punching dream

Imagine demon!Dean beating a guy up to death because he touched you and he got jealous.

“She’s pretty.” you said softly, trying to hold back the hint of bitterness and pain in your voice. Or jealousy for that matter. You couldn’t blame her, who knew with how many women Dean had been with ever since he became a demon.

“And probably his type. But it shouldn’t bother you now, should it chipmunk?” Crowley raised an eyebrow as the both of you didn’t take your eyes off of the demon playing darts as the blonde waitress gave him another drink with a rather flirtysmile might you say.

“Not now, not ever.” Crowley finally turned to look at you “You are not his girlfriend, (Y/n). Never been, yet you are bothered so much by this. I wonder why.”

You scoffed, turning to glare at him “As if you don’t know. Dean is probably the most oblivious man in the world but you never were Crowley. Why would you use this stupid nickname on me if you didn’t?”

“Guilty.” he flashed you a smile, downing his drink “But he’s no longer the man that you remember, love.”

“Right, so that’s why you wanted me here?” you scoffed “And don’t you dare deny it to me Crowley. You didn’t even blink in surprise when you saw me. You’re letting yourself get caught and sooner or later Sam will come walking in as well.”

“I must admit- the only thing that did surprise me was the fact that moose didn’t come in right after you.” he shrugged “But probably- it’s time to finally put him on track-” he looked at Dean “And make him realize how little he is leaving for just how much.”

“Hell? Oh wow, yes Crowley that really is everyone’s dream kingdom.”

“It is one, nonetheless.” he winked at you and before you could say a thing he had vanished right in front of your eyes. You scoffed at him but didn’t have the chance to question him when you turned your head and your eyes locked with his green ones. And just like always they made your heart skip a beat. Because maybe you were always friends but your love for him was undying.

You held your breath as he set his glass down and raised an eyebrow at you. He said nothing to the rest of them men he was playing with and casually strode towards you “(Y/n)” his voice was as rough but a lot more cold “Fancy seeing you here.” and the smirk on his face made it all worse.

“Is it?” you asked in a low voice and his smile dropped.

“What do you want here?” he asked serious.

“Oh so Crowley didn’t tell you?” you scoffed a laugh “He knew I was on your tracks with Sam, he should be here very soon. I managed to get a lead and thought if I could convince you to come back without him having to hurt himself but… I don’t think there is a point in trying.”

“I told you to stay away.” he shrugged casually, stuffing his hands in his pockets “Not my fault you don’t listen.

“You told Sam to let you go, not me. And I thought there was a chance here but- I was wrong obviously. I’m curious how you didn’t see this coming, or even more that Crowley didn’t speak to you about his plans. Whatever those may be. What happened? Don’t you guys tell everything? Oh no, don’t Dean, secrets are bad, they ruin relationships. We know it better than anyone.” you went from sarcastic to completely serious.

He scoffed, putting on a smirk on his face and rolling his eyes “Don’t care what his game is, I am not his toy. I have my own plans and I’m glad that… he made it easier for me.” he looked

“What do you mean?” you frowned when you noticed the predatory smile on his face “Made it easier by letting me find you?”

“I’ll let you know soon, now follow me and let’s out of here. You’re drawing too much fucking attention with those shorts.” he took hold of your arm, dragging you up as he glared at a few men behind you that had been sneaking looks at you.

“Like hell.” you hissed, snatching your arm from his “Why does it even matter to you? Especially now, I am nothing to you. So what if they look? I am free, Dean, hell they can even touch as much as they want to.” you said angrily.

His eyes darkened as he looked “Let’s go. Now.” he said in a low almost growl but you weren’t having any of it.

“Why?” you scoffed a laugh “So that you can kill me now? Or so that she doesn’t see us talking?” you motioned with your head to the blonde that already had her eyes on you. You tried so hard not to show how much this was hurting you.

“She has nothing to do with this. Come on.” he tugged, holding your hand again.

“Right, of course she doesn’t.” you scoffed “With how many have you been exactly all these months?”

“You’d want to know, wouldn’t you?” a satisfied smirk was on his face.

You didn’t have the chance to speak though because another voice spoke up “Is everything alright?” it was a guy you had seen checking you out ever since you came in.

“Yes, everything’s fine actually. My friend here was just leaving.” you gave Dean a look “How about you buy me a drink and we can talk?” you gave him a smile that made his grin widen.

