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apocalypse pack: pt 1, “I’M A N00B HELP”

so apocalypse pack went free-to-play like two updates ago. if you have a computer that can run it, you can pick it up. and in this time of trouble i figure everyone wants to pick up a new hobby.

and this is like a ~guide~ for ~new players~ because seriously if i see one more fiffen get backstabbed because their situational awareness is nil i’m going to punch a baby. 

so you load up the game, and the first thing you might figure you need to do is play the tutorial. don’t bother, it’s crap and they haven’t updated it since the Tool patch. seriously, you learn a lot more from fucking around in sandbox with a bunch of bots (or some real patient friends if you’ve got them). so click where it says ‘sandbox’ just leave the default settings up and click okay, you’ll pick a character and then get pooted into a room full of bots.

so the next step is “OMG WHAT CHARACTER DO I PICK??????” i’m gonna make a longer post about that but for now we’ll just go over the basics. 

there’s eighteen characters in appack. there were sixteen- pretty much four for each class- but in the last few updates they’ve started adding ~~~NEW HEROES~~~ so yeah. right now they’ve been focusing on attack and defense heroes, i hear tanks and healers are getting their own update soon.

 UNLIKE eclipse rising you pick your character at the start of the match and then you’re stuck with them, so keep that in mind. every character has their own powerset but you can split em into four roles pretty easily: 

attack: alasi, fiffen, metes, instinct, oanic, smog

defense: tartu, natta, tool, mimmen, branch

tank: ometan, meera, sostis, vengeance 

healer: poahi, darkmoon, lerrin 

attack heroes take it to the enemy in close quarters. most of them do a fuckton of damage but are a lil bit squishy to make up for it. alasi is all about grenades and rockets and making things go boom, fiffen is a sniper- if you’ve ever played an fps and sniped you know how to play fiffen- metes is your basic run-and-gun, and instinct/oanic/smog are all flankers designed to get up behind the enemy and pick them off.

defense heroes guard the point and set up traps. tartu has sticky bombs and a couple other traps, natta builds turrets and has a shield, tool hacks environmental stuff and the enemy’s weapons, mimmen - well mimmen’s Complicated, we’ll get to that later- branch builds walls and can tangle up enemies for a few minutes

tanks guard everyone else and set up a front line. if you’re a masochist, play a tank. ometan is the classic one- big shield, big hammer. meera has a minigun but she’s slow as fuuuuuuuuck. sostis has a dash ability, vengeance has a hook and a chainsaw and she’s hardcore af.

healers get the shaft more than anyone else. if you’re a sadist look into playing a healer, you’re gonna need the urge to destroy. poahi is the ‘classic’ healer who can resurrect dead people- and also my wife- darkmoon has an aura that buffs anyone who takes damage and debuffs the enemy team, and lerrin gives buffs with a ray gun and can follow you around to heal you and buff you. 

which one should you pick? out of the attack heroes, metes is easiest to control; natta or tartu are easy defense to pick up and play, ometan and vengeance are easy tanks, and poahi is probably the simplest hero to pick up. it doesn’t mean that they’re easy to get good at, but they have simple controls and pretty straightforward ults. 

go into sandbox with one of them, fuck around, and learn the controls. it’s better than the tutorial and you might figure out some cool stuff on your own.

well i’ve gone on long enough so i’ll end the post here, but next time we’ll talk about your first real match.   


ok but harry in blue is the reason for my existence

••• Part 2 http://nicoletti345.tumblr.com/post/162006502489/harry-wearing-blue-is-the-reason-for-my-existence

Bubbled AU: In which the Crystal Gems rescue Steven and Eyeball from the vastness of outer space just before Eyeball could stab Steven. Garnet see this, unfuses, and Ruby proceeds to beat the ever-living daylights out of Eyeball while everyone else watches.

Oh, and the Ruby Squad were saved!

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What is the heaven prom scene??


so the original endings for heathers were weird as FUCK

one of the concepts for an ending was everything is the same except martha randomly stabs veronica, calls her heather and then leaves 

it got rejected

dan’s big ending for heathers is the prom in heaven ending

veronica stops jd and starts to leave, but then she thinks about what he told her and realizes he’s right. life is hell, nobody gets along, everything is pointless, etc. so she straps the bomb to herself and stands at the front of the school, blowing herself up which sets off all the other thermals which are still active. the school goes kaboom

it’s a dreadful and tragic ending, but reading the script, i thought it was strange that it was cut! it was incredibly interesting, the dialogue and the staging… but then i realized the movie didn’t end there. there was more. dan wrote MORE. and i made the mistake of reading on

the script depicted a morose prom with a banner that read something like ‘oh the humanity!’. i don’t have the script ON me, but if people are interested, i could type it up here

courtney and one of the boys are feeding punch to their baby. heather duke is dancing like a maniac with a random nerd. ram shows up and shyly hands flowers to heather mac and she kisses his cheek. kurt shows up to prom with the cow that he earlier tipped over. everything is weird.

but it gets WORSE. jd shows up! from what i remember, he slides on his knees, playing an electric guitar. he bops with kurt, does something else with a few other characters, and then he gets to heather chandler. this part i remember very clearly. according to the script, they have a “confrontational dance” and then “swing happily into each others’ arms”. 

there’s a huge group dance that reminds me of a cult. the camera pans up to show martha dunnstock, singing opera BEAUTIFULLY. it pans further up to veronica sawyer, who stands above it all. she smiles and the movie ends. 




Feat. Nines and Eve as Eve plays against… himself.

And balls. Extra Extra balls.

This was what happened during one of Kyle McCarley’s live streams with guest player Ray Chase, although the two are better known as the English voice actors for 9S (Kyle), Noctis and Eve (Ray), and many more :D

I’m incredibly excited to see that so many voice actors are starting to stream the games that they took part in making and I hope that they continue to do so (when they have the time of course XD)

I’m thankful for being able to join the stream and I appreciate all the efforts that everyone puts into them - from both the actors and the fans! Hope to make EVE-n more of these in the future - even though I couldn’t get o the ones NIER the end of this stream. With extra EXTRA MEMES!!

Kyle’s twitch found here