I spent yesterday buying materials for my new found hobby, accessory making! It’s one of my goals for 2012 which I actually started early since I’m currently unemployed. :) I braved Market! Market! since I don’t have time to go to Quiapo yet. I know Market! Market! is nothing compared to Quiapo but still.. it was “overly populated” by kids! So as soon as I got all what I needed, I went to Serendra to have some peace and quiet by myself. I made my first Tassel Earrings as seen on my previous post here.

Here’s what I wore,

Denim Polo: Bangkok | Leopard Shorts: Cotton On | Belt: People are People | Bag: Terranova | Shoes: Payless | Earrings: Bangkok | Bracelet: DIY

I love the combination of blue and brown. It’s so laid back. I love how the gold studs complements the leopard printed shorts. 

These drop earrings are just one of the many pairs I bought during my trip to Bangkok. I got it so cheap. Bangkok is really a shopping mecca. :) This bracelet is a DIY by a friend that M got for me. :)

This pair is also a present from M. :)

I think I should change the title of this post to Urban Jungle. Hee! 

I love the color of the shorts. 

I love the leaf cutout detail. :)

I love the print of this laptop bag from Punchdrunk Panda. I think this was part of their earlier collections as I had it for 2 years. I love their quirky designs too.

M knows how much I love turquoise stone so I was so pleased when he gave this bracelet to me! I was even more glad when I learned that it was made by our friend. It inspired me to make my own accessories. :)

A roomy bag to house all my stuff - Laptop and cellphone chargers, cables, cameras, magazines, planner etc! IT WAS HEAVY! :x

I wear flats almost all of the time especially on lazy days but these wedges are surprisingly comfortable. :) 

XX, Tina

JaywalkersPH presents Juandering in Manila 2: The Ultimate Photo Challenge

Juander with us again as we give you version 2 of Juandering in Manila! We’ve got a lot of freebies, challenges, and prizes in store for you!

Join as a team for three (3), as an individual, or signup as part of the Docu Team! Visit jaywalkersph.tumblr.com/juandering2 to signup and to know more about the event.

Special thanks to Punchdrunk Panda, Filed!, Photozuela, Sophie’s Mom, Freeform Printing, i-Mag Photography , Storytell Prints, Lomo Loco, SumoSam Olympia, Nailogy, Lanula Nail Salon, Winner Foundation, and Escolta Commercial Association for supporting Juandering in Manila 2!


UPDATE: There have been reports about a glitch in the Docu and Individual signup sheets. We have fixed this problem and you may now start signing up. Thank you.


Tomorrow, we will juander once again!

With the efforts of our marketing, logistics, documentation, and creatives team as well as the support of our members, we’re so happy that we were able to make Juandering in Manila 2 bigger and better. All of these would not be possible without the help of our event partners: Punchdrunk PandaFiled!PhotozuelaSophie’s MomFreeform Printingi-Mag Photography , Storytell PrintsLomo LocoSumoSam OlympiaNailogyLanula Nail Salon, Winner Foundation, and Escolta Commercial Association.

REMINDER: We will announce the accepted teams, individuals, and docu team members tonight.

Watch on punchdrunkpanda.tumblr.com

This Unpredictable Life on the Behance Network

Great animation!


Check em awesome Punchdrunk Panda DSLR straps!! 

The best thing about these straps? They’re proudly Pinoy! The designs are made Filipino artists, and the straps are by Filipino craftsmen and women. Now you know why these creative DSLR straps are awesome! Easy on the eyes, quality function, and proudly Pinoy-made.