“Yes, of course sweet cheeks.” he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“You’re gonna lose that hand buddy.” Dean growled, and you both stopped before you could leave.

“Excuse me?” he raised an eyebrow “Did you just threaten me?”

“No, I was giving you a friendly warning.” Dean shrugged with a casual smile.

“Yeah, right.” he scoffed, arm tightening on your waist just to mock the demon and for a second you got scared when Dean’s smile completely fell.

“But you obviously don’t listen very well.” he scoffed and before you could realize it he had grabbed the man by the collarof his shirt and pinned him against a pillar.

“And now- you get to see what I mean when I say that you shouldn’t have done that.” and even if you expected it you jumped when he threw a powerful punch at the man. And the another, and another and another without letting him do a single move. You were almost scared for his life when you saw the mark on Dean’s arm burn that angry red as he kept hitting the guy, blood covering his fist and groans and moans of pain filling the bar along with hushed whispers from other customers.

“Fucking asshole, think you could ever have a piece of that?” he scoffed a laugh, punching more “In your dreams!” another punch “She’s too pure and perfect for a bloody jackass like you. You would never stand a fucking chance.” he growled, punching him more.

You could barely make out any of the things he said after that as the sounds were too much to handle. People shouting, some cheering and encouraging him to keep going. And then you heard her.

“Dean, stop!” she screamed but he didn’t listen to her, as he kept punching with groans himself “Stop! You’re gonna kill him!” she screamed but it didn’t seem to have a single effect on him at the moment.

“Would serve him fucking right.” Dean growled, grabbing his bloody face and making the guy look at you “Do you see that? Do you see her?” he said through gritted teeth “She’s great isn’t she? And you’d really want a piece of her tonight but that would be it. You had some gruesome thoughts for her after that though, didn’t you?” he turned his head to look at Dean “Didn’t you?” he roared and he gave him a weak nod.

“Just like I thought.” Dean smirked “For the first, I’d really just break your hand and maybe face. But for this-” he looked at him darkly and your breath got caught in your throat. If he killed him right there in front of so many people he’d draw all the wrong attention.

“Dean!” you screamed “No, no don’t!” you exclaimed and as surprising as it was for everyone, it caught his attention and he glanced at you over your shoulder. You looked at him with wide eyes, shaking your head in fear.

“Seems like your lucky day, bastard.” he growled “You’re very damn lucky that she can have this effect on me because trust me your death… it would have not been easy. And she would never give you a single glance because you know why?” he smirked in an almost sinister way “Oh you know why.” he laughed, pushing him to the side and he fell on the floor. He looked down at him for a second, smirking before with a roll of his eyes he turned around and looked at the rest of the customers.

He didn’t say a think, he only scoffed at them and walked towards you.

“D” you found yourself whispering as you stared at him with wide eyes “You would have-”

“I should have.” he growled “Hope you fucking understand I am not playing games here, (Y/n).” he grabbed your jaw with one hand and your heart leapt to your throat when he brought his face closer to yours, your lips only an inch away. You knew what he wanted to do but he stopped himself, looking from your lips up to your eyes. He smiled slightly, running his thumb over your lower lip.

“You are mine, and I’ll make sure everybody knows it from now on.” he said in a low rough voice and you frowned. You knew in what way he meant it, you were no fool with what he had almost done but it still confused you. You were always friends and on top of that even if he didn’t care at the moment as a demon… what really held him back from forcing a kiss out of you? IT felt as if for a moment you saw your own Dean flash through his eyes.

“Only. Mine.” he said in a husky voice in your ear and you felt shivers run down your spine when his teeth grazed over it “I’ll wait in the car.” he added and let go of you, almost leaving you to try to recover from the shock.

But you only had another one coming once he’d left and the waitress spoke to you “You are (Y/n)?”

“Why-” your voice was hoarse as you looked at her “You know me?” and the look on her face only said yes, making you realize there was only person that could have spoken about you to her.

Dean. But the real question was why?

Girl Gang Videos

Lionhearted- Porter Robinson ft. Urban Cone

Hello Bitches- CL

Gravel to Tempo- Hayley Kiyoko

Kill V Maim- Grimes   

Sweet Dreams (Sucker Punch)- Emily Browning & Marilyn Manson

Broader than a Border- M.I.A.

