punched a tree

phineas and ferb episode


PHINEAS: ferb, what do you want to do today?
FERB: [blinks]
PHINEAS: hmm… you’re right ferb. since there’s no true ‘self’, whatever ‘we’ want to do today is just playing into the social dogma of what can or can’t be done. 
FERB: [thumbs up]


ISABELLA: whatcha doin?
PHINEAS: rejecting the social dogma!
ISABELLA: cool. can i help?
PHINEAS: sure. but i think asking kinda defeats the purpose. i think you just do it.
FERB: [nods]

ISABELLA opens her mouth to speak but is interrupted as BUFORD and BALJEET enter the scene

BALJEET: whatcha doin?
BALJEET: oh, sorry isabella. i did not see you there. 
BALJEET: so. what are you guys doing?
PHINEAS: we don’t know yet. we’re trying to get a little bit nebulous with it today
BUFORD: explain.
PHINEAS: well, is anything we do really our own decision? what’s autonomy like in modern society? we’re trying to get out of that bind. 
BUFORD: sounds to me like you’re just playin into the whole thing, dinnerbell.
BUFORD: you really want to break down social constructs? try something like this.

BUFORD pulls back his arm and delivers a strong punch to the TREE. it rattles and a single leaf floats gracefully down, landing on the tip of phineas’s nose

SYNCHRONIZED, the other children OOH and AHH in reaction

I pick up the fruit

Background: I’m the DM and and the entire group just got cursed, cursed specifically scattered to their abilities. The sharpshooting ranger got the curse Butterfingers, so whenever he picks up an object he has to roll a Dex saving throw or drop what he’s holding.

Ranger: Out of frustration I punch a tree!
Me:(DM) The tree shakes and some fruit falls out.
Ranger: I pick up the fruit
Me: Because of your curse you are unable to hold them and you drop the fruit
Ranger: I pick up the fruit
Me: you drop the fruit again
Ranger: I pick up the fruit!
Me: dude, stop, you can’t pick up-
Me: the fruit is a disgusting overripe crab apple and looks incredibly unappetizing
Ranger: I eat the fruit


I!!! MADE!!! A SONA AND IT WAS SUPER HECKING FUN!!! im like… so short though i cant imagine not getting confused with like a baby? id try to take over cooking and stuff and also stave off my anxiety and lack of sleep with gestures of affection and staring at trees? natures pRETTY NEAT MY DUDES
im trying my best

also hey @zippybot i havent told u this in a while but you’re great and id give you… 5 billion hugs if it was okay w/ u 

u know how its canon that armin just screams in the woods alone when hes stressed? imagine armin letting out all his pent up stress and aggression and anger by screaming and kicking things in the forest when he thinks he’s alone, he like spends a good 30 minutes just kicking and punching trees and stomping around yelling and then he turns around and is surprised to find eren, mikasa, Sasha Connie Levi and Jean all just staring at him, and they’re all just like…‘u ok??’ and a little afraid

A Blue CatAstrophe!

Lance isn’t missing, he’s right there. It was an accident, how he’d ended up ‘missing’, but Blue said that there should be some cure for this. He wished he was human again, so he could comfort his team with the knowledge that he wasn’t dead. But no, he’s a cat, and the only way to make sure they smile is to knock all the pens to the ground, chase some string, and occasionally wake up his crush and idol up from a nightmare and almost get smacked across the room by accident. Well, okay, that last one had to be mended since he was apparently a good stress reliever if you ran your hands down his back… too bad it wouldn’t happen if he was a human. So, for now, he’ll deal with being a brown and darker brown swirled tabby kitten for just a little bit longer. Purrrrrrrr…..

A Cat Au, where Lance becomes a cat and hell ensues.

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look, I not saying I would like to see Dipper trying to punch Mabel in that relativity falls au, BUT I am saying I would like to see Dipper trying to punch Mabel and failing because Dipper being a wimp and Mabel the muscle of the team is something I love and will forever believe!

Beginning of a really weird friendship

Context: one of the npcs is a young rowdy wood nymph, who we were trying to find. My character (Daren) is impulsive, and has slight anger issues. We were by a forested area, and I decided to punch a tree out of frustration.

Tree: Ow! *nymph falls out of tree clutching a bloody nose*

Daren: Oh shit

Nymph: You punched me!