Like Punchdrunk Panda on Facebook.
Follow them on Instagram @punchdrunkinc
Photos © Alexis Lim


JaywalkersPH presents

You might be wondering what are the things to expect in this event so we’ll give you some clues:

The winning teams will be receiving merchandise from Punchdrunk Panda and Geek Speak plus photography books and other stuff c/o a JWPH member Bugoyprince! All the participants will also be receiving discount vouchers from Punchdrunk Panda! Wait there’s more! All participants are entitled to enter the JWPH raffle! Win some stuff that the members will give away! :)

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Visit Punchdrunk Panda’s website at http://www.punchdrunkpanda.com/
Like Geek Speak’s facebook page at http://facebook.com/geekspeakbrand


Dear Self by Abbey Sy for Punchdrunk Panda (link here)

Guuuuys. I designed a camera strap! :’) It’s always been a dream of mine to work with Punchdrunk Panda and I’ve never been any more grateful!

This and the rest of the designs for the new collection are already available for pre-selling this April 25-May 15.

Check out their website for more information. Details behind the design soon!


Meet another one of our upcoming artists for PdP’s soon-to-launch camera straps, Rob Cham.
More than his work for Punchdrunk Panda, Rob has a whole slew of illustrations that are posted on his blog

Rob has some really neat things in the works for PdP so stay tuned for the full reveal of his artwork this October 26 and probably in the near future too! 

Given his work, we’re sure you’ll be eagerly anticipating his PdP designs. :)

The PdP team 

032012 - Blogger Hangout 3 by Punchdrunk Panda

Hello! Last Tuesday I attended an intimate blogger hangout hosted by Punchdrunk Panda. Before anything else, I would just like to say how grateful and thankful I am for being chosen along with four other bloggers to attend this gathering, and be one of the first few to see their new skimmer designs in person (and be given a pair at that!)

Photo swiped from Punchdrunk Panda! See more photos here. :)

The hangout was held at Pipino Vegetarian Food by PINO located along Malingap Street in Teacher’s Village in Quezon City. As what I said on my last post, I attended a graduation before going to Pipino. For some unfortunate (or fortunate) reason though, the ceremony ended earlier than expected and I found myself at the venue two hours early. Of course, I didn’t want to be that early (even though Pauline, the one I’ve been talking to thru e-mail, told me that ‘the earliest bird gets first pick on the shoe designs’ or something like that haha!) So after mentally taking note of the location, I asked the cab driver to take me to some fast food place where I could kill time. I ended up at McDonalds in Kalayaan (the one in front of Sulo Hotel) munching on fries and catching weird stares because of my outfit. Haha!

Fast forward to an hour and a half later, I arrived at Pipino. I was greeted by a really friendly 'cafeteria lady’ (I say this because the place looks and feels like a cafeteria - in a more homey kind of way) and asked what I needed. I said, “I’m here for the Punchdrunk event” and she told me they weren’t there yet, and showed me a seat. A few minutes later I heard someone chit chattering and someone mentioning my name. It was Jen, the co-owner of Punchdrunk Panda (whom I first got introduced to by Jonver during Bloggers United 2) Turns out I wasn’t the first blogger to get there, though. Lois (the other half of We are Sole Sister) got there first. It’s okay though because we both had different shoe designs in mind. :P

A little after 1pm, another blogger, Gela of Boat ride through the sky, arrived. I have never met her before this event, but I read her blog from time to time. I love her hair and I think her blog URL is the cutest ever.

And you know what bloggers do when they get together right? Take photos, of course! Let me now take you on a mini tour around Pipino’s interior.

Dairy free and egg free desserts - only in Pipino.

Hello, Lois!

Gela’s adorable bag!

The skimmers are priced at P1,295 and each purchase comes with the shoe bag and postcard from the design team. They will be officially launched at Anteroom Sessions 2 on March 31, 4pm-11pm at Cubao Expo and will be available at www.punchdrunkpanda.com after the event.

