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💥6 Moves, 4 Rounds, 30 Sec Each Move, 10 Sec Rest in Between💥 Let’s goooo💦
Here’s a mini, explosive pool workout! Targeting your core🔥🔥No equipment needed besides a towel. These moves are clean, effective and can be done by ALL levels at ones’ own pace! Your entire body will thank you later 😅👍🏾💪🏾
1. Sharp Punch Crunches
2. Push-Ups (Out to Shoulder Taps)
3. Oblique Kick - Extended Kicks
4. Oblique Twists
5. Crossed Crunches
6. Alt. Leg Sit Ups

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Guess what? I’m awake now and still thinking about the Age!swap au…

  • Gran torino mentioned that all might had a firm understanding of his quirk he just needed to learn how to fight
  • And I’m just
  • *lil scrawny toshi running at a villain armed with nothing but his undying optimism and determination*
  • Deku: I’m adopting this child
  • I guess Deku and Bakugo are better friends in this au
  • Rly I just want them to be friends in general
  • Instead of Bakugo acting like endeavor in this au, he’s more like the Gran Torino
  • He teaches toshi how to actually fight after the sports festival
  • Toshi:oh wow, the number 2 hero wants to train me too??
  • Deku: may god have mercy on you child
  • Bakugo: sup you little shit its crunch time*punches him in the face* LESSON ONE IS FUCKING DODGING
  • Aoyama as present Mic
  • He acts as flashy as mettaton I need this, give me his flashy entrances as he announces school events
  • I just love fatgum ok
  • Todoroki is good friends with Deku and Bakugo but has no intention of overthrowing either of them
  • He just wants to save people
  • Deku thinks that’s pretty awesome
  • Bakugo is paranoid
  • Just all of these guys in different roles

Ok I’m done for now

Lost At Sea Until You Found Me part eight

Part one- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/164338728198/lost-at-sea-until-you-found-me
Everything must end, but there are always new beginnings.
Shiro had to slow his breathing down or they would hear him, and eventually see him.

The lingering pain still burned, still ached, but he could deal with that later.

Lance came first and foremost.

“Where did he go? That stupid Mer couldn’t have possibly left the water!” The leader, Sendak, snarled.

Shiro saw his friends tied up down below, a rope binding them together in a way Shiro knew was meant to inflict damage. His heart tightened in pain for his fellow Mer, part human though they were.

Human as he now was.

His new legs still leaked a little blood from where his scales had been forcefully pushed from his body, a pile of scales and fins left behind on the dirt area by the Mer pool.

He had managed to sneak a pair of swim trunks and Lance up to the overhead lights, the rafters a perfect place to hide until Swirn got Keith here. The material chafed against the raw skin, and the new bones creaked, but at least he and Lance were safe.

The other human had passed out a while ago, which honestly frightened Shiro but as long as he could still hear Lance’s heartbeat then everything would be fine.

“Sh-shiro, you need to get out of here, I-I can’t watch you get taken away, y-you can’t go through that again-” Lance wheezed, and Shiro folded his new legs awkwardly under him as he rested Lance’s head in his lap.

“Shh, Lance, it’s okay. They won’t find us.” The now human Mer whispered, pressing a quiet kiss to the weakened man’s forehead. “I won’t let them take me away from you, okay?”

Lance closed his eyes and nodded weakly.

“Hey, Shiro? I-if I don’t make it, there’s something I gotta tell you-” Lance was cut off by a fit of coughing, turning his head to the side and blood splattering the ground.

“You can tell me later, Lance, but we need to move now. Can you wrap your arms around my neck? My arm won’t hold you properly…” Shiro glanced at the weakened, scarred limb and winced. It looked bad without the familiar black scales to cover it.

Lance nodded weakly and reached up, arms locking weakly across the back of Shiro’s neck. Shiro slipped his good arm under Lance’s legs, hefting him up into a princess carry. His right arm trembled with Lance’s weight supporting his back.

Shiro stood, wobbling a little as he moved quickly across the rafters, the metal walkways cold against his new appendages.

Shiro jumped from a rafter to the roof of one of the inside buildings, legs buckling under his body as he hit the ground from a short height. He grunted and righted his grip on Lance, shaking off the pain and getting back up.

He peered over the edge and ducked back down as he saw Sendak pass by.

“Please, Swirn, please have gotten to Keith…”

His prayers were answered by the sounds of sirens and Sendak cursing.

“We must have tripped a wire, let’s grab what we have and go!”

Shiro’s eyes widened. Shit! The others were still down there!