Daren: I didn’t know you were in a tree, I didn’t even know you could turn into a tree!

Nymph: Why the hell would you even punch a tree!

Daren: I have a bad history with trees okay!

Nymph: Still, why the HELL would you punch a tree?!

Daren: Shut up *walks over to nymph with handkerchief* here let me help

Nymph: Hell no! *slaps Daren in the face*

Daren takes a moment and then slaps the nymph back. This continues until the monk catches up and unleashes her rage on Daren.


Draco x Reader Smut- Break (part 1)

Part two  /  Part three  / Part Four

Writer’s Note:
(well obviously, you’re here to read this stuff) SWEARING

- (y/n)= your name  ////  (y/h)= your house

- I listened to Punk Goes Pop  while writing the sex scene so you might want to do the same to slightly stimulate you more. I was mainly listening to  We Came As Romans “I Knew You Were Trouble” and  ISSUES - “Boyfriend”.


-Word Count= 2,608

                             .          .          .          .          .          .          .

It was December and the whole of Hogwarts was preparing for Christmas. It was one of the most anticipated events in the year- Christmas break. Students were packing their cases in their cosy dormitories. All fires were emitting an enjoyable warmth that made everyone feel less like an iceberg.

You were in your (y/h) dormitory, sitting cross-legged on your four poster bed watching everyone get packed. You were staying at Hogwarts for the holidays as your parents went for a ‘winter break’. Quite a lot of sixth years were staying. One of those was Draco Malfoy, the guy that everyone despised. He was kind of attractive in his own continuously-angry way. He always kept watch on the trio- Harry, Ron and Hermione. They were also staying. Draco was left alone without his own gang, Crabbe and Goyle. Looks like Draco is a solo artist in his stalking mission this Christmas. He had a ‘slight’ obsession with the three Gryffindors; he always tried to get them caught. Whenever something suspicious was occurring, Draco was up and sprinting to Snape’s office. It was as if he was a robot mechanised to report to Snape all the time. 

As soon as every student that was packed and ready for the train left, you went to the library where the trio was hanging out. You walked over to their table to say hi and ask how they were since you had to socialise with someone during this rather boring Christmas.

“Oh…erm, hey (y/n)! Staying for Christmas are you?” Ron stuttered whilst trying to close up the book he was so passionately reading. 

“Yeah, I am. How did you guess?” You couldn’t help being sarcastic when Ron asked such a pointless question. Ron blushed and turned back to looking at the cover of his book while Harry and Hermione laughed at your remark. You felt bad for making fun out of Ron so you quickly apologised and left them to their thing. You were walking through the aisles of books when all of a sudden you felt a determined tug on your shoulder. The force of the tug made you bump into a bookshelf behind you. To your surprise, Draco was standing there, impatiently looking at you and the mess you just caused. 

“What the f-” you were cut off by Draco dragging you out of the library discretely but confidently so that Harry, Hermione and Ron didn’t notice anything. You tried to question him but Draco just squeezed your wrist even more to indicate for you to keep quiet. He guided you all the way outside to the Forbidden Forest. It was freezing cold and  you weren’t wearing appropriate clothing. You were wearing just a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt while Draco wore pretty much the same as you but he was wearing a black shirt and coat with his black jeans. His pale skin and platinum blond hair faded in with the glistening snow. His blue eyes looked colder than ever before. He looked like he meant business. He turned to face you as soon as you two were deep in the forest. Draco looked around to make sure no one was there watching you. 

He looked straight into your eyes with a serious expression. He licked his lips and parted his lips to speak. 

“What book was Weasley reading?” 

“What? You brought me all the way out here to ask me such a pointless question? You’re fucking ridiculous!” 

“What was the book called?” He was stern with you. He looked like he really wanted answers but you just weren’t in the mood to tell him anything. 

“Go find out for yourself, I’m not your little messenger Malfoy.” You began to stomp back towards the school when drastically you felt yourself being pushed forward. You turned around to see Draco punching the rock-hard tree. His knuckles began to bleed as he punched the tree even more. 

