punch in the kidneys

Team CFVY Headcanons
  • Coco Adel is always meticulously well put together, except for her hands which are usually covered with an assortment of burns, cuts, oil, Dust and gunpowder residue.
  • Fox continuously makes jokes about his own blindness (Routinely saying “I’ve seen some shit man” after missions).
  • Velvet and Coco are both tech and engineering geniuses and routinely geek out.
  • Despite his calm exterior Yatsuhashi’s inner monologue is almost entirely sarcasm, cursing and screams of frustration.
  • Yatsuhashi has been benchpressed by Nora Valkyrie, Velvet has pictures.
  • Fox has no concept of retreating, most of his scars are from fighting after his Aura was depleted.
  • Yatsuhashi is struggling with his sexuality.
  • Coco loves cheesy action movies.
  • Velvet is banned from several gunshows because of her weapon.
  • Velvet is in first year history because she had to retake it after tuning out through Ooblecks’ ramblings.
  • Despite being told not to confront Team CRDL directly Fox still uses his blindness as an excuse to shoulder barge them in the hallways and throw in the occasional kidney punch.
  • Velvet makes an impressive amount of innuendos and has made Coco spit her drink out laughing more than once.
  • Fox and Coco routinely roast each other.
  • Coco can’t handle alcohol as well as she thinks she can.
  • Velvet hates thunderstorms.
  • Yatsuhashi once suplexed an Ursa….Velvet was too shocked to take pictures.
  • Their dorm is the definition of organised chaos.
  • Yatsuhashi is a vegan.
  • Velvet is probably the best Kickboxer at Beacon.
heads up

I thought I had an empty weekend of nothing stretching ahead of me, but I finally caved to the entreaties of the at least seven people who have recommended nirvana in fire to me and you’re right, this is everything I love, it’s IDENTITY PORN and TRAGIC PASTS(/PRESENTS/FUTURES) and POLITICS and WARRIOR PRINCESSES and CHILDHOOD BETROTHALS and AMAZING COSTUMES and a SLYTHERIN SCHEMER PROTAGONIST and REVENGE and SO MUCH LOYALTY KINK and I’m only on episode 4 of 54 (jfc) but I can already tell that I live here now and I’m going to let this show punch me repeatedly in the heart and/or kidneys by making me love people and then killing them. like. I am already braced for it. everyone I love will either die OR be left sobbing on their knees in a pile of artfully-draped expensive fabric because someone else has died. 

anyway I’ll be tweeting about it.

Which Shonen Manga Author Should You Fight

Akira Toriyama: You could fight him but why would you do that do him? Dragonball GT already happened and that was the biggest punch in kidneys to the guy, and anyways, he’s Akira goddamn Toriyama, he’s in the money so much that if you punched him, he’d forget about you in 4 seconds.

Masashi Kishimoto: Definitely fight him if you get the chance. His punches are like his character writing: weak. He won’t be able to damage you whereas you could obliterate him with a couple punches because god knows after Boruto is out, he’ll only be a shell of the man he used to be


ONE: Dude no one even knows who the fuck he is and he’s hella damn successful and he’s at least 7000 times funnier than you. He’s already shitting on your whole life. You can’t even touch ONE.

Kohei Horikoshi: Our guy just got started here, he had to feel the crushing failure of Barrage, why would you fight this guy he’s so young and he needs to live. Please don’t fight Horikoshi.

Yoshihiro Togashi: Don’t fight Togashi, just DRAWING Hunter X Hunter is kicking his ass, spare him. He’s so tired. 

Hiro Mashima: Dude you really don’t have to fight Mashima, he draws dollar-store One Piece, Oda’s already living his whole life. Mashima isn’t really worth your time. If you wanna fight him though, I understand.

Tite Kubo: Please seek out Kubo and fight him. Fucking break his sunglasses, and make sure you pull the headphones blasting Three Days Grace out of his ears too so he can hear you shattering his entire ego. Punch him so hard he gains talent. Punch him so hard that he just drops Bleach and starts ZombiePowder again. Punch him so hard he becomes an accountant.

