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Steve as Cap, passing over the shield to Sam as Cap. Temporarily or not is up to you. rsf not signed in because my tablet hates me.

Sorry about your tablet woes! D: 

It had taken nearly a year of negotiation, including a lot of punched walls and more of T’Challa’s time than they’d really had the right to ask of him. But when the final draft of the newly renegotiated accords was set on the table, it felt like it was worth it. The entire Avengers were reassembled, even Natasha, who had disappeared in disgust and refused to be found by either Tony or Steve’s side for ages. 

She’d only reappeared, perhaps intentionally, after Tony came to Steve with his peace offering: tech that could wipe out Bucky’s programming permanently, and begin work on helping him find his way through the trauma of the last seventy years. It was a slow process, but it seemed to be working. 

Tony still didn’t look like he liked the idea of being in the same room with Bucky Barnes, but he was, and Steve could accept Tony’s tolerance of Bucky if it meant Tony wasn’t actively trying to kill him. 

It was one of those things that they were going to have to dance around for a while, Steve suspected. Which just made this decision easier. 

“Before anyone signs,” Steve said, drawing the document towards himself, “I need to ask for one more change.”

Wanda rolled her eyes. Clint collapsed backward in his chair, frustrated. “I’m not calling T’Challa again!” he announced. 

“Seriously?” Rhodey asked. “Seriously?

“Steve, you approved this – “ Tony started, but Steve held up a hand.

“It’s not a legal change, just a minor nomenclature issue,” he said, flipping to the roster page. Throughout the Accords – one of the only things Clint had insisted on, weirdly – the legal language only referred to people by their callsigns. Each Avenger was only mentioned by name once, in the roster. 

Steve took out a black ink pen, drew a neat line through his name and Sam’s name, and then wrote Sam’s name next to Captain America.

“I need to not be Cap for a while,” he said quietly, initialing the change. Every head in the room turned to Sam, who grinned. 

“He asked me last night,” Sam said. “Was I gonna say no?”

Black Captain America?” Rhodey asked. Sam nodded, and Rhodey held out his fist for a dap. 

Steve looked at Tony, who was looking thoughtful.

“You could have asked for this months ago,” Tony said. “But there would have been a call for confirmation hearings. Sam would have been background checked. Media field day. So you dumped it in now at the last minute, so that it would be up to me as a representative of the Accord negotiators.” 

“Is there a problem?” Steve asked. 

Tony smiled a little. “No, just admiring how good you’re both getting at politics.” He held out his hand for the pen, then leaned across the table and initialed the change. Then he set the pen down and snapped his fingers. One of the guards at the edge of the conference room came forward with a large object in a thin canvas bag. Tony took it, undid the drawstring, and removed the shield. He looked at Steve, then passed it straight across him to Sam, who took it carefully and slid his arm into the straps, letting it hang by his side. 

“Got any first words as Captain America?” Natasha asked. 

“Yeah,” Sam said. “Are we done here? I got justice to dispense.” 

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kaitlin is a badass more than the others, she injured herself so many times for the sake of the show and i can't think of any other actress doing that for a trash show like sunny

RIGHT!!! like part of it may just be that she’s super accident-prone but like… i can’t imagine breaking my back AND my neck on the same show and still being like “yeah this is good! i’ll keep doing this”

my actual favorite “katlin olson: professional badass” story comes from the hundred dollar baby commentary. there’s a bit towards the end where, in a steroid-induced rage, dee punches a hole in the wall of her apartment, right? so naturally the set department put a piece of breakaway plaster there so she could punch through the wall more easily, so as not to risk hurting herself. as they kept filming takes they eventually ran out of spots on the wall that were still made of the breakaway plaster….. so kaitlin just punched through a real spot on the wall, no problem. she said it hurt her hand for two days afterward but she did it anyway!

glenn, meanwhile, thought it would be cool if he could also punch through the wall once shooting was done. i’m not sure if he got to use the breakaway wall or not but in any case he hurt the shit out of his hand and completely failed to so much as dent the wall

The Devil You Know Part 5

The Devil You Know Part 5

Warning: Cussing. Violence. Death. Rape/Smut (You’ll see what I mean)

Chapter 8 Normal POV

A door slowing opens, making a low creaking sound as it’s push all the way opened. It gently gets pushed closes and is follow by gentle footsteps on the hardwood floor. The footsteps slowing make their way to the kitchen, were a young man is washing dishes.