“For fuck’s sake (y/n)! Can you not just tell me the name of the goddamn book?!” He was enraged. He was practically losing all of his sanity. The blood from his knuckles trickled down onto the delicate snow. Your eyes widened when you realised that he was storming in your direction. He looked like a mad man- his knuckles were bleeding, leaving a trail of dark red blood on the snow, his eyes were focused on you and his body was as stiff as anything.

“Draco, I didn’t mean to-” 

“Shut up! You’re fucking useless! Get out of my sight or I will kill you with my bare fucking hands!” He was panting heavily, clearly from his anger. He walked towards the school with great speed. You were cemented to the spot you were left in. Your heart was racing and your mind was a mess. You thought he was really going to hit you or even kill you. Anyway, after 3 minutes of just standing there pointlessly, you made your way to the school.

~30 minutes later~

You were just walking through the dungeons for no apparent reason. You were indeed going to spend some time alone here so you might as well explore the castle. 

You noticed a black figure racing towards you, clearly set on it’s target. You tried to ignore the person by looking down at the floor as you continued to make your way through the dungeons. Draco grabbed your forearm and, once again, guided you to some place. 

“Will you ever leave me alone?” You shouted at Draco provocatively. Why couldn’t he just leave you alone for the day? What did he want now? 

He didn’t reply to your question. Shortly, you realised that he was taking you to the Slytherin common room. He stranded you in the dark common room as he shut the door. No other Slytherin stayed at Hogwarts for Christmas, it was only Draco. He walked confidently towards you keeping his head low but his eyes were on you the whole journey. He stood frozen in front of you, not doing anything. After some time you decided to question him but you were straight away cut off by Malfoy. 

He grabbed your face and abruptly crashed his lips to yours. His movements felt rushed and hungry for some attention. His vein-covered hands held your face in place forcefully so that you wouldn’t even nudge. Chaotically, your hands found his chest and attempted to push him away. He kept his hands stubbornly on your face, keeping your lips locked to his. To be honest, touching his chest was a blissful experience. His torso definitely was nicely shaped and muscled. His kissing skills weren’t bad either although your lips didn’t even work with his. 

You had to think quickly- you couldn’t show Draco that you wanted him to do this to you. Your hand fell to Draco’s cock. Misleadingly, you were rubbing him through his jeans, making him smirk into the one-way make out. This was an indicator to grab and squeeze the hell out of his dick. He pulled away rapidly as if he was just burnt by boiling wax. He scowled and glared at you. Before he could process what you did, you ran for the door. As soon as you reached for the doorknob your back hit the cold stone wall. Draco pressed his body against yours, placing his hands on either side of your head. You were trapped. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, little Miss (y/h)?”

“I-” You stammered but were quickly muted by a furious Draco.

“Now I’ll have to teach you a lesson, won’t I? You need to learn to respect people.”

He pushed his leg in between your thighs, positioning himself forcefully near your vagina. His face was just inches away from yours. His minty breath was hitting your face slowly. You kept your face still while Draco was eyeing you up and down and biting his lip sensually. He was irresistible. He moved his lips near your ear.

“You’ve been rude to me today and I don’t like that (y/n). You have really angered me and now you have to pay the price for what you have done.” He murmured into your ear just above a whisper. His hands wandered to your waist and trailed up and down your figure. Your breath began to pick up speed as Draco’s eyes explored your whole body. He licked his lips in appreciation of his sight and the slightest moan escaped his lips as his hands cupped your breasts. Although you were greatly enjoying this intimate moment with Draco, you couldn’t lose the fight. You tried so hard to concentrate on something else other than Draco’s thigh rubbing forcefully against your skinny jeans. A tingly feeling grew in the pit of your stomach. You wanted Draco, or anyone for that matter, to make you cum. In these sort of situations, you usually break and end up sleeping with the person luring you into their pants. You had to admit, Draco looked pretty fucking hot against your body with his eyes fixated on your face, waiting patiently for a reaction. After a minute or so of having Draco touching your whole body and rubbing his thigh against your jeans, you gave up. 

Your lips parted and let out an exasperated moan of pleasure, also causing your hips to grind in unison with Draco’s leg. You caught him by surprise which just made him smirk right at you. 

“You like that, huh? Couldn’t resist me any longer?” 