But the doors burst open and a livid Keith stormed through, murder in his eyes and rage in his clenched fists.

Shiro winced as the first punch floored Sendak, the crunch of a nose being broken sounding throughout the complex.

He sighed, knowing he wouldn’t be of any help right now as Keith absolutely went to town on the intruders, the overprotective and very territorial half Mer in a blood rage at his home being defiled.

Instead, Shiro carried Lance down a ladder on the side of the little gift shop he’d been hiding on, and carried the injured man over to the authorities waiting outside for the Mer to finish his job.

Lance was immediately taken to the hospital while Shiro was checked out for any injuries.

It felt like hours to Shiro, being questioned and poked and prodded while the team of intruders was arrested. Keith draped a blanket over his shoulders at some point, and had to get treated for bloody knuckles. The others were fine, as well.

But Shiro was mostly worried about Lance.

“So… legs, huh?” Keith asked, sitting next to Shiro as all the activity died down. The sun was just beginning to rise as they sat on the outside benches.

“We would have been captured and Lance would have died if I hadn’t. Besides, I think they kind of suit me, don’t you think?” Shiro attempted to joke, but his smile was too shaky and his eyes were too unfocused.

“Shiro… it’s okay. Come here.” Keith opened his arms and Shiro fell into them, shaking and sobbing quietly, the adrenaline gone and the rush of what had happened finally hitting him.

Keith shushed and soothed his brother’s tears, holding him as the sun washed its warmth over the two.

It was all over now.
I lied. There’s a final chapter after this. Get ready for Shance galore my dudes.

Part seven here- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/164533494923/lost-at-sea-until-you-found-me-part-seven

floatyflannel  asked:

Lol, how did u record the violent bits? Like did u use sound effects or what?

I actually answered a similar question over on my personal blog @thelaurenshippen, so I’m gonna copy that answer here: 

Episodes 39 & 40 were actually recorded very differently from our usual episodes. Normally we record sitting down in my bedroom, but for these final two episodes of the season, we went to The Invisible Studios, which meant we got to do a little bit of blocking and were standing the whole time.

For the end of this episode, we were all eight of us in the room together, facing the mic from various distances. Because of how the mic picks up sound, you have to face it the whole time, which meant that Charlie was basically sneaking up on us on his entrance (and that was very creepy and effective, let me tell you). We all had to be very, very still and then when the physical bit came, Briggon actually marched over to Charlie and the two of them went through the basic motions of what happened. Cue complete chaos.

Sometimes the things we have to do for recording get a bit silly, but this was honestly chilling to do. Because I couldn’t turn around and look at Briggon and Charlie, all I heard was the distressed sounds they were making. It was an incredibly tense scene to record after about 4 hours of intense recording for Episode 39 and I found myself calling cut sooner and sooner with each take because I just couldn’t listen to it anymore.

Then the incredible @mischaetc put in the punching/bone-crunching in post so you could ask them if you want more specifics!



Barbells and kettle bells and bodyweight, oh my. Afternoon workouts kick my butt, man. 50 rounds! I’m starting to notice more changes in my physique and I am pretty happy about it. I definitely makes the more difficult workouts worth it when I can see that it is, indeed, making a difference. Full body HIIT today.

30 seconds work. 10 seconds rest.
Jump rope sets in between exercise.

Walking Push-ups
Kettlebell Swing
Squat Pulses
Clean&Press + Squat&Press
Push-up + Burpee
2 Wide Squat + 2 Narrow Squat
Wood Chop (left side)
Wood Chop (right side)
10 Mountain Climbers + 2 Walking Push-ups
Squat & Press
Overhead Triceps
Plie Squat Hold w. Punches
Pike Abs
Plank Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Pogo Press (left side)
Pogo Press (right side)
Hip Thrusts
Up&Down Planks

I have been trying to take breaks every hour while I’m cake decorating and baking to hop on the treadmill to make sure I’m moving during the day. I put in a little extra walking after this workout and some yoga too.

Give me Bruce violently reacting to Jason’s death. Bruce punching holes into the walls. Throwing bottles at the wall. He can’t even walk so he falls to the ground. A wide shot of Bruce alone, on his knees, in his manor. Alfred can’t do anything but sit alone in another room listening to Bruce’s sobs. All we hear is a soft but tragic melody playing against Bruce’s violent mourns. We don’t hear any glass shattering, bone crunching punches as he pounds the already bloody tiles on his floor, or his cries because it’s too painful to listen to.


