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Why do they have hands

Simply put, to touch things!

Raccoons’ sense of touch is VERY heightened, and the rest of their skin is covered in fur so it’s less sensitive–they have such big, versatile hands to help them “see” through touch better. Plus, being scavengers, their hands help them get into places other animals couldn’t, and have the best food options.


At least someone remembered Jack Flag was a member of the GotG.

Still hoping he’s not really dead and that he’s orchestrating Hydra douchenozzle’s downfall.

I bet his grave epitaph reads

Here lies Jack Flag

He really hated Cosmic stuff

from Captain America Steve Rogers #11

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nysm-and-leverage-fandoms: Buck he|p what did Jesse do to make you |ook |ike a "punched raccoon, Rhe, a poor punched raccoon that I can't help but attempt to help okay"

BB: it’s nothing

BB: I just got upset for no reason