punisher end of days

look, even if Tae Ho didn’t fully kill Jae Hyun, he still:

  • Let everyone believe it was Joon Oh
  • Let Joon Oh get trashed as Jae Hyun’s ‘murderer’
  • Frame Joon Oh for drunk driving, to further destroy his career
  • Kill the pilot of the plane
  • Kill Reporter Kim
  • Kill So Hee
  • Leave Jae Hyun to die
  • Kill Yeol 
  • Attempt to kill everyone on the boat
  • Frame Joon Oh as a murderer
  • Threaten to frame Bong Hee as Joon Oh’s accomplice
  • Continue to threaten Ki Joon and Ji Ah 

So even if the writers try to make a piss ass attempt at redeeming him, its really not gonna happen.

And if this drama ends with Tae Ho dead, instead of rotting away in prison with no one by his side, I will be so bloody pissed off.

Well I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart
But your blade it might be too sharp
I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard
But I may snap when I move close
But you won’t see me move no more
Cause I’ve got an elastic heart
I’ve got an elastic heart
Yeah, I’ve got an elastic heart

Belly Rubs

Request: Shawn comes home with a bellyache.

Shawn knew that he shouldn’t had gone to work that day. Right when he woke up and felt that stabbing pain in his stomach, his mind told him to lay back down for the rest of the day, but he didn’t want to. There were so many things he had to finish and he didn’t have the heart to cancel them, so he pushed through it. 

The pain had gotten worse and Shawn felt like the cramps were a way of his body punishing him. By the end of the day, he was worn down. “Hey,” you greeted when he walked through the door, but your smile quickly faded when you saw him up close. “Are you okay?” 

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Moments - 2

(part 1) | (part 3) | (part 4) | (part 5) | (part 6) | (part 7)


soulmate au where the first words you’ll hear your soulmate say are inscribed on your wrist.

warnings: swearing, slight injury 
word count: 1160

Soulmates? C’mon, that’s fucking bull.

He remembers laughing at Steve when he’d shown up to Bucky’s apartment, cheeks red and hair messy and shirt buttons done up unevenly. I like her, but Buck–, he’d said, eyes wide, then pointed to the solid black line just on the inside of his left wrist. And Bucky? He’d laughed until there were tears in his eyes, because Steve might have been taller and stronger, but he was still the stupid sixteen year old who kept landing his dumb ass in a fight.

“I can’t believe–“ Bucky’d said, between bouts of uncontrollable laughter. “I mean, Steve– you can’t be serious. You actually– you actually believe in this soulmate crap?” And then he’d laughed some more and punched his best friend in the arm, and eventually the both of them were lying back on the bed, calming down until there were just snips of laughs escaping their lips. Then Bucky had put his hand on Steve’s shoulder and said, “Go get her, you jerk. There’s no such thing as soulmates.”

He’d lied, right through his fucking teeth.

Every day that’s passed by, he’s thought about her.

He loves Natalia. He knows he does, said it himself a few nights ago, and not a part of him regrets it, but– he also knows she’s not the one. Her wrist has a solid black line, just like Steve’s.

And so he lies. He lies to everybody he knows. Lies to Sam, lies to Tony, lies to his best friend and the woman he loves, tells them that soulmates don’t exist and that the entire concept in itself is so flawed because the last thing he needs is their pity. He doesn’t want their tight smiles, their sad looks, and their ‘It’s okay’s. And he sure as hell doesn’t need Steve going all fucking therapist on him.

He lies and it’s amazing, because they all believe him, every single one.

He lies and it’s awful, because it’s the only goddamn thing that he thinks about now.

He fucking hates it, hates that it’s always got to be him. He lost his goddamn arm over seventy years ago and of all the things he’s recalled so far, he can’t remember the words on his wrist. It doesn’t matter how hard he tries. It doesn’t matter if he’s helping out the fucking Avengers, for god’s sake, because at the end of the day, he’s still being punished for the things he’s done, he supposes. It’s why he can’t remember the words.

On nights when he’s not plagued by recurring nightmares of every single person he’s held at gunpoint and all the families he’s ruined and all the people that have begged him to have mercy, he sees his wrist sometimes. There are always two words there, but every single time they’re just specks that he can’t make out and he wakes up feeling like he was drenched with a bucket of ice water. Natasha’s always there, scarred hand on his chest and genuine concern on her face, and he always pulls her into bed with him and holds her close to her, burying his face in his neck so that he can feel her heartbeat– but as she falls asleep, he stays up, thinking.

He’s had enough. All he wants is some fucking closure, something to let him know what would be on his wrist if he still had his left arm. Would it fade to white? Would it still be black? Or would there be a solid line instead? All he gets is a metal arm and no recollection.

