punches more walls


control // liam dunbar

summary ; in which it’s nearly the next full moon and the pressure of everything means liam is struggling to stay in control whilst lacrosse practise is under way. good job y/n’s there to calm him down when his alpha can’t.

pairing ; liam dunbar & fem!reader

warnings ; violence, liam losing control and punching a wall (more than once), making out (kinda very heated), season six spoilers (not really but still), (why have i used so many brackets)

word count ; 2.7k

published ; 15th august, ‘17


stay safe + ily 🐯

Perched on the chilled bleachers built to the side of the ample lacrosse field, you pulled your coat tighter around your shivering body and glared up at the near full moon as if it was at fault for the cold, shadowed night, and the thick mist that spilt like smoke across the vast of green. 

Coach blew his whistle from where he stood, next to Scott who was enjoying his final time as Assistant Coach before he left for UC Davis. As much as you were proud of your friend for making it into the college he applied for and he smiled happily whilst obtaining his final moments of Assistant Coach, the shrill sound screeching in your ears did not aid the pounding in your head initially provoked and brought on by the bright, bleach white flood lights looming down onto the pitch.

You let your eyes wander back down to the mass of lacrosse players filtered out and practising their game play for the next big match, before they singled in on your boyfriend. Number 9. The drills continued and you watched as Liam scooped the ball up from the ground and captured it within the pocket of weaved stringing and then proceeded to skillfully twist and dodge his way through the defenders that aimed to stop him.

Then, he drew his arms back before launching the ball strongly past the goalie that failed to seize it himself as it flew into the net, and Coach blew the whistle again - surprisingly commenting on his great shot without the dire sarcasm that usually seemed to seep from every word he spoke.

A few minutes later and Liam had the ball once again, only this time when he aimed to make yet another shot, someone roughly shoved into him and swept his feet out from under him. He landed on the floor with a thud, and you winced as you observed the scene, but not panicking as whatever hurt would heal instantly anyway.

You assumed everything was fine until Scott dropped his things and expeditiously rushed across the pitch from where he stood with Coach toward Liam who continued to reside on the hard ground - his back to you. You stood from your seat on the middle level of bleachers, your suddenly worrisome-struck eyes darting over the crouched figures of your boyfriend and good friend. 

Scott grasped Liam’s helmet between his hands and tugged his head down, shielding his face away from the other players who had stopped practising to witness what was happening, and you.

You had a feeling that you knew what Scott was attempting to conceal and there was clear confusion painted across your rosy features due to it; Liam had gotten so much better at keeping himself under control when playing the violent sport and even better at obtaining that same control near and on the full moons. So why had one hit from the opposing team sent him tumbling into a sudden loss of control?

Next thing you knew, the beta was ripping himself away from his alpha, wrenching his helmet off his head and forcefully hurling it onto the grassy land, and without so much as a glance over his shoulder, he raced off toward the school building. You caught Scott’s dark chocolate eyes and before you could fully perceive the permissible nod he shot in your direction to indicate that you should follow him, you were bolting down the steps and across the field. 

Scott wasn’t exceptionally worried for your safety when it came to Liam losing control; it was the only thing he envied when it came to the two of you and your relationship. That no matter how wound up Liam got, no matter how far gone he seemed to be, he would never hurt you. He might snap and growl as you came closer, his dire fury and rage causing him to see red through his vibrant golden irises, but he would never injure or wound you in any way and everybody, including you, and him, knew it.

Throwing the doors open their hinges, your legs swiftly carried you toward the boy’s locker room and from your knowledge, you instantly darted to the showers. It was dark, the inky shadows of the late night eclipsing every crevice of the locker room, but ironically, the optical gleams of the near full moon glaring down through the small, uPVC windows allowed you to locate your boyfriend.

You let a soft sigh adequate with relief slip from your lips when you caught sight of him, his body being soaked by the pelts of cool water plummeting down rapidly from the shower head. His forehead rested against the cold tiles of the shower room, his back to you once more and his hands curled into firm fists as he pressed them against the wall either side of his head. 

The sound of the animalistic growls erupting from his throat and the brutal striking of his knuckles against the hard concrete - cracks appearing under the fierce pressure of his punches - would easily scare anybody away. But not you, and as you called out his name into the shadows surrounding his heaving body, you stepped closer, past the threshold and into the centre of the shower room, “Liam?”

You wearily watched as his body froze, going rigid under your concerned gaze; the incessant blows of his fists against the crumbling wall halted as his head tilted slightly to the side, now aware of your calm presence. You took another step, now in reach to gently bring your hand up and clasp one of his clenched fists in your soft hold.

“Hey,” You tried, but apparently he had decided to be difficult that night as he snatched his hand from yours and let out a vicious snarl in response, his knuckles coming back into ruthless contact with the concrete once again - a large chunk of brick breaking away and mercilessly colliding with the floor with a deafening, echoing bang, and you had to speedily jump back to ensure it wouldn’t land on your feet and possibly break any of your fragile bones.

A huff of frustration tumbled from your lips as you eyed the broken portion in front of you, and you snagged his fist away from the wall anew, tugging on his arm and forcing him to pivot around subsequently. Shoving his back up against the surface, you contrived him to look at you through the water drops pelting down on the two of you - willingly deciding to sacrifice your comfort and warmth for the sake of calming the boy you loved by letting the water soak your clothes through and stick uncomfortably to your skin along with him.

“Hey!” You snapped harshly, your bristling tone capturing his strained attention immediately. His vibrant golden eyes locked onto yours, the relentless struggling coming to a gradual termination latterly and your taut, irritated demeanour dwindled down the drain. On their volition, your hands made their departure from his firm chest and travelled to his sharp jaw, the pads of your thumbs lightly brushing across the apples of his cheeks.

“Calm down for me, Li,” At your endearing touch and the soft, loving tone of your request, the golden specks eclipsing the baby blue colour in his eyes slowly faded, and the shade that you adored to no extent was restored. A breathless sigh escaped past his parted lips, his chest heaving as continued to gaze into the assurance and encouragement swirling in your deep, (y/e/c) irises.

After a few moments, you quirked your eyebrow up in askance, and Liam shot you a nod of his head - concluding your wordless inquiry of whether he was calm or ready to strike once more. You let your fingers gently run through his dripping locks of hair, “What’s going on, Liam?”

He hands lightly squeezed your hips, his eyebrows tugging together at your gentle question, “What do you mean? You saw, he knocked me over right as I was about to make the shot-”

“And that stopped provoking you to lose control months ago. Plus, it was practice - not an actual game. Why’d it get you so worked up?” Your comments were tender and considerate as you spoke, concern and worry infiltrating the syllables as you tried to get to the bottom of what was bothering him.

