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Biking Adventures

It sure is boring without nothing much to do or rather a freeloader to put it bluntly.My mind was pretty much blank but it kind of led me into my childhood memories out of all random thoughts.Well,this one was a pretty decent one.

5pm it was and so does nostalgia struck eventually.Across the living room there lies our thousand dollar bicycle(just picture Lance Armstrong on Tour de France..).Then came into my mind about an ‘expedition’ towards far north of Singapore where I can see Malaysia and Pulau Ubin on the Horizon.Its been countless of years since I’ve been 'mentally’ want to get there so finally came this time.

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Basically,I didn’t get much remembrance of the place.It was about dawn I arrived to the jetty and I personally think a camera phone alone wouldn’t bide very well with such environment and time.If only I hadn’t sold our beloved NIKON DSLR too soon.

Ride was pretty bumpy as the place was pretty much secluded with dim street lighting and a rather very narrow road,very much like a place for cycling enthusiast and hikers as for the road was both going up and downhill for more than 10feet above ground level each.It was a place to be reckoned with.

I arrived both to my destination and back home panting trying to catch some air; It is much harder than cycling from Sengkang to East Coast Marine Parade..but it’s worth it overall!