He wants to scream, let his voice claw out of his throat and fill the air until his lungs give out, let everyone know just how fucking angry he is, with her (because fuck, if she’s someone he knows, it’d be real damn great if she just could tell him), with the world (for treating him like he’s a piece of shit), but mostly, with himself (for not remembering.)

He can’t tell anyone though, because he’s not a child but that’s all they’d see him as– some petty, emotional boy whose primary occupation is being a goddamn liar.

The punching bags become his best friends, and he’s down in the training room right now, like every night before he goes to bed. And fuck, he’s feeling so many goddamn things and he just wants to let it all out.

All he wants is to remember.


He doesn’t want to think about her, doesn’t want her to plague his mind when he’s in love with a beautiful woman.


But it’s all he can ever think about.


He wonders what she looks like: Nat, with calculating green eyes and soft red tresses? Or is she like Sam, with beautiful dark skin and warm smiles?  

He wonders if she thinks about him.

He wonders if she would like him, if she would forgive him for all the things he’s done.

He wonders if she’s even alive.

He throws punch after punch after punch, but the feeling in his chest doesn’t let up and it’s like there’s smoke in the room that’s filling his lungs and scratching his throat and burning his eyes and suffocating him and–

Soft hands wrap themselves around his flesh arm, pulling him back. He struggles, rolling his shoulders and trying to shake it way, until his gaze falls on his knuckles. He stares at the split skin and the blood everywhere. He swallows back the lump in his throat.

His arm tingles uncomfortably, like pins pricking him all over, and he looks down at the hand before his eyes shoot up to the associated face.

Y/N, the new girl, widens her eyes and her touch is gone in an instant, as if his skin’s burnt her. “I’m sorry– I–“ she stumbles over her words and her eyes get even wider and her hands shake. “You’re bleeding,” she finally stammers out.

Bucky doesn’t look down at the blood covering his hand. He stares at the girl in front of him, sees the way she’s looking at him as if he’s an injured puppy, and his fists clench and throat tightens and jaw twitches. He doesn’t need her pity. He doesn’t need anyone’s pity.

He pushes her away, harder than he means to, and she stumbles back, but he doesn’t care. What matters is that she’s seen him at his worst, seen his red eyes and his trembling, bloody hands and his shaky breathing. She’s seen him at his most fucking vulnerable, and fuck, he hates it.

So he points a finger at her, eyes narrowed, heart hammering against his chest. “Don’t you dare tell anybody about this. You understand? Nobody.” Then he’s turning on his heel without waiting for her reply, walking as fast as he can out of the training room.

He half stumbles out the door, arm still tingling where she touched him.

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anonymous asked:

do you any headcanon about vincent & francies childhood?

Hello! Sure Anon, here you go for some:

