punched face cat


Clearly my doodling priorities at 2AM are very clear.

Sonic needs to expose more skin.

it’s time i start trying to get to grips with my temporary bamboo tablet while my lcd wacom is being repaired, so here’s an after-mission patch up. i know ladybug’s magical fix-all repairs everything, but until specified otherwise i’m gonna keep believing chat noir’s powers deflect the effects of hers

i imagine chat noir gets really fussy about cuts and scrapes too, since one permanent mark will make the fashion photographers freak. models have to be flawless, but if he’s just been divebombed by fifty pigeons and kicked in the face by stormy weather that’s gonna be a problem

i’m already getting antsy about how much this switch has restricted my art style, but if i keep working at it (i really hope) it’ll start to get easier! at least what i’m putting out now is a million times better than what i was doing last time i used a screenless tablet, so if i just put a lot more time in i should be able to keep my standard up and not let everyone down who followed me for my art. i hope you guys aren’t too disappointed…!

No song lyrics today friends
I guess you could say
All time low

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)