I am so excited to start poetry journals this year!

Starting next week, I am going to introduce a poem that will be glued in their journal. We will practice reciting the poem in the beginning of the week. During the week, there will be activities and lessons attached to the poem such as 

*find the sight words

*highlight the letter of the week

*find rhyming words

*highlight and name punctuation marks

*draw a picture depicting the poem

*write a response poem(later in the year)


This will be great to have during Open House as well which will have all of the poems from now until then. The parents can truly see the progress.  I am going to try and tie in as many standards with this as I can and I cannot wait to start next week.


no homo m8: a mediocre Scorbus one shot

Scorpius blushed furiously as Albus leaned forward, awkwardly bumping their noses together. Their eyes met, slightly bleary from tiredness. They were the last awake in the Slytherin common room.

“Hi,” Scorpius whispered breathily. Albus grinned lazily. He was so close, Scorpius could  count the barely there spray of freckles across his nose. He had just gotten to five, in fact, when Albus suddenly wrapped his arms around Scorpius and pulled him towards him. Their lips met.

Scorpius squeaked in surprise before closing his eyes and tentatively kissing back, punctuating the longer, but still chaste kisses with short staccato pecks.

Scorpius had the sudden worry that maybe he was a completely rubbish kisser, and that this would never happen again, but did he even want to do this again?

But all those thoughts melted away as Albus grabbed the back of his head, deepening the kiss,  his tongue playfully asking for entrance.

In response, Scorpius let out a muffled but still embarrassing moan and gripped Albus’ lower back, their tongues now swirling and battling for dominance.

They broke apart, panting heavily. They stared at each other. “Fuck,” Albus whispered.

Scorpius shared the sentiment.

Feeling nervous, stupid, and horny as shit, Scorpius leaned forward and kissed him again. It became heated again in a matter of seconds.

Feeling bold, Scorpius stopped kissing Albus’ lips and focused his attention on his neck, giving small kisses, then latching on and gently sucking, even scraping with his teeth, trying to see what worked. He was immensely pleased at the whines he was able to draw from the squirming body pressed against his.

Suddenly, they heard loud footsteps approaching the common room. Painicked, they broke apart and inched away from each other. Scorpius felt like he couldn’t breathe.

Eventually, the footsteps grew softer and softer and it was silent again.

Albus looked at Scorpius, squinting. “So…no homo?”

“No homo,” Scorpius wholeheartedly agreed, before nearly tackingly Albus to continue their steamy snog session.

today at my training for work, we were going over one of our writing workshops (i work as a tutor in the writing lab), and since our boss tries to make all of our workshops “fun” and “relatable”, the presentations usually have themes to make them more palatable to students. so anyway, this one particular one was about punctuation, and its theme was superheroes. so i’m thinking to myself hell yeah, grammar and comics, bc i’m a giant loser if u haven’t figured that out already. except whoever had made the presentation obviously doesn’t actually read comics bc they kept referring to the flash as “flash gordon” and saying batman lived in new york instead of new jersey, and friends. f riends……. i have never wanted to open my mouth to correct my boss and drop some knowledge and introduce comic elitism into my house and out myself as a massive filthy dc stan more than i did in those moments it was awful

OMG I just really want to meet Taylor and show her my piano playing and hear her live right in front of me in person sing with her today was a fairytale's bridge and the wildest dreams/enchanted mashup and play that we are each other's back up singers and this doesn't have punctuation signs because I am excited ASDFGHJKL

@taylorswift 💡🌈🎇🌹🌹⭐️🌟✨☀️💐

i have to start writing papers soon do u think my professor will understand that i use fkjsdfkjldsjflsdjflkdsj as punctuation to all of my sentences 

One Shots and short stories | FanFiction
A collection of the best one shots, short stories, drabbles in the Divergent FFN site.

I was getting tired of opening short fic after short fic and seeing hastily written ideas without punctuation, grammar, and sometimes without much of a plot or even characterization. So I’ve enlisted some help from my friends in pooling together the shorter fics for the fandom into one community.

Suggestions welcome, but I’m focused on promoting quality not quantity, here, so keep that in mind. All ships welcome, all ratings.

I’m literally having a heart attack at the thought of Keith and Lance successfully doing the Voltron chant?? It could happen in season 2; morality is at an all time low (maybe the Shiro Shit goes down) and Lance does the chant to try and raise everyone’s spirits. He expects maybe like Hunk to help him out, so he’s startled right out of his pants when Keith is the one to speak up and finish the chant.

For a beat he just stares at Keith, who goes from feeling proud he actually finished the saying (maybe it was a running joke throughout the season) to feeling anxious because Lance isn’t responding… Did he do the cheer wrong?

But then Lance laughs, louder and harder than anyone has heard in a while. He’s got the silliest grin on his when he finally catches his breath, and by then the others are smiling too. Lance surprises everyone, including himself, when he reaches out and pulls Keith into a hug. For a moment it’s just them and their bonding moment, but then the others join in for a group hug.

Lance turns his head to say (very loudly) in Keith’s ear, “Thanks, Keith. I needed that,” And Keith is so thankful for Hunk’s shoulder that he can squash his face against because oh my god, this is it. This is the mountain he dies on. His face is on fire.

Observations about the Rationals


-  not sensitive over normal things so seen as cold, but sensitive over abnormal things so also dubbed overly sensitive by others

-  may or may not see physical obstacles, walks into them anyway

-  combusts when overwhelmed with too many details


-  sits in the wrong classroom and doesn’t realise it until a different lecturer walks in; also loses their phone for an entire day and finds it in the car boot 

-  remembers details but remembers them incorrectly

-  won’t tell you about their vision unless absolutely necessary, unlike INTJs who won’t tell you about their plans unless absolutely necessary


 -  remembers something you said on a random day two years ago, tells you the same story over and over again for three days

-   even clumsier than INTJ (read: daily injuries and no recollection of how they got there)

-  really smart but somehow also lacks life skills


-  knew one ENTP two years back and not very well, but can confirm the surplus of puns and memes because they still inundate my FB feed today

-  I mean for God’s sake control yourself man

-  the world is not ready for that much wit at one time 

~ Mod Amal, INTJ

listen i have so many feelings about young will poindexter growing up thinking he wasn’t attractive and then meeting the objectively incredibly beautiful nursey who just thinks dex is the best looking guy he’s ever seen in his life and telling him that and dex not even believing him at first but eventually growing to accept that nursey really does mean it and that his freckles are wonderful not ugly and his red hair makes him look unique and his big ears are adorable and great and he just starts being more confident in himself okay

michael: falling in love

“shes so beautiful” michael said, relaxing into the couch and resting his head in his hand, his eyes staring off at nothing and racking his thoughts for all the memories of tonight. a silly grin crossed his face, “she did this thing when she laughed where her nose scrunched up all cute and her cheeks were so chubby and adorable and all i wanted to do was kiss over her face” “you seem to really like her, mate” calum commented, taking a sip of his beer and eyeing the blonde sitting across from him. all calum could do was chuckle at how in love this boy seemed. “calum, all i wanted to do was see her smile like she did. forever. it was that kind of smile that was contagious, and the more i talked the more she smiled and the happier i was” “so it was just a never ending cycle of fun?” michael smiled and looked at his best friend, “thats exactly what it was” the blonde looked back off into space, remembering every detail of you, your smile, how your eyes had this certain light to them, everything. michael grinned again, letting out a silent giggle before covering his face with his hands, “god, shes so beautiful”