“I-I…” He paused, struggling to provide you with an answer, “I don’t know.”

“Is it something else?” You inquired gingerly, softly grasping his hands in yours as you pulled the both of you out of the stream of pounding drops of water and back into the locker room.

Liam took the initiative and delicately tugged you toward his gym locker, letting go of your hand to clutch the lock with shaking fingers and trying to fix the combination in - ultimately avoiding the question. But, you watched with imperative concern as he struggled to do it correctly the first time, and the second, and by the third, his breathing had started to pick up, escaping past his lips ragged and choppy.

You closed your hands around his and tenderly pried his fingers away to halt his frantic actions of yanking at the lock; he let his eyes flutter shut as he made an attempt to control his breathing and sky-rocketing heart rate. 

You put his locker combination in easily, neither of you commenting about how you knew the sequence, just like how he knew the sequence for yours too. Opening it quietly, you grasped two of his spare shirts between your fingers and placed them on the bench beside where the two of you stood.

Afterward, you pivoted swiftly on your heel, turning to face him in his struggle to clasp control. “It’s something else,” You concluded softly, capturing his hand in yours again and occasionally running your thumb back and forth across his knuckles.

“Scott’s leaving.” The words left his lips bluntly, and you thought that was all he seemed so worked up about, until he continued, “So is Lydia, Malia; Stiles’ has already gone. Most of our pack is leaving.”

“Liam, they won’t be gone forever. It’s just College; we’ll all have to do it someday, it doesn’t mean they’re leaving for good.”

“And we’re going to be Seniors and how am I supposed to balance being a Senior whilst being the new Alpha that everyone expects me to be when Scott’s gone?”

“No one expects you to-”

He sliced your comforting words short, “Scott does!”

You took his face between your hands just like you had done previously, forcing him to look into your eyes glistening with care and love, “No one expects you to do it alone,” You repeated the earnest and cordial comment, making sure he listened this time, “I’m here, and I’ll be here in Senior year, and after Senior year, okay? No one expects you to do this alone, Li. And even if they did, I wouldn’t let you do this alone. But they don’t, so stop worrying so much.”

Then, an affectionate, attentive smile painted your features, setting you aglow with adoration as you looked up at him and noticed the ghost of the same smile tugging at the corners of his lips. With his hands coming up to rest on either side of your face, thumbs cradling your cheeks and fingers getting lost in the soaked strands of hair, he pulled you closer into the solace his safe vicinity brought you and pressed a sweet, lingering kiss to your lips. 

Only having time to draw back slightly and mutter, “I love you,” out through passionate whispers, his tone flooded with euphoria, before your hands found themselves settling on his waist and you tugged him back down to capture his lips with yours once more.

“And I love you,” Came the muffled declaration of love through heated kisses, and gently, Liam pushed you back until your back hit the cold metal of the row of lockers. As a subsequent, you couldn’t help but dig your fingers into his hips and tow his body closer until he resided flush against yourself - every nerve in your body feeling as if someone had lit a match and set them on fire.

When his lips coaxed yours open and his tongue swept across your own, you couldn’t help but tug at his shirt, indicating that you wanted it off. He complied instantly, before moving to remove yours too. You let him, the fabric coming up and over your head in no time, falling to the ground and being utterly discarded as his lips landed back on yours, a shiver inevitably rushing down your spine and a sharp gasp tumbling from your lips as your bare back, bar your bra, hit the chilled metal of the lockers again.

His large hands had then been located to your waist, squeezing at your hips appreciatively when one of your hands landed on his broad shoulder and the other ran your fingers through his dark hair, tugging at the roots as your lips moved more and more heatedly, more and more eagerly against his. 

Then, his hands found themselves travelling south, settling just under your ass, “Jump,” He mumbled breathlessly against your feverish lips, and you did just that, wrapping your legs around his waist as his arms held your weight easily and pressed your back even more firmly against the surface of metal. 

Rolling your head to the side, granting him better access, a gasping moan slipped from your lips as Liam’s lips peppered a trail of hot kisses down your jaw and headed straight for the sweet spot just behind and below your ear, sucking with the intention of leaving a purposeful hickey and then blowing cool air across the skin to soothe it, goose bumps arising on your soft skin as a subsequent.

Feeling the calloused tips of his fingers travel to the clip on your bra as he continued to leave matching bruises littering your neck simultaneously, you arched your back further into his burning hold but let out a breathless keen when his lips, and fingers, froze in their place, “What is it?”

“Practice is over,” His words were muffled as his lips remained against the exposed crook of your neck but you heard them nevertheless, and your eyes widened.

Liam let you down carefully and the two of you clumsily fumbled around in an attempt to make yourselves decent before any students trundled into the locker room. You snatched one of the two clean shirts that you had previously seized from his locker and Liam did the same, and just as you had pulled it over your head, the door slammed open on its hinges - sweaty players filing into the room without so much as a glance in yours or Liam’s direction.

Until, Scott roamed in, and caught your guilty eyes. He made his way over to the two of you and you tainted your features with the facade of an innocent smile, shooting it his way. “Why didn’t you two come back to the field? Everything okay?” He questioned, aiming his second inquiry more at Liam than at you.

Liam swiftly glanced at you before looking back toward his alpha, “Yeah,” He nodded, “Everything’s fine.”

Scott eyed the two of you suspiciously, his supernatural powers clearly picking up on the quick, rapid thumps of your heart in your chest - still worked up from prior - but he kindly let it drop and nodded his head, “Okay, good. I’ll see you guys later, then.”

You sent your friend a genuine smile, bringing your hand up and waving slightly in parting as he began to make his trek out the busy locker room, until he stopped short and turned back to face the both of you, an amused smirk pulling at his lips, “You might want to hide those hickeys before you go home, (Y/N).”

At his teasing words, your mouth fell agape - your eyes widening and hues and shades of red rushing to your cheeks, sending a wave of heat blossoming across your face and setting you aglow with embarrassment. Liam snickered quietly before slinging an arm around your shoulders and bringing you closer as you tried to covertly hide your neck. 

“Let’s go home,” He mumbled into your damp hair, pressing an enamoured, lingering kiss to your hairline; all his worries that whisked wickedly through his head prior having dissipated into the air and left behind a heart adequate with utter love and adoration for the girl in his arms: for you.


tags ; @virgincreek (if you want a tag for a particular character that i write for, feel free to ask)

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Steve as Cap, passing over the shield to Sam as Cap. Temporarily or not is up to you. rsf not signed in because my tablet hates me.