All you could do right now was kiss Draco passionately.His lips felt magical- they were smooth and definitely knew how to kiss.  Your hands flew up to his hair, tugging on large strands of hair violently. He groaned into your lips, sending a wave of excitement to your sex. Your hips rocked into his leg even more, wanting him desperately inside of you. Draco’s lips were viciously biting,sucking and licking all over your neck and jaw. It was obvious that he was turned on. You tilt your head back so that Draco can get better access to your neck. He was leaving hickeys all over you, letting everyone know that you were in there with him. Good thing that there was barely anyone in the castle during the holidays and you could wear a scarf to cover yourself up. With every hickey he printed on you, you moaned in appreciation of his doing. This made him smirk more than he already does on a daily basis. He detached himself from your neck and looked straight into your eyes with a hot, flushed face and his hair sort of messy. He licked his top teeth imitating a vampire. 

“Its getting kind of hot here, isn’t it? Want me to take this all off?” All you could respond with was a soft moan. Draco’s breath became heavy all of a sudden. He had you right under his control and you were ready to oblige to his commands. This turned him on more than anything. He liked being dominant. 

“If you want me naked then you’ll have to strip it all off yourself.” Your eyes opened up and Draco could instantly see the sparkle in them. Hastily, you shook his coal-black coat, followed by unbuttoning his inky shirt. His torso was completely bare now. His skin was a beautiful pale colour and his muscles were sharply defined. You ran your hands down his torso in a figure eight. Your cold hands made Draco shiver and breath in deeply. You leaned against his torso and began to suck under his collar bones and right under his jaw. It was evident that these were his soft spots as his jeans bulged even more than before. When your hands reached the top of his jeans, your hands gently dropped down to his zipper. Your fingers were fiddling with his zip, teasing the weakened boy. 

“Jesus fucking Christ, just unzip it (y/n).” Draco was growing impatient with your teasing. You obliged to his command and unzipped his jeans, dragging them down with his boxers instantly. His member sprung out of its cover. It was already covered in pre-cum. Draco let out a blaring moan which echoed across the common room. He finally opened his eyes and drastically threw your top across the floor followed by your jeans, bra and panties. Both of your bodies were fully exposed to each other. 

“Fuck (y/n), you’re so-” You cut Draco off with your lips before he could even finish his sentence. You two were a complete mess- your make out was wet and chaotic. Your hands tangled in Draco’s hair, messing his usually-perfectly-gelled hair. His hands darted to your thighs and slightly pushed you up while squeezing. Straight away you knew that he wanted to fuck you against the wall. You jumped up and let your legs dangle on either side of Draco’s lean body. Draco was keeping you in place by forcing you against the wall and holding the back of your thighs. Due to him having to hold your whole body up, his arms were covered in veins. He looked so mesmerizing. You were both steaming hot and in need of each other. Draco didn’t wait any longer and he slammed into you, his full length filling you up. Your screams bounced off every single wall in the common room as Draco’s thrusts grew in speed and force. His head was down on your breasts, leaving hickeys all over you again. His lips escalated to your jaw, where he left a trail of hot kisses down to your collarbones. Your breathing turned into panting. You felt yourself getting closer and closer to your climax. 

“I’m close..” You managed to blurt out in between your heavy panting. Automatically, Draco put more force into his thrusts, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. 

A few seconds later, you let yourself go and you cummed all over Draco’s member. This must have stimulated him as you noticed his eyes closing and his lips parting slightly. His hips decreased in movement but became more intimate. You rocked yourself on his cock slowly to ease you both down from your high. Soon enough, Draco pulled out of you and placed your feet back on the ground which resulted in you dropping to your knees from the previous event. You felt really weak but really great at the same time. Both of you were trying to catch your breaths. Draco looked down at you and lightly laughed.

“You okay there? Want to go to my bed?” You nodded in approval. Draco threw his black shirt to you and he put on his own boxers to cover himself up a bit. You obligingly threw his shirt over yourself. It smelled of him; his specific scent. He always smelled like a crisp-cold morning in the woods. It was pleasant. You practically drowned in the shirt but it was a good thing as it covered your butt. He looked you up and down and smirked again. 

“You should wear my stuff more often.” Confidently, he walked to where you were sitting down. He picked you up bridal style and carried you up to his dorm room where he laid you on his bed. As soon as you were safely on his bed, he walked over to the other side and joined you. He took the duvet and covered both of your still-steaming bodies. He cuddled up to you with one hand resting on your waist, pressing you close to him. You both instantly fell asleep as soon as both of you relaxed and made yourself comfortable. 

