punching game

  • Naruto: Hey Sasuke, have you heard of this game
  • Naruto: It's called 'gay chicken'
  • Naruto: Kiba told me about it
  • Naruto: Basically, two guys get really close
  • Naruto: And the first one to back away- mmphh!
  • Naruto: What- what the HELL, bastard, you can't just
  • Naruto: You just
  • Naruto: You kissed me!
  • Sasuke: *shrugs*
  • Sasuke: That's the game, right?
  • Sasuke: I win
  • person: can you stop talking about your favorite character?
  • me:
  • N
  •   O
  •     O
  •      o
  •      o
  •       o
  •      o
  •      。
  •     。
  •    .
  •    .
  •     .
  •     .

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Jewish, Muslim, Disabled, PoC, LGBT+, anyone-a-nazi-would-like-to-pick-on followers! In the words of Wei Ning, “When the long dark closes around us, we will be the last light.”

Try to find as many references to anime TV series as you can! Almost every item in this room is a reference.

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character design by @cheapcookiez!

animated by me~! ^^

can’t wait for the game to come out ;;w;; decided to animate poods from one of your adorable drawings aaa <33 really glad how this came out! idk what else to say i was just bored hngn

hope you like it senpai ( ~;//w//;)~ <333 (also, i love your art!!)

Talking with a friend at conbust about how frustrating it is when cars don’t notice motorcycles because they don’t think to notice them, like it doesn’t occur to them to register not-car shaped objects one the road.
Another friend pointed out she’d heard people discussing this issue, saying road games like Punch Buggy have people always subconsciously on the lookout for VW Bugs. So the proposed solution is to teach little kids to punch each other when they see motorcycles instead of Beetles, so they can’t help but look for them for the rest of their lives.

And it’s like, man that’s fukken genius. Go make your kids play Punch-Bikey or whatever you wanna call it.