punching self in face

“Don’t punch a Neo-Nazi in the face! It makes you no better than them!”

Are we seriously equating clocking a L I T E R A L N A Z I in the jaw to the fact that they want to destroy everything that isn’t a white, Christian, cisgender man? Why are you sympathizing with fucking NAZIS? Stop being so fucking self-righteous and punch your local neo-nazi in the face.

The signs as shit my brother has said.
  • Aries: Adults use spoons instead of hands.
  • Taurus: Don't look at your hotdog while its in the microwave or it gives you cancer.
  • Gemini: *punching his wall* I PLAY VIDEO GAMES TO RELAX.
  • Cancer: I would rather kick MY OWN ASS than watch you try to read My Immortal again.
  • Leo: *At family dinner* (wake me up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE.
  • Virgo: my room is cleaner, therefore mom loves me more.
  • Libra: *playing GTA* MOM, MOM I KILLED A MAN TODAY.
  • Scorpio: I can and will set you on fire with a sandwich.
  • Sagittarius: did you see that one episode of family feud where snoop dog said pie in the horse?
  • Capricorn: *punches self in the face* *curls up on the ground* government...
  • Aquarius: one day you're going to meet an alien and instead of dating it like you think you will, it's going to incinerate you for fuel.
  • Pisces: fuck you I'm the fish and I will slap a bitch like one.

oh my God pt.2

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Wakes up at 3 in the morning haunted by past mistakes thinking "I want to punch my past self in the face"- Viktor after this chapter, probably lol

Viktor actually has a reflection on his past self at a point in the companion fic and his thought process is pretty similar! 

“Selfie with a bunch of #Ratchets, #nofilter”

MTMTE Ratchet: Is that my clamp? I’ve been looking everywhere for it!

Grim: Maybe.

TFP Ratchet: I have no time for this.

TFA Ratchet: If you don’t let go of me right now…!


For the self-insert thing.

exhibit #475 that i’m not as cool as y’all think:

i was at the library just now to take a break from work & i was sitting in the teen section reading a book. i’ve loitered in the teen section & checked out books from there before, but i didn’t realize you’re not allowed to sit & hang out there unless you’re – get this – a teen

so a volunteer comes up to me & asks me “hey, you’re a teenager, right?” & i was so caught off guard by the question i just went “yEP” & they were like “oh ok cool” & moved on

but the longer i sat there trying to read the more awkward i felt & the more i felt like i’d somehow get caught so i just

packed up and left



ShotaShin: WHY do we have to do this, anyway?? They are not our sisters…

Takane: I-I guess this is too much for Ayano-chan to handle… (I’m a little worried…)

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NAU shooter, Steven Jones, has been described as a ”really nice kid” by his peers. Jones differs from the stereotypical “loner” school shooter, as he is a popular, extroverted young man with a good sense of humour and otherwise calm disposition. The shooting occurred in the small hours of October 9th. Police were called after locals heard gunfire. Allegedly, the motive for this shocking crime lies deep within Jones’ need for approval and popularity: He was kicked out of a party. Angry, he returned with some friends, initially to confront the host, but he suddenly began shooting at people. Paremedics reported that one victim was dead upon arrival, one had been shot twice in the stomach and lung, one was shot in the neck, and one in the leg. All were sent to hospital and remain critical. Jones, who appears to be a gun advocate, says he was just acting in self defense after being punched in the face.