  • They always called each other “Vinnie and Frannie”, though starting from a certain age, the use of these nicknames was slightly more mocking than affectionate. Vincent did go back to calling his sister “Frannie” while being older only as a sign of pure affection though. 
  • They both learnt how to lie from very early on, Vincent because he was a very mischievous boy, Frances because she would cover for him whenever he wanted to do something silly.
  • One day, when he was 7, Vincent decided to run away for a reason no one bothered to remember after the event. He managed to talk Frances into coming along and stealing Claudia’s shoes so that she wouldn’t be able to go after them, however Tanaka found them before the end of the day and they were punished, mostly because they lost some of Claudia’s shoes on the way back home. 
  • The older they got during childhood, the more competitive with each other they became and at some point they’d constantly end up physically fighting whenever they’d disagree: Vincent would pull his sister’s hair while Frances punched or slapped him and, most of the time, it would end with them mud wrestling and then in tears whenever Claudia witnessed the event.  
  • Some time when he was 8, Vincent’s greatest hobby was to learn how to say “idiot” in as many languages as possible, in order to constantly call out his sister with no one supposedly being able to understand. 
    Once she realized what he was doing though, Frances reiterated by throwing Vincent’s personal chessboard out of the window and hiding all the pieces across the house.
    • Vincent was so pissed afterwards that he planned to cut some of his sister’s hair as revenge, but the massacre was stopped right on time by Claudia and Cedric when Tanaka reported to them that Frances had asked him to force Vincent to commit seppuku if he were to touch one strand of her hair.
  • At some point Claudia got so tired of her children arguing all the time about literally everything that she decided to force them to kiss each other on the cheek whenever they had to mutually apologize after a fight.
    Horrified, they calmed down for a little while until they found out that they could use their dad as a proxy instead of directly kissing each other’s cheek and the constant fighting resumed. 
    • it was around that time that Cedric told Claudia that he wouldn’t mind having another child. However, just as he brought up the topic, Vincent threw mud at Frances’ hair who shrieked very loudly and Claudia glared at her husband before answering “over my dead body”.
  • One day when she was 7 or 8, Frances decided to cut her hair alone (”to look older”) and the result was terrible. Though a maid managed to rectify the disaster by cutting it way shorter than she initially wanted, Vincent, seeing how sad and ashamed his sister was, promised her that he would humiliate anyone who’d dare call her “a boy wearing a dress”.
    • it’s around this time that Vincent got a growing interest in studying all the many hairstyles that existed and he and Frances would often spend time laughing at haircuts with ridiculously long bangs. 
    • Cedric also bought his daughter shoes with very sharp little heels so that she could innocently hurt the feet of people who would dare mock her haircut.
    • Honestly, Claudia found all of this very cute, fancy and amusing.
  • One day, Vincent and Frances were playing ‘hide and seek’ with their parents, but something (Watchdog related) came up and Claudia and Cedric forgot that they were supposed to be looking for their children, which is why Vincent and Frances ended up falling asleep in their mom’s closet, surrounded by her dresses. 
    • It took a few hours for Claudia to realize that she hadn’t seen her children in a while and she totally freaked out when she couldn’t find them anywhere because they were asleep in her closet.
    • In the end, it seems one of the children woke up and was hungry so they got out of the closet and didn’t understand why everyone seemed so relieved to see them.
    • Claudia forbade ‘hide and seek’ games from that point on, even more so when Frances wouldn’t shut up about how they had “won”.
  • The children once begged Tanaka to teach them Japanese and they started after Claudia gave her approval. However, the more they learnt, the more the siblings would often “discuss” in Japanese during meals with the sole purpose of pissing off their parents who didn’t understand the language. 
    • Cedric and Claudia reiterated by speaking a language that the children didn’t understand. It went on like that until Vincent called his mom “baka” and he was severely punished because she at least understood this word. From that point onward, anyone who didn’t speak English during meals wouldn’t be allowed to eat. 

I had fun so I hope you found them enjoyable. :D Have a nice day Anon!

How to save money:

1. Self control. 

Please practice self control on many things. Ask yourself if what you’re buying is really needed. 

Don’t go out or hang out with friends after school or work. Learn to say no and do your thing at home. Study or chill at home because you need alone time too. Or maybe you should cuddle with your pet. 

Refrain yourself from buying when your friends buy. If your friends buy at a store, it doesn’t mean you need too. Do you really need an extra sweater? you bought a sweater at the other store already!

2. Journal

Create a saving spread. There are various creative way to track your savings. Just pick up a random notebook, write the dates and mark everytime you put money on your piggy bank. 

One thing I do is I create a quota. For example, 30 pesos per food. Or I should have a remaining 50 pesos at the end of the day. I also create punishments whenever I disobey my own rule. Like no chocolates, no cereals, no internet for the day. 

There are apps that helps you track almost everything, including your expenses. 

3. Bank

Create a student savings account. If you go above 1,000 pesos or 500 pesos, deposit it in the bank so you wont spend it. 

4. Second-hand 

Buy second-hand books, cheaper. May contain additional notes written in it too. 

5. Stick to the cheaper product

Some products are the same thing but the other brand is expensive. We always see this in groceries. 

There are also buy 1 get 1 products, go buy that. 

6. Sell

Go sell your old clothes to thrift shops. 

Do business where you sell clothes, perfume, shoes, etc. You can sell it in your school, co-workers, neighbors. (Avon, Natasha, Maybeline, Boardwalk)

Make homemade goodies and sell them in school, work or infront of your house. 

Sell your DIYs 

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So today is the end of days, when God decided to punish us for all our sins… x

Three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis, widely considered one of the preeminent actors of his generation, is retiring from acting, Variety has learned.

He did not give a reason for his retirement. In a statement, Day-Lewis’ spokeswoman, Leslee Dart, confirmed the news: “Daniel Day-Lewis will no longer be working as an actor. He is immensely grateful to all of his collaborators and audiences over the many years. This is a private decision and neither he nor his representatives will make any further comment on this subject. ”

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MTMTE Prowl as a yandere parent please. Human reader if you can please. Do you have any idea as a newbie were to start on Transformers? I have only seen G1 and Bayverse, and just starting on MTMTE. And I found tfwiki which is great but any ideas on where to start on the comics mostly. Newbie getting lost here any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, brilianty writing by the way. Have a good week, thanks again.