Sorry about your tablet woes! D: 

It had taken nearly a year of negotiation, including a lot of punched walls and more of T’Challa’s time than they’d really had the right to ask of him. But when the final draft of the newly renegotiated accords was set on the table, it felt like it was worth it. The entire Avengers were reassembled, even Natasha, who had disappeared in disgust and refused to be found by either Tony or Steve’s side for ages. 

She’d only reappeared, perhaps intentionally, after Tony came to Steve with his peace offering: tech that could wipe out Bucky’s programming permanently, and begin work on helping him find his way through the trauma of the last seventy years. It was a slow process, but it seemed to be working. 

Tony still didn’t look like he liked the idea of being in the same room with Bucky Barnes, but he was, and Steve could accept Tony’s tolerance of Bucky if it meant Tony wasn’t actively trying to kill him. 

It was one of those things that they were going to have to dance around for a while, Steve suspected. Which just made this decision easier. 

“Before anyone signs,” Steve said, drawing the document towards himself, “I need to ask for one more change.”

Wanda rolled her eyes. Clint collapsed backward in his chair, frustrated. “I’m not calling T’Challa again!” he announced. 

“Seriously?” Rhodey asked. “Seriously?

“Steve, you approved this – “ Tony started, but Steve held up a hand.

“It’s not a legal change, just a minor nomenclature issue,” he said, flipping to the roster page. Throughout the Accords – one of the only things Clint had insisted on, weirdly – the legal language only referred to people by their callsigns. Each Avenger was only mentioned by name once, in the roster. 

Steve took out a black ink pen, drew a neat line through his name and Sam’s name, and then wrote Sam’s name next to Captain America.

“I need to not be Cap for a while,” he said quietly, initialing the change. Every head in the room turned to Sam, who grinned. 

“He asked me last night,” Sam said. “Was I gonna say no?”

Black Captain America?” Rhodey asked. Sam nodded, and Rhodey held out his fist for a dap. 

Steve looked at Tony, who was looking thoughtful.

“You could have asked for this months ago,” Tony said. “But there would have been a call for confirmation hearings. Sam would have been background checked. Media field day. So you dumped it in now at the last minute, so that it would be up to me as a representative of the Accord negotiators.” 

“Is there a problem?” Steve asked. 

Tony smiled a little. “No, just admiring how good you’re both getting at politics.” He held out his hand for the pen, then leaned across the table and initialed the change. Then he set the pen down and snapped his fingers. One of the guards at the edge of the conference room came forward with a large object in a thin canvas bag. Tony took it, undid the drawstring, and removed the shield. He looked at Steve, then passed it straight across him to Sam, who took it carefully and slid his arm into the straps, letting it hang by his side. 

“Got any first words as Captain America?” Natasha asked. 

“Yeah,” Sam said. “Are we done here? I got justice to dispense.” 

Little Bird (2)

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Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: angst, slow burn

A/N: Updated twice in a weekend! Who the hell do I think  I am?!? Enjoy! Also hopefully this chapter clarifies the reader’s age a little for those who were confused in the first chapter. Sorry about that, I wasn’t as clear as I should have been which is why I revised a few lines in it. The reader is definitely over 18!

“Tony, can you please watch the surveillance of the safe house while I run out and get supplies?” Nat threw on the backpack with extra clothes for you and grabbed her keys as she headed to the door.

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Forget about superpowers and magical weapons and all that shit, I’d choose to be reborn in an anime just so I could get those default Effortless Good Looks™ (including, but not limited to, Perfect Skin and Flawless Hair) tbh.


“Oh, the symphonic shriek of a thousand hiding voices, the cry of the need inside, the entity, the silent watcher, the cold quiet thing, the one that laughs, the moondancer. The me that was not me, the thing that mocked and laughed and calling with its hunger.”
                                                                       - Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART ONE

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

You had been detected.  You were now on their radar.  You were recruited for one mission only.  You‘re trained and put to the test.  With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place. 

Warnings: violence, mentions of sexual assault

Word Count: 996

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”


     Your hand wrote as quickly as it could.  The professor switched slides, the sound of sighs emitting throughout the crowded lecture hall.  The professor apologized and proceeded to please her students by switching back to the previous slide.  You rolled your eyes- you had already copied down every word from the next slide.

     You put your pen down and stretched out your hand.  Leaning back in the chair, you studied the backs of the ones in front of you.  With your face blank and emotionless, you chipped at your red nail polish and flicked the paint to your lap.  The guy next to you had been eyeing you since the beginning of class.  He watched you write impossibly fast, copying your notes instead of the professor’s.  He watched you full your red lip between your teeth while in concentration.  He even watched as you picked up your backpack and grabbed a bottle of nail polish remover and more red nail polish.

     You never sat next to the same person twice.  The guy next to you was known- he lived down your hall.  In this class specifically, you were widely known as well.  You were the “chick” who chipped her perfectly done manicure only to re-do it in the middle of class.  So, the guy next to you scoffed and shook his head.

     “You have to do that here?”

     Finishing up the last finger, your left middle finger, you raised it to his face.  His eyes only slightly widened, the gesture obviously unexpected. 

     When the class ended, you dusted the red paint chips to the ground and made for the exit.  With your face still blank and unamused, you made your way through the crowd of college students, taking precaution of your newly polished nails.

     That night you stood in front of your mirror, dressed in your suit, knives safely tucked in any available piece of cloth.  You adjusted your lipstick, flipped your hair to the side, and left your apartment. 

     So, there you were- stabbing a man in the chest after he sexually assaulted a woman you were too late to rescue.  Tears pricked your eyes but you swallowed them, holding the woman upright and helping her walk around the block.


     You guided her to the entrance of the E.R. and made sure she got the best care they offered.  After letting her clutch your hand throughout the exam, you left your phone number in her small, curled up fist while she slept.  Before you left, you passed on your very own insurance information so she didn’t have to pay.  No questioned you, the look on your face telling them you were in no mood to explain yourself. 


     Walking down dark alleys two hours later, you finally rested.  For the first time today, your face moved.  You sighed, leaned against the wall, and drew your fist back.  You collided with the brick  wall and your eyebrows scrunched up further.  You let out a blood-curling scream and punched the wall once more before pushing off the wall and returning to your natural state. 

     For the next few hours, you almost killed three more people.

     Well, he shouldn’t have cat-called.

     Well, she shouldn’t have beat her husband.

     Well, he shouldn’t have stolen that wallet. 

     Now, you were sitting on a roof-top, admiring the view of NYC.



     Sighing deeply, you made your way down the fire escape and smoothed down your suit.

     “Who gave you that?”

     You whipped your head around and put your fists up in defense.  Red and blue tights: Spider-Man.

     “Who gave you the suit?” he repeated.  He was too engrossed in your little costume so you took that as an opportunity to whip your left leg around and smash your foot on his temple.  He stumbled back but quickly regained his balance. 

