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This whole Nicole/Corey/James/Natalie thing is honestly so nasty, and it is making me remember why I disliked Nicole her first season. She's always mean about other girls like Amber and Brittany who really haven't done a thing to her. And Corey is just an awful goat burning Trump supporter.

true. i like nicole i just think she has a lot of insecurities and i think she kinda learned to get past them after bb16 but being back in the house and being constantly watched is kinda bringing it all back up again. its not an excuse for it but that’s what i think is happening with nicole. corey can choke. 

but honestly all the girls are being nasty to natalie not just nicole, zakiyahsaid she wanted to punch her for apparently flirting with paulie and she and michelle referred to her as a thot and a hoe for literally no reason. tiffany has joined in on natalie bashing multiple times when nat’s the only one who 100% had her back. they’re just all being nasty for no reason its really frustrating