I just want to talk about Pokemon I like, dammit

Ability: Sand Stream (Summons a Sandstorm that lasts 5 turns)
Nature: Jolly (+Spe, -Sp Atk)
Item: Tyranitarite
Stone Edge (Level 63/TM 71)
Ice Punch Move Tutor ORAS)
Crunch (Level 47) / Fire Punch (ORAS Move Tutor) / Earthquake (Level 54/TM26)
Dragon Dance (Egg Move)  
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Sp Def

Dragon Dance once as Space Godzilla

There you go

You’ve won


Honeypot Pokemon
Type: Bug
Height: 2ft 1in
Weight: 15.5 Lbs
Abilities: Honey Gather/Swarm
Hidden Ability: Gluttony
They Exist in Mass colonies, collecting nectar and turning it into honey to consume. their abdomen can store up to 20 Gallons of the delicious honey, which is said to have unique strengthening properties. many Pokemon try to pick off the more bloated members of the colonies to try and get one taste of the miracle honey.

Evolves Into Milatant at Lv 45
Stats: 25/40/35/20/30/80
Attacks: Bug bite, Poison sting, Pollen Puff

Super Soldier Pokemon
Type: Bug/Fighting
Height: 4ft 11in
Weight: 145.8 Lbs
Abilities: Tough Claws/Swarm
Hidden Ability: Scrappy
Their sole purpose is to defend their Colony, in which they will risk anything to do so. The Honey they store on their backs give them their immense strength, allowing them to lift over 50 times their own weight with no effort. Milatant from different colonies have different markings, all unique to that colony alone. Milatant are often seen Commanding groups of minant to strategically bring down enemies.  

Stats: 75/140/125/40/60/90
Attacks: Bug Bite, Close Combat, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Crunch, Attack Order, Leech Life, Fell Stinger, Pollen Puff

severusoctavian-deactivated2017  asked:

Hey. Would you mind telling me and the followers about your favorite toku evil soldiers?

Sure, there are so many!  I’ve mentioned my two favorite from Super Sentai many times and those are the Cotopotros from Gosei Sentai Dairanger and the Kuros from Ressha Sentai ToQger.

I like their relatively classy, simple designs and the lack of actual eyes utterly robs them of individuality, which is creepy in ways I can’t really define.

Outside of Super Sentai, I have to give a mention to the original evil, expendable army of endless soliders in Toei tokusatsu, the Shocker Combatmen from Kamen Rider.

The simple yet effective uniforms, the Shocker Eagle emblem belts, the ridiculous cries of ‘Eeeeee’ there’s really nothing not to love about how expendably interchangeable these evil punching bags are. Crunch all you want, Shocker will make more.

A less well known addition to my roster of favorite soliders are the Skull Ninja from P Productions’ 1972 series Kaiketsu Lion Maru.

This army of expendables are the foot soldiers of Great Demon King Gorsun who seeks to throw Japan into turmoil and eternal conflict and never let the Warring States period end.  Oh, did I forget to mention this is a henshin hero series set during the Sengoku Era?  It is and that’s awesome!

You may notice that all of my choices have one thing in common, they all have a black and white color scheme with black as the predominant color and white as the accent. I just like that color scheme when it comes to foot soldiers, it makes them so much more uniform and obviously evil.  

It’s such a classy look it was even borrowed for the 1975 Hong Kong tokusatsu production Infra-Man! These Skeleton Ghosts of the Glacier Empire pretty clearly draw a lot of their inspiration from the Shocker Combatmen of Kamen Rider.

This should come as no surprise considering the costumes for this movie were produced by Ekisu Productions, the Japanese designers who did many of the costumes for the Kamen Rider franchise!

sweaty workout

started by stretching

10 squats

10 reverse crunches

50 punches while holding two 7 pound hand weights

20 bicycle crunches

10 push ups

40 high knees

30 mountain climbers

20 Russian twists

20 jump squats

20 knee to elbows

25 jumping jacks

1 minute wall sit

10 crunches

10 leg raises

20 toe touches

30 high kicks

50 punches with two 5 pound hand weights

10 walking lunges

20 hip raises

10 push ups

20 jumping jacks

10 crunches

1 minute wall sit

ended by stretching

** total workout was about 25 minutes

The long-awaited sequel to one of the hardest-backfiring april fools jokes in music history, The Bad Influences have finally returned with 55,768,598 samples of jaw-crunching, gut-punching, eye-poking garage punk rock potent enough to kill a large rodent, maybe two. If you’ve ever been out kicking puppies and robbing non-profit organizations and wished you had a soundtrack to go with it, Tommy Bad and the boys have you covered once again.