“Melinda are you back already?” The young man said, turning around.  “Who… who are you? How did you get in here?”

“You really should keep your doors lock, you don’t ever know who will just stroll on in here.” He said, smiling at him. “As for who I am, I’m Melinda’s other half. The one that has been looking for her for a few months now.”

“Your’e….. your’e the one that took her.” The young man said, as he slowing started moving around the kitchen island as the man slowing followed him.  “Aren’t you?”

“You know, Melinda doesn’t get off of work for another hour. Maybe we should.” He said, pulling an ax from behind him and gripping it tight. “Kill some time.”

Sounds of screams. Sounds of laughter. Sounds of flesh being torn. Sounds of bones breaking. Those were the sounds that echo through out the house. He kept bringing his ax down, over and over again. The young man tired to crawl away, but only because the man allow him to. Only so he could take pleasure in drawing out the young man’s death.

“What time is it?” The man said, looking at his watch. “O my, time does fly by when your having fun. My love should be home soon, guess it’s time to end this little game of ours.”

He followed the young man’s blood trail that lead back tot he kitchen, as he dragged the ax across the title floor. The young man kept pleading to be spare as he tried to crawl away. His pleads that went unheard. The man rise the ax high in the air and brought it down on the young man’s skull, ending it.

“I need to wash up, I hate for Melinda to see me like this.” He said, looking down at the blood all over him. He pulled the ax out of the young man’s head and looked at it. “Second thought, just hold on to this for me.” He slammed the ax back into the young man’s head.

He chuckle as he went outside to get his duffel bag and a box that he had wrapped up. He went back inside the house and took a quick shower down in the den. When he was done, he got dress and double checking himself in the mirror. That’s when he heard a car pull up in the drive way.

I started making his way back upstairs and hide in the living room, waiting for her to come inside. Melinda made her away inside the house and locked the door behind her.

“Michael you wouldn’t believe what happened at the restaurant.” Melinda said, taking off her high heels. “I think I’m done being a waitress there, it’s nothing but drama.” She walked into the kitchen and that’s when she saw Michael with the ax in his head. “Michael?” She cover up her mouth, to muffle her crying.

No. No.” Melinda said, shaking her head as she back up into the living room.

“Hello my love.” Melinda turned around and saw him standing there, smiling.

“You just as beautiful as the day I met you.” He started walking towards her with the box in his hands. “I got you a gift. Here, opened it.” He held it out to her. She looked at it and back to him. “Come on now love, just open it.”

With shaking hands she reach out and took the box from him. She slowing unwrapped the box and then opened it up. Her eyes widen as she pulled out a dress out of it. She looked at him, not knowing what to say.

“I knew you would be speechless.” He said, as his smile got bigger. “Won’t you try the dress on for me my love.” Melinda shook her head. “I know, I know, it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride in her wedding dress before they get married.”

“Married?” Melinda said, as she started shaking more.

“A course my love. After all.” He said, showing the scar on his neck. “You chose me.” He reach out and touch her face gently. “Just like a chose you.”

She throw the dress in his face, blinding him for a bit as she ran down the hallway. He throw the dress down and took off running after her. Melinda ran to the end of the hallway and went up the stairs. She reach her hand out for one of the close doors, when he grabbed her from behind. 

“Melinda.” He said, spinning her around to look at him.  He cover her mouth up before she could scream for help. “This fucken ends now, do you hear me love?”

Melinda nodded her head as she started breathing through her nose heavy. She started to shake as he stare her down with his cold eyes.