How did everything lead to this?

                           .          .          .          .          .          .          .

Thank you to everyone who read this! This is my first Harry Potter related story. I decided to write a Draco smut with no other parts to it but I felt like there has to be more to the story. This is going to be a story with parts to it so that its not a super long read all at once! 

Any comments/critique is welcome and appreciated!

I am open to taking any requests- oneshots, imagines, stories, ships, sortings, etc. :)

Okay, so, I stepped into the Iron Bull tag, which given my current introspective mood (I’ve been drafting parts of Prodigal and it always leaves me thinking about Bull’s nature when I do that) was probably a mistake.

Because now I’m gonna write what I’ve been trying to put into words since the Bull tag started exploding.

Obs. beyond this point are spoilers for Trespasser. I realise my blog hasn’t been spoiler-free at all these past few days (I’m excited dammmit!) But I’ve been trying to tag and warn everything, and keep it solely to the text post. That said, if you do not want to be spoilt, do not read this post.

Okay, here we go.

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The Owlbear

So, I was playing a campaign with a Water Genasi Warlock (Me) and a Nord Barbarian.
We were having an encounter with an Owlbear and forgive me, my memory is fuzzy because it was a while ago but:
Nord: I punch it through the tree
DM: *laughs* okay, roll.
He gets a natural twenty.
DM: You punch the Owlbear so hard it flies through seven trees.
Genasi: HOLY SHIT.


Rose: “But you or your Zombies are welcome to come and take them, as long as the tree stays unharmed.
As an evergreen monster tree, maybe you want to plant one of these in your territory? It is scary, big and dangerous but tasty.”

@ask-moria @askmoria

The Recruit (Chapter 2) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 2″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, & Reader

Warnings: Some violence, sort of, slow burn (does that need to be a warning?).

Author’s Note: I have been quietly sitting back and reading basically every bit of fan fiction for a few weeks now that I can find pertaining to Teen Wolf/Stiles/DOB/Mitch Rapp, and I finally decided to throw my hat into the ring. I get so much joy from everyone else’s work and I just really hope you can all get the same out of this.

Summary: Mitch’s fiancee, Katrina, was brutally murdered in a terrorist attack a year and a half ago. He had been hunting the perpetrators by himself for over a year, but finally came across the radar of Irene Kennedy, the Director of the CIA. She sends him to Stan Hurley to be properly trained at becoming a covert assassin on behalf of the American government. When he agreed to all of this, he never expected to meet Y/N.

Chapter Summary: Mitch begins his training with a lesson in tracking people. He ends up getting to know Y/N better and begins opening up himself.

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three

Originally posted by obriens

He pulled a pair of black, tinted safety goggles off the table and raised them over his eyes. Everyone at the gun range paused, and watched Mitch take an AK-47 off the table behind him and begin checking and loading it, wanting to see what the new recruit had to offer in terms of marksmanship. 

You noticed a white cotton t-shirt sticking out slightly from under both ends of his dark gray, chunky sweater. You noted him wearing a darker pair of jeans than the ones he had on yesterday, and then you realized that you were more focused on how his hair still looked good under his protective headphones, than what he was about to do with the high powered weapon. You heard the automatic rifle go off in small spurts and watched as he hit dead on for his target and the four guy’s next to his targets. The men murmured around the gun range, and then went back to their own shooting.

You picked up your Desert Eagle .50 Caliber Handgun and aimed it at his target, from seven rows away. He didn’t notice where your gun was pointed, as he aimed a Glock at the head on his target sheet. Before he could press his finger against the trigger, his target sheet moved. He looked up and saw a new hole, square between the eyes. He looked behind him and saw Stan grinning and leaning against the equipment table. He leaned over the other way and saw you put down your gun and glasses on the table, and raise your eyebrows at him.

“Can’t ever let them get big heads, can you Y/N?” Stan said as you walked towards the exit. You shrugged. Stan patted you on the back as you walked out of target practice. Mitch went back to shooting until the exercise was over.

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I wanna believe that TWOTL’s ending was just a hella drunk hallucination.