     “Oh, you want to play dirty, huh?” Spider-Man chanted.  “Guess you’re up for a fight.”

     You raised your eyebrow at this, stepping closer to him and swaying your hips seductively.

     “U-uh, I thought we were fighting,” he stuttered.  Your lips raised into a smirk and you placed your hand on his chest, burying your face into his neck. 

     “Oh, n-no,” he cleared his throat and tried to push you off, but you resisted.  You lowered your hands to his hips and with that, you pushed him off the thirty-story building. 

     Thinking your job here was done, you dusted off your hands and began to leave. 



     The sound of a “rocket” snapped you out of your thoughts.  In a matter of seconds, Spider-Man was safely placed back on the roof by none other than Iron Man himself.  You gulped, your facial features never revealing your confused/scared demeanor that was threatening to show.

     “Now, why would anyone pick a fight with your ‘friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’?”

     Iron Man lifted his mask and stared at you, awaiting an answer.  When you didn’t reply, spandex raised his voice.

     “I had that handled, Mr. Stark.  How did you know I was in somewhat trouble?” he scrambled.

     “Your heart rate was incredibly high, kid.  I was making sure you weren’t about to go into cardiac arrest.”

     You sniggered at that.

    “Yo- I- um, nevermind,” he stuttered once more.

     You took this opportunity to fling yourself off the side of the roof, grabbing clothing lines to make your way down.  However, before you could make a touchdown, your hands were tangled with webs and you fell to the ground beneath you.  You groaned and rolled over, coming face to face with the two superheroes.  You grunted and sat up.

     “They’re going to love you back at the compound.  You don’t mind heights, right?”

     Before you could resist verbally, Iron Man’s mask closed off his identity and he picked you up bridal style.

     “Wrap up her legs as well, Parker.”

If I Wanted To Kiss An Ashtray I Would | Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, almost smut (just heavy making out at the end)

Summary: You have a history with anger management issues. After you refused to go back to your therapist, you had only gotten worse. You threw things, yelled, anytime you had the urge to just be mad, you set off. The only thing you resorted to, to help: smoking, music, and your neighbor.

Warnings: Reference to smoking

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You let out a loud growl as you grabbed the vase and threw it as hard as you could at the wall, watching the structure break into pieces against the surface. The perfection of blue porcelain that once contained flowers, now scattered in shards on the floor.

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kaitlin is a badass more than the others, she injured herself so many times for the sake of the show and i can't think of any other actress doing that for a trash show like sunny

RIGHT!!! like part of it may just be that she’s super accident-prone but like… i can’t imagine breaking my back AND my neck on the same show and still being like “yeah this is good! i’ll keep doing this”

my actual favorite “katlin olson: professional badass” story comes from the hundred dollar baby commentary. there’s a bit towards the end where, in a steroid-induced rage, dee punches a hole in the wall of her apartment, right? so naturally the set department put a piece of breakaway plaster there so she could punch through the wall more easily, so as not to risk hurting herself. as they kept filming takes they eventually ran out of spots on the wall that were still made of the breakaway plaster….. so kaitlin just punched through a real spot on the wall, no problem. she said it hurt her hand for two days afterward but she did it anyway!

glenn, meanwhile, thought it would be cool if he could also punch through the wall once shooting was done. i’m not sure if he got to use the breakaway wall or not but in any case he hurt the shit out of his hand and completely failed to so much as dent the wall

‘Drunk in love’ E.D / Pt.6

Requested: No-

Warnings: Cursing, Drugs, and Probably Sex

Word Count: 2,338

Summary; Basically you’re a drug dealer and you’ll get the point if you keep reading.

A/N; This just randomly came to the top of my head and I’m flustered by it so don’t mind me.

I sat back, my back smacking against the bathtub. I covered my face and sobbed, it was all I could do. My body was shaking, goosebumps were rising over my body, and I felt like I could throw up once again. I stood up and flushed the toilet, cringing over what I just did for almost ten minutes. 

I brushed my teeth, gagging again before throwing up once more, my coughs echoing throughout the bathroom. I cried out, flushing the toilet. My hands couldn’t stop shaking and the tears wouldn’t stop falling. I couldn’t be a mess right now. There’s a guy waiting to kill me, I have an important meeting today apparently, I just can’t be sick. 

I brushed my teeth once more, grabbing a wash cloth from the bin, soaking it in cold water, dabbing my face. I opened the door, smiling at the sleeping figure. There are times when I really enjoy Ethan’s presence, like now, but other times he’s a complete douche. I walked over, pushing his little strands of curly hair off of his face. I crawled over to my side, checking the time - 10:34 in the morning. 

“Fuck…” I groaned, throwing my head back against the headboard. 

Ethan was beginning to stir which was something he did when he was fixing to wake up (something I always found cute). I ran my fingers through his hair, earning a low moan from him, making my heart flutter. 

“Why do you love playing with my hair?” His raspy voiced filled the room.

“It’s just so, fluffy.” I laughed, leaning over leaving a kiss on his forehead. 

“I heard you throwing up this morning.” He whispered, his hooded eyes looking up at me. 

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair, earning a low sigh from Ethan as well. Tears slowly started filling my eyes because one thing was on my mind but I didn’t want it to be true. Ethan threw the covers off of his body, his tanned skin glowing from the sun peeking through the window. He swung his legs over the side, running his fingers through his hair, letting out a big sigh. 

“I hope it’s not what I think it is.” He turned his head, the sun making his eyes sparkle. 

“What if it is?” I whispered, studying his back muscles as the flexed every time he moved. 

“Then i’ll have to man up and take care of the both of you.” 

Ethan stood up and stretched, his muscles flexing. I looked down, my fingers being more interesting than the growing tension in our room. What if I was pregnant? 

“It’s all my fucking fault.” I looked over - Ethan was balancing his weight on the bathroom counter, staring at himself in the mirror, slowly shaking his head. “Now that I fucking think about it, I was too into getting to fuck you that I forgot a damn condom. Fuck!” He punched the mirror, glass shattering everywhere.

“Ethan!” I crawled off the bed rushing over to Ethan who was staring down at the glass. I squatted down, throw up slowly rising up my throat. I stood up, swallowing the lump in my throat, looking over at Ethan whose eyes were still fixated on the floor. 

“This is all my fault…” He mumbled. 

“Ethan,” I sighed, grabbing his other wrist pulling him out from the bathroom, “I need to take you to the hospital, this looks serious.” 

“No! Get off me! This is all my fucking fault!” He started gripping his hair, throwing a hard punch at the wall.

“Grayson!” I screamed rushing out the room, all eyes falling onto me. 

