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outofmagic | so I made this starter for a friend of mine , and they are unfortunately not going to keep up with their blog. So instead of just…letting it sit uselessly on my blog I figures someone might want it….

unrest | morgana wakes drabble

Escaping the academy had been no easy task, after all, the room where the augments had been kept were under very tight surveillance. It didn’t take her long to realize that what she had seen in her dreams had already come to pass. After all, they had to announced such a thing after the consequences of the last incident involving one of her kind had been. Still, she managed to get away, to keep a low profile. Immediate escape was not the best option, so for about 2 weeks she kept out of public. Besides…the world had changed since she had last been awake and she needed time to learn. 

What they expected was the same rashness and brutality that Khan had demonstrated. Though, she was entirely capable of it, she was not as strong, nor did she heal as fast as her captain and if something of that calibre went south…well it could mean death for her. Instead she managed to stow away on a ship under a false identity (hacking Starfleet systems hadn’t been too difficult). It got her out of federation space, her advantage was no one really knew what she looked like. 

Another dream told her where she would finally find the man she was looking for. It was time to take the ship. Morgana proceeded to kill the small handful of crew and take control. It was clean, and hadn’t alerted the authorities yet, but the missing ship would eventually be noted. 

Now she was on a small H-class planet. Of which was not under Starfleet regulation and the majority of it’s surface was not inhabitable. It wasn’t the first planet she had checked, after all her dreams could only provide her with so much, yet as she managed through it’s atmosphere, she got that strange sensation that she did when she had precognitive dreams. Opening the door of her ship, she pulled a hood up over her head to protect from the small sandstorm and took off to try and hunt down her captain.