And then it was time for the shoes! We were actually given links to their online brochure (you too can view it here) but trust me. They are way prettier in person! Anyway, since Lois got to the venue first, she got first dibs on what design she would be taking home. She chose 'Going Places’ (first one from the left) which is perfect because her blog is a travel blog. Then it was my turn. My top choices were either 'Manic Mayan’ (second from the left) or 'Dreamers’ (third from the left) I ended up getting 'Manic Mayan’. Pero ang totoo guys, nag-iinarte lang ako na may second choice ako. I even patterned my outfit (purple hahaha) to the shoe. So alam na! Haha. Gela got the 'Dreamers’ while Raleen took home 'Kick Flips’ Raleene even joked about how weird it was to have Saab Magalona on her feet. Haha! Helga of ditz-revolution got 'Airmail’ She had no other choice because it was the last design. It’s kind of funny though because the skimmers perfectly matched her pink hair. I guess the shoes were really meant for her then! :D

Blogger kung blogger! Here’s Gela taking photos of Lois’ new pair of skimmers!

Friendship flats! Okay. We made that up. Haha. This photo was taken before Helga arrived, by the way.

Raleene’s skimmers! Can you spot Saab? Haha.

Punchdrunk also introduced us to their newest camera strap designs. These are just prototypes, though. They don’t have a particular release date for these yet, but hopefully they will release this to the public along with the skimmers on the 31st! :)

Jen’s shoes! Support your own, as they always say!

Photo Source

After all the picture taking, it was finally time to eat! We were treated to a very generous lunch by graphic designer and Pipino’s owner, Alessandra Lanot. You can read more about Pipino and what it’s all about here. Keep scrolling to see what we had! :)

Lovely menu by the lovely and talented Alessandra Lanot. I swear, I have a new idol when it comes to graphic design. The interior of Pipino is chock full of her works - from the chalkboard menus to the tiny labels in the dessert bar and writings on the glass panels. I have a penchant for shabby chic styles and her works just appeal to me so much. So anyway, let’s now go to the food!

Black bean burger with lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat bun

I was never a fan of beans so this did not appeal to me too much. I loved the lettuce, tomato and the bread though! I also wasn’t able to finish this. It’s really filling! :)

Rating: 3 out of 5

Lemongrass, ginger and cucumber cooler

I’m not a huge fan of ginger flavored drinks but this drink delivered its purpose exactly - it’s cool and refreshing, just what a summer drink should be.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Potato Fries

I think it’s safe to say that this was everyone’s favorite. I could literally keep popping these in all day. What made this even more perfect was that the dips were served by the lovely Patty Laurel. Beat that! Haha!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Onion rings

Another tasty treat. If I weren’t so full with the fries I would have gotten myself more of these.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Sweet Potato Fries

This has just the right amount of sweetness. It’s like your regular sweet potato fries, only with less oil!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Vegetarian Green Tea Banana and Choco Peanut Mini Cupcakes

The best cupcakes ever. I swear. I wanted to take home a tray of these with me to Bulacan to let my siblings experience the sensation these little mouthfuls of heaven did to my mouth. Too bad they weren’t available for sale that day, so I just bought some of their chocolate chip and blueberry muffins. If there’s one thing I that would keep me coming back to Pipino, it would be these babies.

Rating: 10 out of 5. Haha!

Now did that make you hungry? I know it did! Head over to Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant now. I am not and will never be a pure vegan, but I enjoyed the meals and I know you will too! :)

Anyway, more photos!

Each skimmer comes with a postcard with handwritten notes from the designer and the personality behind the design. My pair, 'Manic Mayan’ was a collaboration between KitKat Pecson and Patricia Prieto. We were also given these cute care cards that give very useful information on how to clean and take care of Punchdrunk Panda merchandise. 

Raleene with her skimmers and postcard.

Lois and Helga. All smiles!

