translation—go for it. Otherwise, I’d wait until there are better translations.

xoxo, Han