Grayson raced past me, cause me to shuffle. I looked over, covering my mouth as Grayson tackled Ethan to the ground, a loud snap echoing the room. 

“Dammit Ethan!” Grayson groaned.

“I can’t do this, Gray.” Ethan whispered, covering his face, sure to get blood on him.

“Do what, Ethan? You already did enough.” 

“Y/n pregnant!” Grayson looked over at me, all the color in his face was drained. 

Grayson stood up, helping his twin brother up as well, walking past me. Grayson asked Jack to take them to the hospital. 

“I need to go.” I whispered.

“No. You’re going to stay here.” Grayson growled.

I looked down at Grayson’s hand, one of his fingers were completely snapped, making throw up rise in my throat.

“Oh my god.” I rushed past the boys, throwing up once again, feeling a hand rub up and down my back. 

I looked up, Ethan gave me a small smile, making my heart flutter. I flushed once again, grabbing my washcloth from the counter, wrapping his wounded hand in it. 

“I’ll get some pregnancy tests on our way back home…” He whispered.

“It’s too early to tell but the signs are there. Don’t worry, maybe i’m just nervous from what’s happened.” Ethan sighed, leaving a kiss on my forehead. 

Ethan left, leaving me there to ponder in my thoughts. I really don’t think I’m mentally ready for a kid. I’m only eighteen, I don’t think I’m ready at all. Ethan is still out here doing drug deals, he’s well known and a lot of people want to kill him from what I heard from a recent conversation. 

I stepped forward, a sharp pain shooting throughout my foot. I groaned, mumbling a cuss word, taking a seat down on the toilet. I looked down and saw blood smeared across the floor. I quickly cleaned up the wound on my foot, mentally cussing myself out for not cleaning up the mess. 

“Y/n, are you in here?” 

“Yes.” I groaned. 

Kian’s body was soon standing in the doorway, a sigh escaping his lips seeing the current situation I was in. He squatted down and finished cleaning up the glass, muttering a few words himself. Tears were sliding down my face but that was nothing new on this eventful morning. 

“Is it true?” I glanced over and saw Kian glaring at me. 

“What do you mean?” I whispered, placing a band-aid on my foot. 

“Don’t act dumb.” 

I sighed, tossing the paper into the trash, turning my attention back towards Kian.

“Why does it matter Kian?”

“Because y/n! you’re out here doing drug deals and you have this crazy ass group out here planning on killing you in forty-eight fucking hours, y/n! You’re in a shit ton of trouble if you are pregnant! Also, Ethan isn’t eve-”

“Shut the fuck up, Kian!” I yelled, cutting him off which was something he absolutely hated. “It’s none of your fucking business if I am pregnant! It’s not your child and don’t sit there and say that Ethan isn’t fit for a dad! You aren’t fit to be a dad either and i’m not fit to be a mom!” 

Silence fell through us, the tension being so thick where a knife couldn’t even cut through it. 

“I think it’s best if you leave.” I whispered. 

“Fuck this.” 

Kian stormed out, the front door slamming shut causing me to flinch. Tears were falling once more but this time, they were harder. 

“Fuck!” I screamed, grabbing the nearest thing, smashing it up against the wall. 

I screamed once more, punching the wall, pain shooting up my arm but I could give two shits. I walked into the bedroom, grabbed a glass from the nightstand throwing it against the wall, all my anger coming out. 

“Why me?!” I screamed, sliding down the wall. 

Jc rushed into the room, pulling my body into his, running his hand through my hair, rocking me back and forth like a little child. 


I couldn’t even focus on what was happening, my breathing kept getting faster and my sobs louder. I looked up an seen Jack G standing over me, rubbing his face. 

“Please pick up the glass, she can’t get hurt.” Jc whispered, not stopping at all. 

I laid in bed, the sun peeking through the window, landing on my body casting a shadow. Ethan and Grayson were still at the hospital and it’s been about six hours and I haven’t got one text from either of them. Ethan and I still haven’t went to that important meeting and it still crosses my mind every now an then. 

The front door slammed making me jerk my head back, Grayson’s broad body walking past my door. My heart began to race, so many things running through my head. Ethan walked in, a small smile crossing his lips. I smiled but glanced down at his hand - it was wrapped all the the way up past his wrist. 

“I had emergency surgery.” He whispered, sitting down at the end of the bed. 

“For what?” I sat up and watched as his jaw clenched, something I loved about him. 

“There was a large piece of glass in my hand.”

“How’s Grayson?”

“He broke a finger.” 

I nodded my head, not fully knowing what to say. All I could think about was this meeting, it hasn’t left my head all day.

“Are we going to that meeting?” I asked, throwing the heavy duvet off my body.

“Yeah, get dressed.” 

I threw my legs over the side, wincing when my foot touched the ground. 

“Why’re you wincing?” Ethan mumbled.

“I cut my foot open, no biggie.” I limped over to the closet, pulling out one of Ethan’s Vans hoodies and a pair of leggings,

“No biggie? You’re hurt.” I shrugged my shoulders, asking him to shut the door so I could change. 

I looked back and saw Ethan sprawled out on the bed, the sun casting a shadow on his abs, making them stand out more. I threw the hoodie over my head, the fabric landing past my butt. I grabbed my black and white high top vans from our pile of shoes and quickly put them on. 

“I’m ready.” I whispered. 

Ethan sat up, quickly fixing his hair and stood up, towering over me. I quickly reached up and tucked a wild curl down. I followed Ethan out to the living room, earning a few glances from the boys. 

“Has Kian came home?” I whispered. Jc shook his head no, making my heart drop.

Ethan grabbed a few weapons, lacing his fingers with mine, telling the boys to be on the lookout for us. They all gathered their weapons and got into other cars. 

Ethan wouldn’t tell much about who this person was, all I know is that his name is Jonah. The car ride was silent, the only thing happening was our radio. I insisted on playing Drake but Ethan wanted Nicki. 

Ethan pulled into a parking lot of a beautiful hotel. 

“Okay, baby, whatever happens in here, I won’t let anything happen to you.” 

My eyes widened, my heart dropping to my stomach. “I think I need to puke.” I whispered. 

I threw the door open, rushing over to the nearest bush, all my lunch coming out. I looked over and saw an outstretched hand with gum. I laughed and took the piece, wiping my mouth. 

“You good?” Ethan asked.

I nodded my head and laced my fingers with Ethan’s, following him into the hotel. Ethan whispered to the lady who gave me a weird look. Ethan’s grip tightened around my hand once we headed to the elevator, making my heart beat even faster. I looked back and saw the rest of our crew taking a seat in the lobby. 

Ethan pressed the top floor, pulling my small body into his. 

“If you’re pregnant, I hope it’s a girl.” Ethan murmured. 