“I’ve been so worry about you, do you know that?”He asked and Melinda shook her head. “When I woke up, I was happy Melinda. I was happy that you chose me. But when I looked around, you know what I found?” Melinda shook her head. “All I found was the tracker on the floor and your message written in blood, saying I owe you a new dress.”

He chuckle a bit as his face soften. He press his forehead against hers.

“Why did you leave me Melinda?” He said, letting out a sigh. “What reason would you have to leave me?” He pulled back and looked at her. “WHAT REASON WOULD YOU FUCKEN HAVE TO LEAVE ME?!” He let go of her hair and punch the wall right next to her head. “WHAT FUCKEN REASON MELINDA?!” He punch the wall again. “WHAT FUCKEN REASON?!” He punch the wall several more times.

Melinda started to cry, making him stop. He opened his mouth up to say something, but was stop when a high pitch cry was heard. He turned his head to the close door that she was reaching for earlier, he listen and head the cry again. He looked at her and she shook her head. He let her go and started walking to the door. 

“No please don’t.” Melinda said as she pulled on his arm. “Please don’t.”

She grabbed him by the shoulders, he spun around and slapped her across the face. Melinda went down to the floor as he throw the door open. He slowing stepped inside, into a small nursery where the cries were heard from. 

He went over to the crib and looked down inside, to see a baby girl. She cried for a few moments, before opening up her eyes and looking back up at him. He title his head back and forth, studying her as she started crying again.

“Please don’t hurt her. This is between us. She has nothing to do with this.” Melinda said, running into the nursery, crying as she saw him reaching for the baby. “Please don’t hurt her. I’m begging you. Please don’t hurt my baby.”

Your baby?” He said, he stopped and looked back over at Melinda. “Does that mean…”

“She’s yours” Melinda said nodding her head. 

“She’s mine?” He said. His breathing got heavier and his heart started to race “She mine?”

“I didn’t know how you were going to react. I was worry what you would have done if you found out I was pregnant. So I… so I left and didn’t look back. I had to protect her. I’m sorry I broke your rules. Please don’t take it out on her please don’t.” Melinda said, she started crying more

“She’s mine.” He said, he started nodding his head as a smile formed on his face. “She’s mine.” He turned back to the baby and picked her up gently. “Shh, it’s okay sweetie, daddy's here. Daddy’s here.” He cradle her in his arms as his smile got bigger, when she stopped crying. “What’s her name?”

“Zoe.” Melinda said, slowing stepping closer.

“Zoe, Hebrew, meaning life. It’s a good name my love, a very good name.” He said, holding her tiny hand in his. “It’s a beautiful name isn’t it sweetheart? Yeah it is. It’s beautiful, just like you and your mommy are. I knew we had something special Melinda.” He looked up at over to her. “I just knew it. Now, we created something special.” He looked back down at Zoe. “It’s that right sweetie? Your daddy’s special little girl. Yes you are.” She started chewing on his finger, making him chuckle a bit. “She’s hungry. Here my love.” 

Melinda walked over to him and took Zoe from him, holding her close. She went to turn away, when he grabbed her shoulder and spun her back around. He pulled her close to him and kiss her forehead.

“I”m sorry for yelling at you my love.” He said, pressing his forehead against his. “I’m sorry for everything. I promise, I’ll take care both of you. Now,” He press his lips gently to her’s. “Have a seat in the rocker and feed our daughter, while I start packing. Okay?” Melinda nodded her head. “Okay. Go.”

Melinda took a seat in the rocker and started to breast feed Zoe, while she kept his eyes on him. He was packing up Zoe’s clothes and some of her toys as he kept rambling on of what kind of house he wanted them to live in.

“Our first stop will be Las Vegas, we can get marry there.” He said as he picked up a picture, of the day Zoe was born. “Then will move back to the South where its more green. Maybe Kansas or Missouri or Atlanta, yeah I think Atlanta would be great. What do you think my love?” He turned back to her. “Does that sound good to you?”