Helga’s hair was the 'highlight’ of that day. Everyone wanted to touch it to see if it was real. Haha. Anyway, I just want to share a little something since were talking about Helga and all. I have never met Helga in person before the hangout, but I’ve always been a reader of her blog (tumblr and her main blog) I even backread all of her posts on Flickr once! Anyway, I sent her a birthday message last year on twitter saying that I wish to see her (and her hair) in person someday, and this event made that possible! Hi Helga, if you’re reading this! :D

Jen! Please don’t kill yourself! Punchdrunk Panda still needs you! Haha. Hi Jen! :P

Me and Pauline AKA the sweetest reader ever. She kept surprising me that day with how knowledgeable she is on things about me and my blog. As in. Nagugulat nalang ako sa mga alam niya. Sobrang na-touch ako. Hi Pauline if you’re reading this! Virtual hugs from me to you! :D

Me and Gela!

With Gela and Raleene! :)

This is Jonver. He was a former intern for Punchdrunk and he just dropped by to say hello. We first met during the Freeway X Manansala event and the rest went from there. He is the only male member of our group, the BBs (along with Kisty, Cariza, Dianne, Jessa, Erika and Tatie) This made me miss the BBs! :(

Me, Nica, Pauline and Jen Horn with Punchdrunk Panda himself! :D

Raleene getting instagram-ed

Me writing down my blog URL. Pauline, who was also the one who took this photo, helpfully pointed out that it looked a lot like my blog header. Oh diba! Best reader award na talaga siya! Haha. <3

Check out their blogs you guys! :)

Group shots! From left to right: Robbie of The Creative Dork, Jonver, Jen, Nica, Selena, Lois, Alessandra, Raleene, Me, Gela, Pauline, Helga and Marketing manager of Moonleaf Tea Shop, Thysz Estrada

Happiest photo of the day! Haha! (Photo Source)

Raleene, Selena and Gela went on their way while the rest of us went to Moonleaf in Teachers Village for our milk tea fix courtesy of Thysz! Thank you for the drinks, Thysz!

Tiramisu! I forgot to mention that I wanted pearls. Haha!

Being a blogger has it’s perks, and getting to meet new people and forming new friendships is one of those. Thank you again to everyone. I had such a great time. I hope to see all of you again soon! :)

As for you, my dear readers, I know you’re itching to get the details on the skimmers. Please do wait for my future posts as this entry has too many stuff going on already. Haha. Also, I have another giveaway up on my sleeve, so watch out for that! ;)

Whew! A long entry is a long entry. I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday. Thank you for reading and have a good night! :D

Best Buys!

We were suppose to go to SuperSale Bazaar today then head to Rockwell for the Global Pinoy Bazaar. But due to the rain we just decided to go straight to Rockwell. Was really looking forward to buy that Punchdrunk Panda ring and yeah that’s the very first thing I bought, along with the camera strap. 

L-R: Mapleberry Loose Polo, Filed 2012 planner, Artwine Camera Pouch, Payless Black Flats & Punchdrunk Panda Camera Strap.

Was really lucky to get this last piece from Genty’s Clay Haven. I already have 2 collections, owls & camera thingies:)

Because I really love this planner so much, it deserves a long exposure! :D Took photos of some of the really cool pages from the Filed 2012 planner. Here we go…

Favorite doodle of all :)

Doodle page every month! How awesome is that!!


So yeah, to sum up everything Global Pinoy Bazaar was AWESOME! :) Although my reason for going there was to buy Christmas gifts but ending up buying stuff for myself, so FAIL! lol

Good night everyone!

Thank you Punchdrunk Panda!

Alexis (litratonijuan) and  I (Ian; pinoyshuttr) met up with Nica of Punchdrunk Panda today (Aug 15) to get the prizes for Juandering in Manila Photo Challenge. The prizes are awesooooooooome. Srsly. :)

Thanks Pdp! :)

Visit PdP’s website at http://punchdrunkpanda.com to see their awesome products!

Wanna have free PdP merchandise? Join Juandering in Manila: The Photo Challenge! Details here.

Home Work


A photo diary of my current projects and updates on my life. 

Typography Work - I am open for commission work! This is my first attempt to do a commission my cousin from the States ordered. It was a great way to get back to watercolor painting after all the hustle and bustle of school work. (For interested people, please e-mail me for rates and details!)