I laughed and snuggled more into his warm body. Ethan placed a kiss on the top of my head. The doors slid open, Ethan’s fingers gripping the back of my hand tighter. We walked down to the end of the hallway, stopping at the last door on the right. Ethan nudged me to move behind him, which I obeyed. The sound of the door opening made my heart beat faster.

“Ah, Ethan!” 

Ethan squeezed my hand, walking forward with me slowly following behind. 

“Did you bring the girl?” 

“Yes,” Ethan pulled my arm around, my body shaking. “Her name is y/n.”

There I was, standing in front of THE Jonah fucking Hill. I cocked my head to the side, a wide smile falling onto my face. 

“Hey, sweetie, I’m Jonah Hill. I just need to ask you a few questions. Take a seat.”

I walked over and sat down in front of his desk, my hand never leaving Ethan’s. I was having so many mixed emotions - I really didn’t even know how to act. 

“From what I got told, you recently got kidnapped by a group with the leader named Stephen. Am I right?” I nodded my head. “What did he do to you while you were in there?”

“He um, he raped me.” I squeaked out, tears forming in my eyes. “He stabbed my leg and there’s a huge cut on my thigh.” I whispered. 

“Do you care if we see it?” 

Ethan coughed, “She’s not pulling down her pants for you guys to see a cut.” 

Jonah held his hand up, “Do not interfere, Dolan.” 

Ethan slid down in his chair, his huge hands covering his mouth as he watched. I stood up, sliding down my leggings, Ethan’s bobbing leg being very noticeable in my peripheral vision.  Jonah leaned up, his eyes focusing on my cut. 

“Thank you.” I quickly pulled my pants back up, my cheeks rising in heat. 

“Was there anything else you noticed in the house?” He asked. 

“There was a door down the hallway that had a keypad on it, like there was something hiding in there but I’m sure Stephen was the only one who knew the password.” I mumbled shrugging my shoulders. 

“Do you think you could go into the house and get the code for me?” Jonah laced his hands together, raising an eyebrow at me. 

“I me-”

“No, she can’t.” Ethan cut me off. I glanced over and saw that his jaw was clenched and his nostrils were flared. 

“And why’s that?” Jonah shot back. 

“Because she’s fucking pregnant! With my kid!”

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i feel like yoshiko’s loyalty to her lineage would be the perfect spanner in the works for furuta’s plan. especially if it turned out keeping her alive, as he didn’t perceive her to be a ‘ threat ’, was a huge mistake. i’d love to think that things played both ways – she is fully aware of his games and it’s only a matter of time before she shows him what it means to be a true washuu ; you cannot learn it. you simply are.

I Promise (Kylo Ren X Reader)

You skip class again today. You go to classes less and less, but you see someone in your usual hiding spot behind First Order High.

He has wavy black hair and porcelain pale skin. He has a scar that runs across from his eyebrow to his jawline. He cries out as he punches the brick wall, and blood drips down on the pavement.

You step backwards and run into a trash can making a loud sound.

The boy turns around and looks at you intensely. You’ve never seen him here before, or anywhere in the school for that matter. He must be new.

You stare back at him at a loss for words. Your eyes travel down to his bloody knuckles.

“What are you looking at?”

“You’re hurt,” you say. “You should go to the nurse.”

“I’m fine,” he says and seems to look down embarrassed before wiping his hand off on his tight black shirt. He turns on his heel and walks away. But before he’s gone he turns around and looks at you.

You go back to class and can’t get the image of his gorgeous face out of your mind. That silky wavy black hair, smooth skin, and pink lips… and the scar that ran across his face. You wonder how he got it.


The next day you skip class again and you go to your spot, half hoping that he’ll be there again.

You turn at the corner, and you see him leaning against the wall.

You’re feeling bold so you join him against the wall. You’re only inches apart.

“Hey,” he finally says.

“Hey,” you say back. “Is your hand okay?”

“Yeah,” he says and holds his hand up. It’s bandaged up. “It’s a bad habit.”

“What punching walls?”

“Yeah, well, it’s not always walls that I punch,” he says and sheepishly grins. “But it’s never my goddamn fault. People are always starting shit with me.”

You don’t know what to say so you just nod. He’s so different from you. “No more punching,” you say.

He laughs softly and has a half-lazy smile on his face. “Are you serious?”

“Yes,” you say and fold your arms. “I know I just met you, but no more punching.”

“Just walls?”

“No, no more punching!”

“Fine.” He says, as if he knew he should stop anyways.



Everyday you meet him in the back of the school. Sometimes you don’t even talk at all, you both just stand there, leaning against the wall. You learn his name is Kylo Ren and he just moved here.

But one day you find him with a fist against the wall and he’s crying.

“What’s wrong?” You ask.

“I can’t stop,” he says. “It’s like there’s this violence in me that has to come out. It’s like a sickness that won’t go away. I’m so sorry. I broke my promise.”

You wrap your arms around him and hold him closely. “It’s okay.”

“No it’s not,” he says, the tears stopping. “You probably hate me now. This blood? It’s not mine.”

You step back, in shock

“You should be afraid of me,” he snarls. “Go! Get out of here!” 

“No,” you say and step forward. “I will not go away.”

“Why?” He says. “I’m a monster.”

“Because I like you and whether you like it or not, I’m here for you.”

His look softens and he steps forward and with his bloody hands he grabs your face and kisses you hard.  “You have to promise you’ll be here for me.”

“I promise.”

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What do you hate most in a Reylo centric story? I think mine would have to be when they drag a part of the story for too long.

Infidelity… hands down. Nothing makes me want to punch a wall more than that.

The Devil You Know Part 5

The Devil You Know Part 5

Warning: Cussing. Violence. Death. Rape/Smut (You’ll see what I mean)

Chapter 8 Normal POV

A door slowing opens, making a low creaking sound as it’s push all the way opened. It gently gets pushed closes and is follow by gentle footsteps on the hardwood floor. The footsteps slowing make their way to the kitchen, were a young man is washing dishes.

“Melinda are you back already?” The young man said, turning around.  “Who… who are you? How did you get in here?”

“You really should keep your doors lock, you don’t ever know who will just stroll on in here.” He said, smiling at him. “As for who I am, I’m Melinda’s other half. The one that has been looking for her for a few months now.”

“Your’e….. your’e the one that took her.” The young man said, as he slowing started moving around the kitchen island as the man slowing followed him.  “Aren’t you?”

“You know, Melinda doesn’t get off of work for another hour. Maybe we should.” He said, pulling an ax from behind him and gripping it tight. “Kill some time.”

