pundit is an angel

lovett: it has landed on game of thrones watch parties…now before i go too far down this little street, where are tommy and- *laughs*

favs and tommy: BOOO! BOOOOOO!

lovett: i am being booed by the cofounders of crooked media! tommy, jon, i see hanna, i see emily. i see four people who have so many interesting things on their phones during game of thrones, which is on for one goddamn hour a week. what’s happening on instagram during game of thrones? let’s see what my menchies are like during game of thrones. i want one more glass of wine during game of thrones. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?! WE CAN SIT STILL FOR ONE HOUR! this is the first time a rant has been directed at the people in the crowd. 


lovett: NO, SHE WAS NOT, TOMMY! my dog was a silent angel! pundit knows what to do during game of thrones. can’t say the same for kushi. can’t say the same for little stanley, a dog i’m referencing by name whose owners know what they did…people should be quiet during game of thrones.

-the lovett grievance of the week continues on the rant wheel

lovett: you can almost make the sonos loud enough to make up for the fact that people can’t sit still for an hour and watch fucking game of thrones. 

favs: feels like next week lovett might not come to game of thrones night.

lovett: no! i don’t wanna miss it.

tommy: can it block out pundit’s barking?

lovett: pundit did not bark one time during game of thrones!

favs: OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! fact check!

tommy: pundit barked a thousand times! growling, barking. growling at cute stanley the whole time.

lovett: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE! pundit is an angel during tv watching time-

tommy: *laughs*

lovett: she sits very quietly. she was perched on my shoulder like a parrot. meanwhile the rest of them, including the humans, couldn’t keep their yaps shut. we gotta get up, we gotta sit down. IT’S ONE HOUR A WEEK! ONE HOUR A WEEK! YOU SIT QUIETLY AND WATCH GAME OF THRONES! you don’t be on your phone, you don’t check instagram, it’s not that hard! how addled and broken are we?! EVERYBODY SIT STILL! 

favs: seems like sonos is the new home for the lovett grievance of the week! sorry, cash app! this was a sonos week. 

- sonos ad, podsa 7.24