punching dream


tfw you wake up to discover david tennant has a hipster beard and a pierced ear in ‘you, me, and him’

Egg love he toaste.
He is gud toastr.

Colour by @marvelousmenvi
Blame @furaitsu for my descent into this hell.

anonymous asked:

I haven't read the duck comics in years and yet last night because of you I had a dream that I was stuck in a maze with Donald and my first thought was to find Gladstone so his luck would get me out of it (you know, instead of looking for the exit myself, like you would)

oh my god, I’m rather envious and excellent dream logic you have there

I had an opm dream one night, where fricken Bang was watching Saitama and Genos again like he did in one of the OVAs but then friggin Atomic Samurai sees him and asks him what the hell he is doing and he tells him that this fucking B class hero is hanging with this S class and he thought it was a teacher-student relationship but now he is starting to question it and samurai was like oh my do u think gay!????? So they both start watching and then more heroes come like metal bat and tank top tiger and they all ask the same thing and they watch saitama and genos with them. So we got a bunch of diff heroes all ganged up to watch saitama and genos run their errands and make weird noises and shit. Like a fucking crowd is watching them. A frigg CROWD OF HEROES WATCHING THESE DORKS, EVEN NON IMPORTANT PEOPLE WHO WERE LIKE ONLY SEEN ONCE WERE THERE! You think Genos would have detected a 60 person crowd stalking them but maybe hes too busy drooling over SAITAMA SENSEI to even fuckingg notice. Even Sonic was watching them. Not in the crowd, in like a tree somewhere near. So then finally Mumen shows up on his bike when he sees the crowd of hero gathered behind a bush and asks wtf is going on. They all tell him to shhut up they’re watching Saitama and Genos and hes all like “Saitama?? I KNOW HIM!!” so he jumps out and screams “HI SAITAMA!!!” and everyone freaks out and when Saitama turns around to say hi back everyone FREEZES with startled looks. So theres like 5 whole minutes of awkward silence then tatsumaki randomly yells “R U GUYS GGAAYY????!?!?”

Best dream 

[muffled ‘dream weaver’ playing in the background]