punching obama

And to everyone in this Congress who still refuses to raise the minimum wage, I say this: If you truly believe you could work full-time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, go try it. If not, vote to give millions of the hardest-working people in America a raise.
—  President Barack Obama State of the Union Address Jan. 20th, 2015
What's Our Next Step?

Donald Trump is the president-elect. This is the last thing many of us wanted or imagined, and the world is shaking in its boots. Where do we go from here? Here’s where we begin:

-Recognize that what Hillary Clinton did for women in politics was amazing. She has solidified her place in history as the first major party female nominee for president. Remember that she was a person, a person with real ideas and love in her heart for the American people.

-Recognize that Donald Trump is #notyourpresident. A man who does not care for or respect you does not deserve your respect in return. It does not matter that he will hold the highest office in the land (barring impeachment). He is just a man, just another human being, with real weaknesses. We shall continue to expose those weaknesses and his black heart for the whole world to see. You do not owe him anything. He does not represent you.

-Appreciate everything the Obama administration has done. Hell, write him and Joe a thank-you card. The man who forced him to release his long form birth certificate has now been elected into office, and that is a sucker punch to Barack Obama and his legacy. He deserved better than this. Get everything done in the next couple months that you can that may be harder to do after January 20th, such as getting an IUD and help from Planned Parenthood, or get your physical while you’re still covered.

-Realize that the electoral college? Is bullshit. It no longer works. If we had gone off popular vote, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton would be our president, because that’s who the majority of Americans voted for. Protest the hell out of the electoral college.

-Support your community. Whether you’re LGBT, Muslim, a woman (cis or trans), Mexican, or any other minority that Trump and the Republicans have disgraced. We’re stronger together, and if we work together, nothing can stop us.


-Keep fighting for what’s right. Fight for the plans and ideas Clinton and the Democrats were running to support.

-Remember that you have a voice. You have rights. The Constitution secures many of them for you, and the most freeing ones come in that first amendment: religion, speech, press, protest. You’re going to need all of them to overcome the challenge of living under a president that wants to take that away from you.

-Support the press. They kinda fucked up covering Trump. They gave him the upper hand with all this air time, treating him like he wasn’t a threat. Because he really is now. But, now they have the chance to make it right by really digging up some serious dirt on him and making his life in office a living hell.

-This is a revolution. And what made the past beautiful was that people got off their asses in order to make their voices heard about issues they cared about. They gathered. They marched. And they didn’t keep quiet. Am I suggesting we protest Trump (or Pence’s) inauguration? Am I suggesting we march on Washington to show our unity? Do you need to stop talking about your displeasure on social media and actually physically get out there and get shit done? Yeah, you do. Let’s get together.

-Women and minorites have a long way to go. It feels as if the last victory women got was 96 years ago when we got the vote. We still haven’t broken the highest glass ceiling. But we will. We absolutely will. So we need to get together and make sure we all get the justice we deserve and lead EVERYONE forward. We need to educate people on equality. Not condescend to them.

Hard times are ahead, pals. But we can do this. We can make Donald Trump wish he was never born, let alone that he won the presidency. And I’m serious when I say that if you’d like to organize something, from a web page to a publication to protest in some form, message me.

We can do this. Because we’re stronger together.

A drunk fanfiction by chiibe

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I recently stated in an interview that I was prepared to go ‘nuclear’ over that whole Crimea business. By which I mean I was prepared to punch Obama square in the face. Because my left hook is so goddamn powerful it requires 14 hours of fuelling and multiple authorization codes before it can be launched.

Things Justin Bieber Will Probably Do:
1. Try to rob a bank and fail
(his fans will of course stick by him through this tough time)

2. Try to rob a McDonalds and succeed
(his fans will hope for some free nuggets)

3. Push an old person over
(his fans will say I WISH JUSTIN WOULD PUSH ME OVER)

4. Actually legit join the KKK
(his fans will ask how they can join too)

5. Throw hot coffee at a kid
(his fans will blame the kid and be super jealous that they didnt get to taste Justins coffee)

6. Tell his fans to look directly at the sun

7. Declare himself the King Of Everything
(his fans will literally bow to him)

8. Try to march on the White House to take over
(his fans will follow behind to hold his ridiculous flowing cape)

9. Try to punch Obama and fail
(his fans will notice that quite a lot of people with guns are watching this unfold)

10. Get knocked out by Obama’s security
(his fans will run away screaming)

11. Fall from stardom
(his fans will move on to somebody else)

12. Try to rob a McDonalds and fail
(his prison cellmates will hope for some free nuggets)

anonymous asked:

I had a dream that every guy in the world fell ill at the same time and it was the work of like twenty women and they were like "yo isnt this great" and then michelle obama punched one of them in the face

If you think that idea is interesting this is a good comic series about every man on earth dies but one, and the world falls into chaos because…well everything with a Y chromosome die at once. So it is post-apocalyptic 

 it’s called Y: The last man 

It’s really freaken good