merethic asked:

i'm probably like the sixth person to ask this but pros and cons of dating punchmaster supreme (seafra)?

no you’re the first! 

there’s no real point in posting a picture of seafra but i’ll do it anyway w/e


  • Tall and Strong
  • she falls in love so easily it’s unreal, like you could smile at her from across the room and she’ll start mentally planning the wedding
  • sensitive, very empathetic. she always seems to know the right thing to say to comfort someone
  • her hugs are the best. she loves hugging people
  • cute


  • seafra and xandra are kind of a package deal. it’s not as bad as it could be (seafra doesn’t feel any protective instincts towards xandra and therefore can stand to spend time apart from her) but yeah xandra’s abhorrent you don’t want to be around her even a little
  • she cries really easily, you can really hurt her feelings with a careless comment 
  • it’s very hard to get her to talk about her own issues - like she’ll spend hours and hours comforting you and talking through your problems but the moment the conversation turns to her she’ll clam up
  • solves most problems by Punching. might be a pro. might not