punch out masks

acknowledging saitama as a real hero

 Ok. I’m just thinking, how does anyone not know how strong Saitama is?

Other than Genos, Bang, and a few other characters, next to no one has any clue about the vastness of Saitama’s power. And I’m just like ??? because firstly, not even the Hero Association believes it. Their test consists of a physical and mental test, and even after seeing Saitama break all their records for the physical test, they still don’t acknowledge his strength. And if a mark of 71 only gives you a C rank, how one earth did the other heroes become B class or even A class? I’m guessing anything above 80 to be S-B class, and that would take very good scores on both tests to achieve that, and for Saitama to get a 71 when he’s obviously the most powerful guy on the planet (I know he failed his mental but taking that into account) how did the other heroes even score higher? What kind of ridiculous grading system does the Hero Association have?

Secondly, people always accuse Saitama for claiming victory with the help of the other heroes. If the Hero Association really had spotless surveillance and intelligence, how do they not realise that during the times when Saitama helped to save cities, like the Giant Meteor, the Deep Sea King and Lord Boros, he actually literally saved their asses because the other heroes’ efforts were futile?

Thirdly, the people, the witnesses themselves. In the fight with the Sea King, they witnessed with their own eyes, heroes giving everything they had but unable to defeat the monster. And here comes Saitama, literally taking it out with a single deadly punch. And even after all that, and even if Saitama did pretend to be a cheat, how could they have possibly believed his words after seeing all that? And then the meteor incident, even though Saitama obviously destroyed the meteor which even S-classes Genos and Metal Knight could not, The Hero Association did promote him much and the people still accused him of destroying the city anyway, due to the Tank Top brothers’ manipulation. How can they be so easily manipulated by words even after witnessing what really happened? And then you have A-class Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask (dumb name I might add). Not much is really known about his power, but if he’s in A-class he must be pretty strong. Yet, he just sits around and does nothing when cities are in danger, and hypocritically criticises heroes for being too weak and not doing much. When the Sea King attacks and he’s asked about it on television, he does not even give a fuck. I don’t understand how the people love and support this guy when he’s doing nothing?

The level of ignorance in this series really just annoys the fuck out of me, hence I just had to get this out. I know the author probably intentionally made it such because our main hero definitely needs to be oppressed at first before he is slowly loved, a very Naruto kind of move. I’m probably not quoting a lot of instances because I want to make this short but really. Saitama has such a pure heart on top of having a mammoth amount of power, and he never chooses to use this power for wrong doings. He deserves so much more love than he gets.