New Materials - craft rubber stamps + a Prismacolor set I recently purchased. I’ve always been looking for Prismacolors since my deviantART days and it’s just now that I’ve managed to get a set of my own. Can’t wait to use it!

Cupcakes from Rich, which were really good! :) It was something to look forward to after a boring morning at school for submitting final requirements. 

Product shoot aka Business Girl mode - collection’s going to be up tonight so don’t miss it! :-)

Air Mail Lovin’ - I finally got my PdP skimmers! Been wanting a pair and I chose this Air Mail themed one because, well, I’ve always had a thing for traveling and letters. :) (Thanks again PdP for the EGCs. Much love!)

Branding Project - My last requirement for visual class involves having to create a poster design, ticket design and album cover for an artist of our choice. I chose Sara Bareilles and I’m currently working on this project, which is both fun and challenging at the same time!

In other news…I have no rest. Finals are over (BEST FEELING EVER) but I have to shift to work mode and social mode (lol) ‘cause I have so much lined up before I leave on the 22nd! I’m pretty glad it’s vacation mode already even if there are so much things to do 'cause obviously, anything not school related is always a good thing. (Not that I hate school work, it’s just too stressful sometimes) ;)

Hope you’re enjoying December so far as much as I am. Have an amazing weekend ahead!


Kidrobot x Swatch Launch @ Secret Fresh

Sept. 17, 2011

Two great brands collab to create some of the awesomest watches ever!

Upon learning about the Kidrobot x Swatch Launch at Secret Fresh, Nica and I immediately prepped a delivery of Punchdrunk Panda items for consignment at the store. :P We wanted to make the most of the crowd that would be attending the launch at Secret Fresh that Saturday.
However, upon delivery on Friday night, we felt that our display was lacking, so, straight from our Community Creativity Camp (CCC) run-through that Saturday, Nica and I decided to head straight to Secret Fresh at Ronac Art Center in San Juan.
We coaxed interns Patman & Jonver to come with us too, to both fix our display at the shop, and check out the Kidrobot x Swatch Launch (even though we were all in workshop / run-through outfits). :D

I personally love both Kidrobot & Swatch, and if one day, Punchdrunk Panda should be so lucky as to have a collab with either one of them (whether to design PdP vinyl toys or watches), I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.

Check out some pictures from the launch below. :)

KIDROBOT INC. x Swatch watchesss!!! *dies*
I’ve always loathed pink, but the design by MAD, I will definitely make an exception. Also love the Frank Kozic design (yellow)!

External image

With the Punchdrunk Panda team :D [L-R: Nica, myself, Patman, Jonver]

External image

Punchdrunk Panda merch at Secret FreshRonac ART Center, San Juan

External image

Punchdrunk Panda laptop skins, laptop sleeves & iPad sleeves!

External image

Wall of JP Cuison art, one of Punchdrunk Panda’s artists. :D

External image

Lego headzzz!!

External image

Just some of the nifty toys you’ll find at Secret Fresh :D

External image

Secret Fresh @ Ronac ART Center, San Juan

External image

Drop by the store and check out our merchandise alongside their other awesome toys! :D And the Kidrobot x Swatch watches of course!

ARTIST FEATURE: Abbey Sy, Quezon City
Website, Twitter

Abbey is a 20-year-old overachiever, entrepreneur, visionary and aspiring designer.

1a. How would your describe your art (style)? I could say my style is more vintage and retro but minimalist. I like to use specific color palettes but most of them lean towards warm colors. My style when it comes to doing artworks has shifted over the years but as of now (and hopefully, up until I do legit work) it’s mostly, as I said, vintage-ish and type heavy.

1b. Do you have any favorite materials to work with? Watercolors! I always unleash the inner child in me when I do watercolor works. Other than that, I’ve been dabbing into digital design so Photoshop is my best friend at the moment.