Sounds of screams. Sounds of laughter. Sounds of flesh being torn. Sounds of bones breaking. Those were the sounds that echo through out the house. He kept bringing his ax down, over and over again. The young man tired to crawl away, but only because the man allow him to. Only so he could take pleasure in drawing out the young man’s death.

“What time is it?” The man said, looking at his watch. “O my, time does fly by when your having fun. My love should be home soon, guess it’s time to end this little game of ours.”

He followed the young man’s blood trail that lead back tot he kitchen, as he dragged the ax across the title floor. The young man kept pleading to be spare as he tried to crawl away. His pleads that went unheard. The man rise the ax high in the air and brought it down on the young man’s skull, ending it.

“I need to wash up, I hate for Melinda to see me like this.” He said, looking down at the blood all over him. He pulled the ax out of the young man’s head and looked at it. “Second thought, just hold on to this for me.” He slammed the ax back into the young man’s head.

He chuckle as he went outside to get his duffel bag and a box that he had wrapped up. He went back inside the house and took a quick shower down in the den. When he was done, he got dress and double checking himself in the mirror. That’s when he heard a car pull up in the drive way.

I started making his way back upstairs and hide in the living room, waiting for her to come inside. Melinda made her away inside the house and locked the door behind her.

“Michael you wouldn’t believe what happened at the restaurant.” Melinda said, taking off her high heels. “I think I’m done being a waitress there, it’s nothing but drama.” She walked into the kitchen and that’s when she saw Michael with the ax in his head. “Michael?” She cover up her mouth, to muffle her crying.

No. No.” Melinda said, shaking her head as she back up into the living room.

“Hello my love.” Melinda turned around and saw him standing there, smiling.

“You just as beautiful as the day I met you.” He started walking towards her with the box in his hands. “I got you a gift. Here, opened it.” He held it out to her. She looked at it and back to him. “Come on now love, just open it.”

With shaking hands she reach out and took the box from him. She slowing unwrapped the box and then opened it up. Her eyes widen as she pulled out a dress out of it. She looked at him, not knowing what to say.

“I knew you would be speechless.” He said, as his smile got bigger. “Won’t you try the dress on for me my love.” Melinda shook her head. “I know, I know, it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride in her wedding dress before they get married.”

“Married?” Melinda said, as she started shaking more.

“A course my love. After all.” He said, showing the scar on his neck. “You chose me.” He reach out and touch her face gently. “Just like a chose you.”

She throw the dress in his face, blinding him for a bit as she ran down the hallway. He throw the dress down and took off running after her. Melinda ran to the end of the hallway and went up the stairs. She reach her hand out for one of the close doors, when he grabbed her from behind. 

“Melinda.” He said, spinning her around to look at him.  He cover her mouth up before she could scream for help. “This fucken ends now, do you hear me love?”

Melinda nodded her head as she started breathing through her nose heavy. She started to shake as he stare her down with his cold eyes.

“I’ve been so worry about you, do you know that?”He asked and Melinda shook her head. “When I woke up, I was happy Melinda. I was happy that you chose me. But when I looked around, you know what I found?” Melinda shook her head. “All I found was the tracker on the floor and your message written in blood, saying I owe you a new dress.”

He chuckle a bit as his face soften. He press his forehead against hers.

“Why did you leave me Melinda?” He said, letting out a sigh. “What reason would you have to leave me?” He pulled back and looked at her. “WHAT REASON WOULD YOU FUCKEN HAVE TO LEAVE ME?!” He let go of her hair and punch the wall right next to her head. “WHAT FUCKEN REASON MELINDA?!” He punch the wall again. “WHAT FUCKEN REASON?!” He punch the wall several more times.

Melinda started to cry, making him stop. He opened his mouth up to say something, but was stop when a high pitch cry was heard. He turned his head to the close door that she was reaching for earlier, he listen and head the cry again. He looked at her and she shook her head. He let her go and started walking to the door. 

“No please don’t.” Melinda said as she pulled on his arm. “Please don’t.”

She grabbed him by the shoulders, he spun around and slapped her across the face. Melinda went down to the floor as he throw the door open. He slowing stepped inside, into a small nursery where the cries were heard from. 

He went over to the crib and looked down inside, to see a baby girl. She cried for a few moments, before opening up her eyes and looking back up at him. He title his head back and forth, studying her as she started crying again.

“Please don’t hurt her. This is between us. She has nothing to do with this.” Melinda said, running into the nursery, crying as she saw him reaching for the baby. “Please don’t hurt her. I’m begging you. Please don’t hurt my baby.”

Your baby?” He said, he stopped and looked back over at Melinda. “Does that mean…”

“She’s yours” Melinda said nodding her head. 

“She’s mine?” He said. His breathing got heavier and his heart started to race “She mine?”

“I didn’t know how you were going to react. I was worry what you would have done if you found out I was pregnant. So I… so I left and didn’t look back. I had to protect her. I’m sorry I broke your rules. Please don’t take it out on her please don’t.” Melinda said, she started crying more

“She’s mine.” He said, he started nodding his head as a smile formed on his face. “She’s mine.” He turned back to the baby and picked her up gently. “Shh, it’s okay sweetie, daddy's here. Daddy’s here.” He cradle her in his arms as his smile got bigger, when she stopped crying. “What’s her name?”

“Zoe.” Melinda said, slowing stepping closer.

“Zoe, Hebrew, meaning life. It’s a good name my love, a very good name.” He said, holding her tiny hand in his. “It’s a beautiful name isn’t it sweetheart? Yeah it is. It’s beautiful, just like you and your mommy are. I knew we had something special Melinda.” He looked up at over to her. “I just knew it. Now, we created something special.” He looked back down at Zoe. “It’s that right sweetie? Your daddy’s special little girl. Yes you are.” She started chewing on his finger, making him chuckle a bit. “She’s hungry. Here my love.” 

Melinda walked over to him and took Zoe from him, holding her close. She went to turn away, when he grabbed her shoulder and spun her back around. He pulled her close to him and kiss her forehead.

“I”m sorry for yelling at you my love.” He said, pressing his forehead against his. “I’m sorry for everything. I promise, I’ll take care both of you. Now,” He press his lips gently to her’s. “Have a seat in the rocker and feed our daughter, while I start packing. Okay?” Melinda nodded her head. “Okay. Go.”

Melinda took a seat in the rocker and started to breast feed Zoe, while she kept his eyes on him. He was packing up Zoe’s clothes and some of her toys as he kept rambling on of what kind of house he wanted them to live in.

“Our first stop will be Las Vegas, we can get marry there.” He said as he picked up a picture, of the day Zoe was born. “Then will move back to the South where its more green. Maybe Kansas or Missouri or Atlanta, yeah I think Atlanta would be great. What do you think my love?” He turned back to her. “Does that sound good to you?”

