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aflame (frank castle)

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@caryled requested this! in her own words, it’s “a long description of how kissing frank feels like. Maybe it could be the reader’s first kiss? And she hasn’t told Frank it is, but he kinda suspects that’s the case. So he kisses her slowly and passionately, just…enjoying the feeling of kissing and touching her and feeling her mouth, and how intimate it is to be so physically close to her.”

tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @kurtwxgners, @cityofinfinity, @fxcastle, @twinklyhood, and probably a lot of others that i’m forgetting (oh jee!!)

warnings: this piece is entirely centered around descriptions of pda and physicality; it’s not nsfw but it is all about kissy times, so if that’s on your list of squicks, maybe steer clear! other than that, this one’s good to go!

There’s a stillness in the air, and Frank smiles, looking down at his girl. His girl. What a funny thing to think- someone who is his. He puts his calloused palm on her cheek, thumb skirting over her cheekbone, just under her eye, his long fingers spanning behind the curvature of her jaw and graze the spot below her ear.

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