2. What have you been up to nowadays? I’ve been submitting the last few requirements for my Advertising course this term, gearing towards going full circle with my blog, attempting to do some personal branding and freelance design work at the side this summer, and of course, working with PdP! 2013 is being good to me so far.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Mostly from other artists. It amazes me how dedicated and passionate people are with their craft. It’s not an easy thing to do, I’ve realized. I also draw much inspiration from the people around me, most of which are as creative (or even more) than I am.

4. What do you think about the current state of art in the Philippines? I actually think it’s going great! Art has been becoming an important element in our culture nowadays, which is nice. I like how people prioritize it more now than before.

5. What do you like best about working with PdP and what can we expect from your future designs? I love PdP’s idea of featuring local artists in their designs. It gives more exposure to the Philippine art scene and being able to combine it with the fashion and retail aspect of PdP merchandise makes it totally work. As for my future designs…I hope you’ll all love it! I’m sharing parts of me in those designs and it’s like they were gotten out of my sketch pad, which means they’re pretty important, lol.

6. Any parting words of advice for our readers? Hmm…keep yourself motivated in doing the things you love. Be passionate enough to work hard and stay humble. Just keep doing what you do, find ways to improve, and you’ll get to where you want to be. ☺

Watch out for Abbey’s art in the new, upcoming lines of PDP products to be released very soon!
Manic Mayan

Hype this look “Manic Mayan” on Lookbook.nu! Please hit that “fan” button too! <3

Oversized Hot pink blazer - The Ukay | Sweetheart Tube top - Customized | ‘Holly’ Chain necklace - Bubbles | Gold high waist shorts  - Style Staple | Knitted bow bracelet - courtesy of Nikita Accessories | Pink and Orange Decenarios, Leopard bracelet with leaf detail - courtesy of Peacock and Stripes | Name bracelet | Silver bangle - Aivan Magno | 'Manic Mayan’ Skimmers - courtesy of Punchdrunk Panda

Hello! I finally had the time to take outfit shots again. Unfortunately, it rained a lot earlier today (thus the umbrella!) so I apologize for the dark photos. Mr. Sun was absent most of the time these photos were taken so. Haha!

Now let us move on to the outfit! Remember my post about key pieces? For this particular look, the key piece are the skimmers I got from the Punchdrunk Panda hangout I went to last Tuesday. I chose 'Manic Mayan’, whose design was all about deconstructed tribal with patterned pixels, print strips and wild colors. I then formed a color palette (again, basing on my key item - the skimmers) and got things in those colors (or close to it) from my closet. Then it’s just a matter of adding and subtracting things as you go, until you’re satisfied with what you see.

The skimmers are priced at P1,295 and each purchase comes with the shoe bag and postcard from the design team. The skimmers will be officially launched at Anteroom Sessions 2 on March 31, 4pm-11pm at Cubao Expo and they will be available at www.punchdrunkpanda.com after the event.

I know what you’re thinking. 'Wala namang pink sa skimmers ha. Bakit may pink ka sa outfit?’ The main reason is this - I didn’t have any purple item that would work well with the rest of my outfit (haha) so I just chose a color that is close to purple on the color wheel - pink. However, I made sure that their luminance (lightness or darkness of the color) is the same. Since I have dark purple on my skimmers, I made sure to use a dark shade of pink as well. :)

Also, I mixed gold and silver in this outfit! I don’t normally mix metals (It’s not a 'fashion no no’ by the way haha) but they look good together here so yeah. :D

By the way, don’t forget to visit my blog tomorrow at 10pm! I will be having another giveaway, this time courtesy of Punchdrunk Panda! Watch out for that! In the mean time, join my ongoing giveaway with R&K Manila here.

And to end this post, here is a closer photo of my make up today! I super love it! <3

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday. Enjoy the weekend and thank you for reading! :)

Makeup by: Khendie Ajose

Photos by: Chelsea Ajose