Like,they ain’t even fighting eachother. Will’s in the bushes,punching a tree. Hannibal’s just wandering around the property piss drunk. All that ‘blood’ we saw was just wine their drunk asses have been spilling everywhere.

The fall? (Well,I think the actual house they used isn’t near a cliff) I’m going with the idea that there was no cliff. They fell into a puddle.

That “it’s beautiful” moment they had? I mean in reality they just two hella drunk dudes hugging and grunting at eachother. Like they so wasted every word is coming out slurred.

What about them slaying Red Dragon? I don’t know. They’re drunk. Probably fighting that tree.

Season 4 is gonna open with Will and Hannibal waking up with the worst hangover.

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Reggie x Reader: We Could Happen (One Shot)

(A/N: SHOUTOUT TO @trashyemonerd​ for this request and I am so sorry it took so long I have finished this story days ago but COMPLETELY FUCKING FORGOT I AM A TRASH but I hope you enjoy it)

Plot:The one where all Reggie needed was a chance you were afraid to give.

Originally posted by riverdalebish

“Good morning, sunshine.”

You rolled your eyes, internally groaning, when you heard the all too familiar voice from behind your locker door. You quickly took your Pre-Calculus book as quickly as possible and slammed your door shut. As expected, the cocky football captain was already leaning his shoulders on the locker beside, seemingly not minding the fact that the owner of said locker has been trying to get past him for the last thirty seconds.

“Hello, Reggie,” he also didn’t seem to mind your lack of enthusiasm.  “,here for your daily schedule of annoying the ever loving fuck out of me?”

“You wound me, darling,” he leaned back and dramatically fisted his white shirt in mock offense. Although, his award winning smile managed to stay on his face, showing you how misleading it was.

You rolled your eyes once more, hoping to God it will not get stuck at the back of your head from the amount of times you seem to roll your eyes at him. You turned your back at Reggie and started walking away, not wanting to get dragged at his silly games so early in the morning.

“Sunshi – Sunshine, wait!” You huffed, trying to will yourself not to listen which was proven fruitless considering the difference in your leg span.

“(Y/N).” You were given no choice when Reggie forcibly stopped you in your tracks with two hands gripping your shoulders tightly. “I –“

“I don’t want to be late, Reggie –“

“Just listen to me!” your eyes widened at the tone of his voice, looking around, and thanking God, when you saw that most of the students have already went inside their respective classes.

You are so late.

It didn’t matter anyway, not when Reggie was hastily dragging you away from the main campus but towards the football field.

“Reggie, stop!” You harshly pulled your hands back, wincing from the sudden sharp pain, making him effectively look back to you. When he noticed how you held your hands and the pain in your face he was quick to take your damaged wrist and checked it for any serious injury.

He sighed in relief. “Sorry.”

He seemed so sad when he started to put a bit of a distance between you two that you actually felt bad. “It’s okay I just – I had Calculus and I … I didn’t want to miss it since I’m shit at –“

“Why don’t you like me?”

You felt your heart tighten. When you looked up at him he was already sitting on the ground, looking at everything and nothing altogether, staring at his hands that were tightly wounded together in front of him.

He looked so beautiful with the 8 o’clock sunshine that you bit the inside of your cheeks to stop yourself from confessing right then and there. You wanted to tell him, how wrong he was, how much you liked him, and how you fear the day he will finally get tired of you and stop pursuing you because, believe it or not, you had a heart too. And Reggie Mantle took it in his own annoyingly persistent manner.

“Why do you?”

Your insecurity that had built up over the past few months finally broke away.

That seemed to catch him off guard as his neck nearly snapped from looking at you too quickly. “What?”

You sat beside him hugging your knees close to your chest. It was now or never. “Am I a joke to you, Reggie?”

Reggie didn’t stop staring at you, studying you, wondering what he did to make you ask a question as horrible as that. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Reggie’s mind was running. Was it him? What did he do? He was pretty sure he had been loud and clear with his feelings for you, literally. (Screaming it at the whole cafeteria that he was asking you out and any other boy can go fuck off and is only wasting their time was probably not the best idea but still.)

Was it one of his teammates? They do tend to run their mouth which you could’ve misunderstood but if it was them then Reggie would not let it go this time, not when it comes to you.

Was it one of your friends? They never did like him and the feeling was mutual but he didn’t think they’d stoop so low as making you think he was only playing with you.