I am always more than happy to help someone get going in the wonderful world of Transformers! I’m sure everyone has been telling you to watch Transformers Prime, and I also highly recommend it. It’s one the most serious takes on it (the comics are the only ones I would consider more serious), and is very well done. It has amazing writing and voice acting (including the return of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime and Frank Welker as Megatron), the animation is a bit choppy at first but gets much better with time. The human characters are okay, you’ll either love or hate them depends on your taste. Prime also has a continuation series (RiD2015), which is much more childish and abandons all the themes (and most of the characters) of its predecessor. I‘ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of it but a lot of people don’t.

 If you’re not much for the serious/gritty side, Tranformers Animated is a lot of fun. It’s much more lighthearted (while still knowing when to be serious), and also has great writing, voice acting, and animation. This one has a lot more characters which is always fun, and most of them get a lot of development. It gets kinda rushed towards the end though, so be prepared for that.

And since you’ve watched G1 and can probably tolerate bad animation, try Beast Wars too! It’s early cgi animation though, so it’s arguably harder to look at, but the story is one of the better ones. Some of the voices can be grating, but overall the voice work is great (especially David Kaye as Megatron omg). This one also has a continuation series called Beast Machines, but I have never watched it and people seem to unanimously agree it’s not worth watching.


- This is a very dangerous situation for you. He’s stressed out and lonely and you are all he feels he has left. His original duty was to keep you safe until they could get you back to your family, and while he was hesitant in the beginning, he soon found himself becoming very attached to you. He couldn’t remember a time when someone looked up to and appreciated him so wholeheartedly, and he definitely couldn’t recall having someone so actively seek him out. It makes his spark surge with… a feeling he isn’t familiar with.

- Before too long he starts having thoughts about keeping you. If your parents were so good then how come they let you get away from them like this. You’re on an alien planet for Primus sake! How do you fail that miserably at parenting! He would be a much better parent for you. In fact, he will be. He has the power to pull some strings to keep you with him, and when worse comes to worse, he can blackmail people into making sure it’s impossible you ever leave. You’ll be much safer with him.

- As a parent he is very strict and doesn’t like you being out of his sights. You have rules you are expected to follow, and he is not one to bend on rules as I’m sure you know. However, there isn’t that much of a punishment for stepping out of line because at the end of the day you have him wrapped around your finger. You’ll get a firm talking to and will lose some privileges, but that’s it. He spoils you rotten with a room that would make anyone jealous and just about whatever material object you can want. He’s not so good at showing his love for you emotionally, so this is how he makes up for it. Wants to be a major part of your life. Expect a barrage of questions about your day while he was at work.

anonymous asked:

I kno this is weird ask but what is an abusive, not good relationship between a parent and child...

not putting your wellbeing at the top of their list, not communicating with you. manipulating or guilt tripping you. icing you out or completely ignoring you. overreacting and screaming at you. not valuing your emotions, writing you off as being sensitive and melodramatic. humiliating you in front of other people. fear tactics, like slamming doors or threatening punishments. gaslighting you. it’s a long fucking list. at the end of the day, most parents chose to have their children, and should try and offer them the best they can, and none of these things are that. hope you’re okay.

Easy (Fake) A(H)

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists.

It wasn’t prostitution. At least, that’s what Meg told herself. And everyone else who questioned her. If anything, it was the opposite.

It had all started with a rumour. 

The news had spread though the school that she had, god forbid, had sex! Meg wasn’t sure how the rumour got started but she didn’t really care about the lies. All of the attention that she was getting was starting to become tiring though.

In particular, the backlash from the religious students was fierce and unexpected. 

She could hand most of the barbs. But when a girl in her English class called her a whore, Meg didn’t hesitate in hurling her copy of “The Scarlet Letter” across the room, breaking the girls nose. 

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If you follow my posts you’ll know that I don’t encourage drug-taking, but if you’re gonna do it, why not do it in the safest way? This is one of those little life hacks that make you question how lived without them, and how you didn’t see them sooner. 

Salt. fucking. water.

ITS ALMOST TOO SIMPLE. My friend recommended this to me last week. Tried and tested this week. Revolution.

  • When you’ve got the dries so bad that regular water is failing to help you, it gives you the most glorious relief. Your mouth needs moisture to keep bacteria at bay, and the salt water kills bacteria so it’s like a double whammy against meth mouth or any dry mouth.
  • It also turns your bad breath situation right around.
  • It completely saved me suffering the usual days on end of phlegm coating my throat
  • And lastly, knowing you’ve done something good for your body feels GOOD when you’ve been punishing it on a drug binge for days on end.

Just dissolve a heap of salt in warm water. gargle as far into your throat as possible, spit and rinse. Repeat a few times.