She just looked at him and he let out a heavy sigh. Melinda looked down at Zoe, who fell asleep. She moved her around and Melinda cover herself up. He walked over and held his hands out for Zoe. Melinda just looked up at him, with tears in her eyes.

“I”m not going to hurt our daughter my love. I”m just going to put her back in the crib, so we can talk. Alright?” He said, taking a hold of Zoe, pulling her away as Melinda slowing let go and Zoe started to stir. “Shh, sweetie. Daddy is just laying you down, so mommy and me can talk. There you go sweetheart.” He sat he down in the crib and she fell back to sleep. 

He went back to Melinda and offer his hand to her. She let out a sigh as she took his hand and he helped her up. He held her hand tight as he walked her out of the nursery and over to her bedroom. He close the door behind them, then he lead her to the bed.

“My love, I know your still upset with me and your worry.” He said as she sat down on the bed. “I sure you, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Zoe.” He took a seat next to her. “I understand, that you worry I would have done and that’s why you left. I get it my love, I really do. It’s not like we ever talked about having kids or anything, so I understand.” He reach out and took her hand in his. He smiled at her as he gently stork her hand with his thumb.

“Remember when we first met?” He asked and she nodded her head. “ It was so cute how you kept saying sorry over again over for bumping into me. When you looked up at me, my heart started racing when I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of yours. I felt something right there and I know you did too.” Melinda looked away and he reach out, touching her face gently and moving her face back towards him. “Don’t lie to me Melinda, you know better than to lie to me, don’t you?” 

“Yes.” Melinda said softly.

“Did you feel something too?” He asked and she nodded her head. “We have something special Melinda. Something I never had with any of the other girls I took. All of them can’t come close to you, not even if they tried. You excel at everything, where the rest failed.”

“You torture me.” Melinda said, in a low voice. He let out a sigh as he let go of her hand and looked down. “You beat me. Cut me. Rape me…”

“I didn’t rape you.” He said, looking up at her. “Did you say no?” She shook her head. “Did you fight back?” She shook her head again. “You can’t rape the willing.” A single tear rolled down her cheek. He reach out and wiped her face. “I was rewarding you for the great job you were doing. You enjoyed yourself, you enjoyed every second of it, so don’t ever say I raped you, do you hear me?”

“Yes.” Melinda said, nodding her head.

“As for the other stuff I did to you, they were test. Test to make you stronger and they have, haven’t they?” He said and she nodded. “Your a survivor now Melinda, just like me. Your just like me, a survivor, a hunter, a killer.” Melinda let out a sigh. “You can’t keep denying us Melinda, you can’t deny what we are. We were met to be. You were met to be mine and I’m met to be yours. We have something special and you know that. Do you really want to throw that away? After everything we’ve been through? After everything I’ve done for you? Do you really want to do that to us? To our daughter?”

Melinda just looked at him as new tears formed in her eyes. She wanted to tell him yes, but part of her wanted to tell him no. She didn’t know if it was because of the Stockholm syndrome, the doctors said she developed after being held captive for over a year or if it was because that’s how she truly felt.

“You chose me Melinda. You could have just left me on the floor, left me to my death, but you didn’t my love. You patch me up before you left, that tells me you chose me.” He said, leaning in closer to her, smiling. “That tells me, that you love me.” He kept smiling as he took her lips, slowing, gently, taking her all in.

He lean her down on the bed as the kiss became more tense. He broke the kiss as he sat up and removed his shirt. He grabbed her legs as he stood up, he pulled her to the end of the bed as he kneel down on the floor. He lifted up her dress and spread her legs. He smiled at her, as he ran his hand over her thigh.

“Do you want me to stop Melinda?” He said as she looked down at him. She shook her head. “Thought so.” He smirked at her. “Want me to take you and make you mine my love?” She nodded her head. “As you wish.”

Melinda laid her head back on the bed. She didn’t know if she said yes because she was afraid what he would do if she said no. What he could do to her or her daughter. Or if she said yes, because that’s what she really wanted him to do.

She close her eyes as he started to move her panties to the side. He slowing started licking her, gently, which was never like him. Was it because she gave birth a couple of months ago? Was it because he really cared for her? Or was this just another way to fuck with her head?

Her thoughts were interrupted when he push two of his fingers inside of her, making her moan. He gently moved them in and out of her as he started moving his tongue in a circular motion on her clit. She gripped the sheets and started to tense up.

“Hmm, someone is getting close already.” He said, against her wet folds. “You’ve miss my touch, haven’t you my love?”

“Yes.” Melinda said, moaning. “Yes.”

He chuckle as he started licking again, this time faster. He started moving his fingers faster, making her body tense up more. He kept going, making her moan louder and louder. She body started to heat up as she started to release. He smiled as he looked up at her. Watching her arch her back and letting out a gasp.

He pulled out his fingers, making her whimper. He licked his lips as he grabbed her legs tight, pulling her off the bed. Melinda sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck as he laid her on the ground. She let go and laid on the floor, looking up at him. He started running his hands up and down her legs, as he looked back down at her.

“You don’t know how much I miss touching your soft skin. How I miss how you taste. How I miss your intoxicating smell. How I miss you, all of you my love.” He said as he grabbed the sides of her panties, pulling them and ripping them off of her. “How I miss being deep inside of you.”

He unzipped his pants and release himself. Then he lean down, taking her lips again as he pushed himself inside of her. She broke the kiss as she started moaning. He smiled and bit his lower lip, as he looked down at her.

“Hmm, just as tight as the first time I made love to you.” He said as he started thrusting in and out of her slowing. “You hear me?” He grabbed her face with one hand and made her look at him. “When I made love to you, not rape you, isn’t that right my love?” She nodded her head, making him chuckle. “O yes, when I made love to you.” He started thrusting harder. “Cause, you can’t rape the willing my love. And you are willing my love, your always be willing.”

He started thrusting harder and harder. Melinda grabbed on to his back, biting her lower lip. She loved the feel of him and hated it. She was conflicted every time this happened. She just didn’t know what to do, hate it or love it. She was just lost to this, lost to him. That’s exactly where he wanted her to be, lost.

“You know why you’ll be willing my love?”He said, pressing his forehead against hers.“Cause you love me Melinda. You love me.” He pulled back and smiled down at her. “Tell me you love me. Tell me Melinda.” He wrapped his hand harder her throat, squeezing it.“ Tell me. Tell me Melinda. Tell me.”

His gripped tighten and tighten. She started gasping for air as she started seeing spots. She claw at his hands, trying to get him to let go, but he just won’t let her go. Blackness started to crept over here, till she started hearing someone call for her, a small little voice, crying for her.

“Mommy! Mommy!”….

The Devil You Know Part 6 

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