She just looked at him and he let out a heavy sigh. Melinda looked down at Zoe, who fell asleep. She moved her around and Melinda cover herself up. He walked over and held his hands out for Zoe. Melinda just looked up at him, with tears in her eyes.

“I”m not going to hurt our daughter my love. I”m just going to put her back in the crib, so we can talk. Alright?” He said, taking a hold of Zoe, pulling her away as Melinda slowing let go and Zoe started to stir. “Shh, sweetie. Daddy is just laying you down, so mommy and me can talk. There you go sweetheart.” He sat he down in the crib and she fell back to sleep. 

He went back to Melinda and offer his hand to her. She let out a sigh as she took his hand and he helped her up. He held her hand tight as he walked her out of the nursery and over to her bedroom. He close the door behind them, then he lead her to the bed.

“My love, I know your still upset with me and your worry.” He said as she sat down on the bed. “I sure you, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Zoe.” He took a seat next to her. “I understand, that you worry I would have done and that’s why you left. I get it my love, I really do. It’s not like we ever talked about having kids or anything, so I understand.” He reach out and took her hand in his. He smiled at her as he gently stork her hand with his thumb.

“Remember when we first met?” He asked and she nodded her head. “ It was so cute how you kept saying sorry over again over for bumping into me. When you looked up at me, my heart started racing when I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of yours. I felt something right there and I know you did too.” Melinda looked away and he reach out, touching her face gently and moving her face back towards him. “Don’t lie to me Melinda, you know better than to lie to me, don’t you?” 

“Yes.” Melinda said softly.

“Did you feel something too?” He asked and she nodded her head. “We have something special Melinda. Something I never had with any of the other girls I took. All of them can’t come close to you, not even if they tried. You excel at everything, where the rest failed.”

“You torture me.” Melinda said, in a low voice. He let out a sigh as he let go of her hand and looked down. “You beat me. Cut me. Rape me…”

“I didn’t rape you.” He said, looking up at her. “Did you say no?” She shook her head. “Did you fight back?” She shook her head again. “You can’t rape the willing.” A single tear rolled down her cheek. He reach out and wiped her face. “I was rewarding you for the great job you were doing. You enjoyed yourself, you enjoyed every second of it, so don’t ever say I raped you, do you hear me?”

“Yes.” Melinda said, nodding her head.

“As for the other stuff I did to you, they were test. Test to make you stronger and they have, haven’t they?” He said and she nodded. “Your a survivor now Melinda, just like me. Your just like me, a survivor, a hunter, a killer.” Melinda let out a sigh. “You can’t keep denying us Melinda, you can’t deny what we are. We were met to be. You were met to be mine and I’m met to be yours. We have something special and you know that. Do you really want to throw that away? After everything we’ve been through? After everything I’ve done for you? Do you really want to do that to us? To our daughter?”

Melinda just looked at him as new tears formed in her eyes. She wanted to tell him yes, but part of her wanted to tell him no. She didn’t know if it was because of the Stockholm syndrome, the doctors said she developed after being held captive for over a year or if it was because that’s how she truly felt.

“You chose me Melinda. You could have just left me on the floor, left me to my death, but you didn’t my love. You patch me up before you left, that tells me you chose me.” He said, leaning in closer to her, smiling. “That tells me, that you love me.” He kept smiling as he took her lips, slowing, gently, taking her all in.

He lean her down on the bed as the kiss became more tense. He broke the kiss as he sat up and removed his shirt. He grabbed her legs as he stood up, he pulled her to the end of the bed as he kneel down on the floor. He lifted up her dress and spread her legs. He smiled at her, as he ran his hand over her thigh.

“Do you want me to stop Melinda?” He said as she looked down at him. She shook her head. “Thought so.” He smirked at her. “Want me to take you and make you mine my love?” She nodded her head. “As you wish.”