Spread the word. Let me know if it does/doesnt work, and if you have any tips that you swear by send them my way!

Hogwarts AU!Moonbin
  • you didn’t expect Hufflepuff’s star chaser to get in detention
  • then again
  • nobody did
  • so when you were called to Professor Slughorn’s office and told that you’d be serving your detention with Moon Bin you were baffled, to say the least
  • what the heck could mr perfect have done to get a detention????
  • what you did know was that you definitely deserved your punishment
  • you had stupidly assisted your friend MJ with one of his pranks and while he had fled safely, you had gotten caught
  • you aint no snitch so MJ got away clean while 
  • you?
  • you were stuck cleaning every suit of armor in the great hall
  • in the old days people may have said stuff like “stereotypically slytherin of you to prank teachers” or something but A.H.P. (after harry potter) that didn’t happen anymore
  • anyways
  • Moon Bin was sent to one side of the hall while you started at the other
  • to pass time you played a game you like to call 
  • “wtf could Moon Bin have done to get a punishment this bad??”
  • it was enough to keep you from dying from boredom at least
  • when you both finish for the day you decide to not ask him because you have the same punishment the next day and you need something to keep your mind straight
  • you have the same punishment for the next six days actually 
  • great
  • at the end of the week of punishments you’ve come up with some great ideas
  • maybe he mooned a teacher
  • lol get it
  • Moon Bin, mooned
  • lol
  • he could’ve made somebody eat pixie poop
  • there was always the possibility he was completely innocent 
  • you decide to ask him in the middle of your last day of cleaning
  • “yo Bin”
  • he looks at you for a second and raises an eyebrow and wow hes attractive he can’t be legal
  • “yeah?”
  • “why are you in here?”
  • for a second he seems to be contemplating telling you but then he’s like fuck it and shrugs and just goes
  • “i punched this dude in the face for calling me a mudblood” and you nod your head like nice nice good job dude
  • but you respond with “i’m a muggleborn too” and you guys begin discussing your favorite sports and muggle things
  • #justmugglethings
  • and you hit it off 
  • when you go to the next gryffindor vs hufflepuff game you find yourself cheering for hufflepuff instead of gryffindor as usual
  • and he sees you and waves and almost gets hit in the face with a bludger
  • hufflepuff wins though so its all good
  • he searches for you later on and gets all sheepish when he finds you and is all 
  • “so you seem cool maybe we could go down to Hogsmeade or something later?” and you laugh and say yes and hes happy 
  • and he breaks out into a smile and at seeing it
  • his smile
  • you realize that you’ve already begun falling
  • when he treats you to butterbeer at Hogsmeade later in the week, your mutual infatuation just deepens
  • its a good thing mr perfect got into trouble that day, you decide
  • you might even forgive MJ for getting you detention
  • probably not but
  • at least something good came out of it
Mobile Frustration

request: Hi, can you make a Kai smut where you’ve been sending him naughty snapchats all day while he was in the middle of shooting his music video and he punishes you when he reaches home at the end of the day please? Sorry if you don’t do smut requests…

admin k: sorry for the long wait! i didn’t know how far to go with this one, so i just sorta left it at a cliffhanger. if you really want the nitty gritty detailed frickle frackle scene, then let me know and i’ll post part 2 sometime later on. i’m currently really busy atm with school, so many apologies for the late posts

Originally posted by jonginkai-ah

genre: smut

word count: 1083

pairing: kai x reader

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How would the S boys react to them and their S/O running into their S/O's ex? Like maybe they're walking around town and they run into their S/O's ex? Thank youu. X

Shuu : The blond vampire would not demonstrate any sign of irritation or of being uncomfortable in front of your ex. You would actually be surprised of how polite he would be, though he would probably make sure to “take care” of you at home, if ya know what I mean xD

Reiji : Would presumably act polite, yet throw hints of criticisms and warnings. Surprisingly, you wouldn’t hear any news from your ex ever again.

Ayato : Would immediately need to prove that you belong to him, taking no less than a few seconds before dragging you away from your ex, only to bite you as soon as you get back to the mansion.

Kanato : He wouldn’t say anything to your ex, simply stare at him with a threatening glare. When he would think that the two of you exchanged enough words, he would take your hand in his, tightening it almost painfully, only to point out that you needed to end this here and now.

Laito : threesome  Laito would be super polite, almost too friendly. Eventually, at the end of the day, the vampire would punish you for “tempting” your ex in front of him.

Subaru : He would act all serious and try to be polite, but that little tone in his voice screamed of irritation and a possessiveness that grew with every second till you said bye to your ex. xD