the tumblr mobile app regularly punishes me for beating it. when i figured out that you could use HTML a year ago to make formatted posts on mobile it punished me by refusing to give me an accurate follower count. when i figured out how to put pictures into text posts on mobile the app randomly ceases to work & instantly crashes when i look away for more than three seconds

firwalker  asked:

Diamond, does ruby ever get angry at you?

Diamond:no Mama could never get mad at her lil angel and when she almost does I always have cookies to give her to not give me an punishment ;)

anonymous asked:

Krennic still knows how to rile up Tarkin. When they're alone, he'll often slip out of Fellow Dom mode and be a total cocktease like he was in his youth (though he was a little more effectively seductive than Ben "Look at My Nipples in This Thin T-Shirt Punish Me" Organa-Solo).

God I can only imagine how bad Krennic was in his youth. Like cornering Tarkin at business functions and grinding on him, panting filth into his neck and walking off, and then later publicly undermining Tarkin like oooooh shit that man was hell.

I bet Krennic sometimes sends Tarkin and address to a seedy bar and they relive the good ol’ days where Krennic would flirt with everyone except Tarkin, let strangers touch him until Wilhuff has Had Enough and snaps.

You gotta keep the spice alive after all that time.

(Ben wears thin white shirts in the dead of winter and Tarkin just gives him The Look. Like, half impressed by Bens commitment, and half questioning the kids sanity. It’s -4 out, Ben… )