Melinda laid her head back on the bed. She didn’t know if she said yes because she was afraid what he would do if she said no. What he could do to her or her daughter. Or if she said yes, because that’s what she really wanted him to do.

She close her eyes as he started to move her panties to the side. He slowing started licking her, gently, which was never like him. Was it because she gave birth a couple of months ago? Was it because he really cared for her? Or was this just another way to fuck with her head?

Her thoughts were interrupted when he push two of his fingers inside of her, making her moan. He gently moved them in and out of her as he started moving his tongue in a circular motion on her clit. She gripped the sheets and started to tense up.

“Hmm, someone is getting close already.” He said, against her wet folds. “You’ve miss my touch, haven’t you my love?”

“Yes.” Melinda said, moaning. “Yes.”

He chuckle as he started licking again, this time faster. He started moving his fingers faster, making her body tense up more. He kept going, making her moan louder and louder. She body started to heat up as she started to release. He smiled as he looked up at her. Watching her arch her back and letting out a gasp.

He pulled out his fingers, making her whimper. He licked his lips as he grabbed her legs tight, pulling her off the bed. Melinda sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck as he laid her on the ground. She let go and laid on the floor, looking up at him. He started running his hands up and down her legs, as he looked back down at her.

“You don’t know how much I miss touching your soft skin. How I miss how you taste. How I miss your intoxicating smell. How I miss you, all of you my love.” He said as he grabbed the sides of her panties, pulling them and ripping them off of her. “How I miss being deep inside of you.”

He unzipped his pants and release himself. Then he lean down, taking her lips again as he pushed himself inside of her. She broke the kiss as she started moaning. He smiled and bit his lower lip, as he looked down at her.

“Hmm, just as tight as the first time I made love to you.” He said as he started thrusting in and out of her slowing. “You hear me?” He grabbed her face with one hand and made her look at him. “When I made love to you, not rape you, isn’t that right my love?” She nodded her head, making him chuckle. “O yes, when I made love to you.” He started thrusting harder. “Cause, you can’t rape the willing my love. And you are willing my love, your always be willing.”

He started thrusting harder and harder. Melinda grabbed on to his back, biting her lower lip. She loved the feel of him and hated it. She was conflicted every time this happened. She just didn’t know what to do, hate it or love it. She was just lost to this, lost to him. That’s exactly where he wanted her to be, lost.

“You know why you’ll be willing my love?”He said, pressing his forehead against hers.“Cause you love me Melinda. You love me.” He pulled back and smiled down at her. “Tell me you love me. Tell me Melinda.” He wrapped his hand harder her throat, squeezing it.“ Tell me. Tell me Melinda. Tell me.”

His gripped tighten and tighten. She started gasping for air as she started seeing spots. She claw at his hands, trying to get him to let go, but he just won’t let her go. Blackness started to crept over here, till she started hearing someone call for her, a small little voice, crying for her.

“Mommy! Mommy!”….

The Devil You Know Part 6 

Thank you let-cookies-live for you comment, I am glad you are loving this series and I hope you and the others keep loving this series :)  (gifs props to makers/some mine)

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dear world,

the UK is very angry today because the Conservative Party has basically won. this is terrible news for young people, disabled people, LGBT+ people and our wonderful NHS. we had such high hopes but they’ve basically just been completely dashed and we have no hope of a coalition this time

i. Love isn’t the reason the heart beats, but it’s the reason I kept mine trying. It’s the part of me that never gave up, even when the rest of me wanted to die.

ii. Trace your fingers along the creases of my palms. The wrinkles are deep from constantly making fists. Wrap your fingers around my wrists, they’re not bleeding anymore, but they ache for your touch. My knuckles suffer when it’s cold, but I don’t punch walls any more, all my issues are under control. Kiss the scars on my arms, wrap me around you like a blanket and I will keep you warm.

iii. I love every single perfect thing about you, but if I do ever find a flaw I promise I’ll love it just as hard.
—  giraffevader - Love notes