punch crunch

Give me Bruce violently reacting to Jason’s death. Bruce punching holes into the walls. Throwing bottles at the wall. He can’t even walk so he falls to the ground. A wide shot of Bruce alone, on his knees, in his manor. Alfred can’t do anything but sit alone in another room listening to Bruce’s sobs. All we hear is a soft but tragic melody playing against Bruce’s violent mourns. We don’t hear any glass shattering, bone crunching punches as he pounds the already bloody tiles on his floor, or his cries because it’s too painful to listen to.


Three Hidden Ability Johto Starters Available Now on Pokemon Bank for ORAS

Brand-spanking new offerings (well, sorta) for the low, low price of zero dollars. The Johto starters are at level 50 and come with hidden abilities and movesets such as:

  • Leaf Gaurd Meganium with moves Solar Beam, Sunny Day, Sythesis and Body Slam.
  • Flash Fire Typhlosion with moves Overheat, Flame Wheel, Flame Charge and Swift.
  • Sheer Force Feraligatr with moves Waterfall, Crunch, Ice Punch and Screech.

You have until Nov. 30 to nab these babies, so no rush. Just don’t forget because I probably won’t remind you again.

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brick wall, waterfall u think u know it all…but u don’t, and i do, so boom with that attitude. peaches, punch–captain crunch, i got something you can’t touch. bang bang choo choo train, wind me up and i’ll do my thang. reeses pieces buttercup, u mess with me i’ll mess u up
—  iggy azalea