“I just …” Reggie’s mental murder streak was stopped when he heard you speak, “It’s weird. It was like our whole lives I was a nobody to you and for me you were just a dumb jock that bullies my friend every once in a while and then suddenly … suddenly it was – you are –“

“Sophomore year, don’t you remember?”

This time it was your turn to stare but he wasn’t looking away. “We just lost a game, my first game as the team captain and … and I was –“

“Beating the shit out of a tree …” You stopped your jaw from gasping when you remembered.

“… who did nothing wrong to me.” He finished with a shit-eating grin.

“Reggie, enough!” You wrapped your arms around his waist from his back and dragged him away from the tree that had a huge and bloody dent in its trunk. But you underestimated his weight causing the two of you to fall to the ground.

You prepared for the impact but Reggie was thankfully a boy full of instincts and managed to turn the both of you around so he landed on the ground and you landed on his chest.

“(Y/N)?” he asked, obviously dishevelled and confused.

You could feel all the blood in your body rush to your head when you saw how close your faces were from each other and how he seems to know your name and how he probably thinks you’re a creepy stalker that has an altar of him in your room where you perform blood sacrifices – so you quickly pushed yourself away from him.

“What the hell were you doing punching a fucking tree like that, dumbass.”

You tried to calm yourself by berating him and even if he did look confused he managed a chuckle, as if being woken up from a dream, and shook his head.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, sitting up with you. “, wanted to release some frustration.”

“By beating the shit out of a tree who did nothing wrong to you?”

You two at you stared at each other in silence, before he started cracking up and you doing the same.

“Yeah that kinda sounds dumb when you say it like that.”

The two of you laughed some more and despite being in the woods where monsters and serial killers could rest at the middle of the night the two of you actually felt comfortable and safe with each other. When the silence stretched out long enough to be awkward you decided to cut it off with a knife.

“Come on, let me fix up that hand of yours,” you stood up first and held out your hand for him which he took immediately

“You really are nice, aren’t you?” he snickered. “I mean I’ve heard the rumours of sweet lil’ (Y/N) but I never thought—“

”Shut up,” you lightly punched him in his arms.”I expect you to be kicking ass next game and you can’t do that with fucked up hands.”

“Well, as thanks,” you were shocked when he didn’t let go of your hands even when you started walking. He didn’t seem to notice and you really didn’t mind. It wasn’t everyday you get to hold hands with Reggie Mantle. “, let me reserve you a front seat next week. Best view.”

The two of you stared at each other for what felt like forever but was only a few seconds in real life. You snorted, and looked away.

“Just win the bloody game, captain.”

“You remembered …” you whispered, in shock.

“Not really something you can just forget.”

“Considering we never even talked like normal human beings after it, it wasn’t that unlikely.”

“I,” he scoffed, rubbing the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed. “Unfortunately, I’m not good with having crushes. I kinda … I panicked and didn’t know how to, uh … talk to you … properly.” 

His eyes widened when he saw you biting down the impending laughter that was about to explode from your mouth. ”In my defense, I never had a crush before so … I’m sorry?”

You can feel another urge to laugh and coo from how cute the big bad Reggie Mantle looked with a flushed face while simultaneously trying every angle possible to not look in your eyes.

“Uhm … I know you don’t like me that much right now but I swear to you I’m not joking when I said I like you. “ He cleared his throat, looking straight at you making you feel more flustered than you have ever been your whole life but you didn’t have the heart to look away. “And I know I am probably shooting for the moon and you are totally out of my league but a boy can dream, right?”

You were shocked by his words. You never thought Reggie Mantle, of all people, would be that good with words. You weren’t a mind reader but you know a genuine confession when you hear one.

You decided right then and there that the two of you deserved a chance.

“I eat breakfast at 5 am every Sunday at Pop’s.”


“Exactly what I said,” you felt a sudden surge of confidence run in your veins.

It’s a pretty huge confidence booster when the infamous resident asshole of Riverdale High decides to drop his ‘I’m-a-jerk’ act and confesses to you. You didn’t even bother to bite back the smile that exploded in your face.

You leaned towards Reggie and decided to end his torture as you gently gave him a peck on the cheeks.

“Do what you want to do with that information.”