Eiichiro Oda: If you punch Oda, you’ll literally be an enemy of the country of Japan. Oda could end your entire life if you just looked at him wrong. If you breathed in an annoying way, Oda could have you drawn and quartered in Shibuya, but y’know what? He won’t do any of those things. He’s such a nice guy he’ll literally laugh and give you ¥ 300,000 because it made him laugh so much. He’ll buy you a steak and tell you about his favorite Dragonball character if you step on his shoes. Sure you could fight him but he’d repay you in friendship and you’d have to live with that guilt. I don’t know if you’re ready for that. Don’t fight Eiichiro Oda.

whenisayrunrun  asked:

Hello :) sorry but I have a lot of questions ^^ V, X, Y, Z and AU and thank you <3

V (favorite story you’ve ever written): see last ask from carolyn-claire.

X (favorite scene you’ve ever written): see above.

Y (favorite line you’ve ever written):  Oh maaaaaan this one is tough.  Sometimes I hit on some words that are really a punch to the kidneys and I know it and then someone comments on it and it validates my entire existence. Sometimes there are lines that I think are a punch to the kidneys and they end up like the bent front wheel of bike.  So here’s something I like from a one-shot I’m picking away at when I can’t words on Fumbling Towards Ecstasy:

“He pressed the medal to his lips, the metal still warm from being next to his body, in his hands; she was his patron saint.  When he got back, if he got back, he would tell her.  Show her.  Until then, she would have his daily devotions; Hail Molly, full of awkward grace.”

Z (story you’re most proud of):Longer Than the Road, I think, because so many people connected with it and enjoyed it.  From a technical standpoint, I think it was the best thing I’ve ever done, too.

AU (how many unfinished ideas/stories are you working on at the same time?): *cries* So many.  So, so many. This week, I was actively working on four, plus I have a document just for my own prompts and headcanons and notes that boil down to “do the thing with the thing!” that just keeps growing. I’ve also been going over some of my stuff from 2012 (and there are well over 100k words of unfinished fic  to mine) to see if there was anything worth cleaning up or finishing and slapping an AU/ canon divergent label on it and calling them macaroni, but that’s just a soul-sucking time-sink.  Being both a flake and a perfectionist sucks; it’s like an event for me when I actually finish something.

Jessidy Headcanon

Jesse sleeps like the fucking dead and it takes like ten minutes and a punch to the kidneys (not really) to get him up. Cassidy’s favourite way to wake up his Padre is groping and biting him until he wakes up for some sleepy sex. Sometimes Cass just huffs from impatience and starts fucking Jesse until he wakes up *coughs* somnophilia fics *coughs*.

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are you okay?

went to see At The Drive In tonight and in the pit someone must’ve punched me right in the kidney or something cause im strugglin

As a white person, if I hear someone say that Luke Cage wasn’t diverse enough, I will personally punch them in the kidneys. We can’t tell people to tell their own stories (a big argument against color-blind casting, I’ve noticed) and then get pissed when they do. 

Luke Cage is set in Harlem (which is technically three neighborhoods but I’m just going to talk about them collectively). Harlem has been a predominately black area by a vast majority since around 1930 (when the population was 77% black). In more recent years, that majority has shrunk due to immigration, but there are still a lot of black people living there. That’s just how it is. 

These characters talk about being black because unlike being white, their race plays a major role in their daily lives. Deal with it. You don’t like it? Crawl back into your cave of ignorance and don’t watch it. But you can bet your ass that there are so many people who will because they see it’s value. We see the value of characters of color who are multifaceted. We see the value in characters of color who are the heroes, the villains, and the morally ambiguous. 

Welcome to the real world.

look tumblr’s humor is like 90% playground jokes–deliberately misspelling things to make them funny changing up verb tenses (I EATED IT/I MAKED IT) or giving plain outlandish answers to questions and like


we live a world of tremendous oppression and our generation has so few opportunities and mainstream humor doesn’t so much punch up as knee us in the kidneys and our response to that is to laugh loudly and often at the most outrageous things

i’m just really proud to live in the generation of “his name is Snart” you guys

I went to walmart to make some new friends so I started talking to some people in the electronics section about wow but they called me a gay nerd and tried to start a fight with me smh

thankfully I main a rogue in pvp so I applied my skills and yelled “KIDNEY SHOT” and punched one of the dudes in the stomach

as the guy lay there his friends ditched him so I assume they afk’d out of the walmart arena I planted my flag of ownership of usa on his poop stained body (he pooped himself at the moment my kidney shot landed)

and that is how I spent my valentines days