the best game ever indeed. safe to say that my time with metal gear solid V has been one amazing ride. the game gives you so many possibilities that so many amazing action moments occur without them being scripted. some missions feel straight out of “Rambo 3”. but there’s so many little details that just make the overall package all the more impressive, like a water gun. you ask whats it good for? well you can use to destroy electronic equipment and blind soldiers. i mean that’s like so totally unnecessary detail but incredibly awesome that its in the game.

adding to that the buddy’s: a horse , the dog, Quiet the sniper, and a D-walker which like a mini metal gear, and each serves/fits a particular style of play. every mission can play completely different depending on the buddy you choose to use. and every hardcore sneaking mission can be more awesome by adding the intense soundtrack compile of some the greatest hits from 80s , like “take on me” by A-ha or “the final countdown” by Europe. but if it that’s not good enough , on PC , you can add your own custom soundtrack. which can make magical moments even more magical


now i do have to say that unfortunately you cant take all of your buddys with you at the same time….yet. PC modding community don’t fail me now! 






the wrong guy to mess with..

wOW so this was time-consuming! I actually started this piece back in January and then just. never touched it after line art, lmao. but w/ much pestering from the lovely @pompadere i finally decided to get this done, so this tattoo!Bat is dedicated to her!

thnx for bringing this up every time i asked what i should draw 👌 ✨

and as always, a ✨HQ✨ Link ~

The signs as Johnny Jhonny quotes
  • Aries:"I punched a snake once."
  • Taurus:"Thug lyfe!"
  • Gemini:"I just seen some freaky sights yo!"
  • Cancer:"Thanks for keeping me people, bro."
  • Leo:"I'll pass a fist through your face."
  • Virgo:"I forget where I was going with this but the takeaway is your parents don't love each other."
  • Libra:"Well, well, well, well well well well well wellwellwellwellwellwellwell."
  • Scorpio:"All roads lead to Rome... But we ain't going to Rome."
  • Sagittarius:"On a scale of yes to no: yes."
  • Capricorn:"I just like to say drug because it disappoints society!"
  • Aquarius:"What the punch was that?"
  • Pisces:"Oh, this ain't blood. My Impakt Krimson Deluxe Hair Dye liquefies upon collision for easy post-tussle reapplication."

Fun Facts about inFAMOUS: Second Son!

inFAMOUS: Second Son displays the incredible power of the PS4. There are a total of 60,000 polygons just in Delsin Rowe’s head alone! And there’s 7,500 polygons just in his beanie hat! When Delsin uses his powers to perform a smoke dash he instantaneously breaks down in 11,000 individual particles and then reassembles himself in a matter of seconds! When you start to count the amount of polygons that are just in one screen of active gameplay you easily escalate into the millions. Here’s a list of other fun facts courtesy of VideoGamer.com. These facts were credited to come from the game’s Review Support Documents.

  • 75: Number of high-resolution scanned poses of Troy Baker’s face that were needed to train our performance capture system to produce Delsin’s facial animations. Troy had 168 tracked markers placed on his face and his head mesh resulted in 22,321 separate vertices (not counting his eyes, lashes, or beanie) that were used for various in-game animations.
  • 32 machines are used in the render farm that computed all the reflected/ambient lighting in the game.
  • Each rain drop is considered a particle and there are over 30,000 of them.
  • There are 1,024 sound variations of the smoke bolt. It will rarely sound the same twice.
  • Our Adaptive Ambient System enables each district to have its own atmosphere that conforms to the time of day, type of weather, and if the DUP controls it or if Delsin has freed it.
  • Over 50 individual sounds are used in a smoke orbital.
  • Delsin’s head is built out of 60,000 triangles, plus 7,500 triangles for his beanie.
  • We have 168 skeleton joints just for Delsin’s face.
  • The blocks in our version of Seattle are 100 meters square. That’s exactly the same size as an actual Seattle block.
  • During our cut scenes, each of the 20,000 vertexes on Delsin’s face is animated independently, thirty times a second.

Source: http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/infamous_second_son/news/delsin_rowes_beanie_hat_is_made_up_of_7_500_polygons.html


Anime: One Punch Man
Song: haven - 6 7 9
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