Bad Blood- Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar

Only a Girl- Gia

I am the Best- 2ne1

Run the World (Girls)- Beyonce

You (Ha ha ha)- Charli XCX

Girl Gang (Cocaine Cover)- Kate Nash

M.I.A.- Bad Girls

BiSH- 本当本気

Better Have My Money- Rihanna

I know it’s wrong (but that’s alright)- hurray for the riff raff

Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani

Genesis- Grimes


endless list of posters for my favorite fanfics [3/∞]  
Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend

There’s something about the bad boys that makes the good girls fall in love. Betty Cooper, Riverdale’s ultimate sweetheart, couldn’t be the exception to the rule, especially when Jughead Jones, leader of the young generation of Serpents and bad boy in the making, came into her life like a rider amongst pedal smoke. When Serpents are forced to attend Riverdale High, will her infatuation be reciprocated or will the nemesis between the North and the South create a war zone between them?

Relevant to a few previous posts: a long time ago, I had a dream that Samus found another member of Ridley’s species. His name was something like Marron and he was living on an alien planet in a hillside cave, overlooking an alien village surrounded by flat wetland and fields for miles. Samus was prepared to attack but after some talking she decided that he was friendly, and then he gave her some advice about the local area and sent her on her way. Later in the dream, Ridley and Space Pirates attacked the village. Even though he preferred to be solitary, the other dragon came out to defend all the people there. He was murdered by Ridley. The Omega Pirate was there too. Samus saved the villagers but she couldn’t save her dragon friend.

anonymous asked:

Just wondered what your all time fav Bughead fics are Jandy? This might be a hard choice because you read so many but would love to hear :)

Duuude. You just opened a Pandora’s Box, my dear Grayface. I have a lot of feelings about this but I’m usually SUPER hesitant to just lay out which fics are my favourite because I’m worried I’ll hurt someone’s feelings if I neglect to mention one of theirs. 

That being said - I get asked this ALL THE TIME. It is - no word of a lie - literally my number one Asked thing. Way back when fandom was new, I easily could list a top five or something but now that question is a lot more loaded.

So this morning I figured I would try to sorta answer this but instead of giving you a point by point list of favourite fics I’d go by favourite authors, but then I realized that a list of favourite authors - even if I cut it to ten of my favourite authors - would take me several days to complete. I’m just too verbose.

Instead, I’m gonna give you a classic link list with no verbosity at all. These are my absolute favourites…  No one is allowed to be hurt or angry if your fic isn’t on my list. I’m just one person and my opinion isn’t more important than any other person’s. ALSO - your fic might be number 31 on my list - I just had to give myself a number or I’d never stop. I could have gone on forever.

Not really in any particular order:

the beast within series by @cooperjones2020

tales of an endless heart series by @lessoleilscouchants

(my youth ain’t) tangled up in bad decisions by @lessoleilscouchants

What’s Past is Prologue series by ShirlyGallagher

Playlist Amour by @1sleepydormouse

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend

Black Cherry Chutney by @lilibug–xx

My Body’s Broken, Yours Is Bent by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency

Something to Tell You by @findingbetty

born losers by @sylwrites

Jellybean’s babysitter by @cooperandjonesinc

Call Me A Safe Bet, I’m Betting I’m Not by @anactualcaseofthetruth

Skate Key by @mistressofmalplaquet 

When I wake up all alone (and I’m thinking of your skin) by @juggydunes

slowly, over time, and yet somehow all at once by @this-stupid-hat

heart rise above by @onceuponamirror

Strong by @allskynostars

For a good time, call Betty by @mothermaple

for the life of me series by @stillscape

Bizarre Love Triangle series by @ficmuse

Where The Wild Roses Grow by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend

Fact in the Fiction by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency

Teenage Talk by darlingdearestdead 

tell them we sold out by @thedeadsea33

I’ll Wait for You by @a-girl-named-whiskey

Daddy by @lazydaizies

Four Times Before the First Time by slantedsunlight

Sweethearts by @raptorlily

Up Close and Personal by @wordsonpages1

What Fools These Mortals Be by @bettyjonescooper

I literally have to stop myself or I’ll be here all day. I’m sure I’ve missed people. I love you all. I hope this answers your question sufficiently.