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💥6 Moves, 4 Rounds, 30 Sec Each Move, 10 Sec Rest in Between💥 Let’s goooo💦
Here’s a mini, explosive pool workout! Targeting your core🔥🔥No equipment needed besides a towel. These moves are clean, effective and can be done by ALL levels at ones’ own pace! Your entire body will thank you later 😅👍🏾💪🏾
1. Sharp Punch Crunches
2. Push-Ups (Out to Shoulder Taps)
3. Oblique Kick - Extended Kicks
4. Oblique Twists
5. Crossed Crunches
6. Alt. Leg Sit Ups

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Give me Bruce violently reacting to Jason’s death. Bruce punching holes into the walls. Throwing bottles at the wall. He can’t even walk so he falls to the ground. A wide shot of Bruce alone, on his knees, in his manor. Alfred can’t do anything but sit alone in another room listening to Bruce’s sobs. All we hear is a soft but tragic melody playing against Bruce’s violent mourns. We don’t hear any glass shattering, bone crunching punches as he pounds the already bloody tiles on his floor, or his cries because it’s too painful to listen to.

The long-awaited sequel to one of the hardest-backfiring april fools jokes in music history, The Bad Influences have finally returned with 55,768,598 samples of jaw-crunching, gut-punching, eye-poking garage punk rock potent enough to kill a large rodent, maybe two. If you’ve ever been out kicking puppies and robbing non-profit organizations and wished you had a soundtrack to go with it, Tommy Bad and the boys have you covered once again.


I tried kickboxing in today’s workout. I probably looked like one of those air noodles that wave at car lots! 😂😂 It was a lot of fun though, and I sweated out some negative energy that has been bubbling up this morning. Plus, I attempted to add in some core and upper body. I was able to do most of the moves except for 2: punch crunch and jackknifes. My injury is definitely better than it was but still have a ways to go.



6 Moves, 4 Rounds, 30 Sec Each Move, 10 Sec Rest in Between Let’s goooo💦
Here’s a mini, explosive workout! Targeting your core🔥🔥No equipment needed besides a towel. These moves are clean, effective and can be done by ALL levels at ones’ own pace! Your entire body will thank you later 😅👍🏾💪🏾
1. Sharp Punch Crunches
2. Push-Ups (Out to Shoulder Taps)
3. Oblique Kick - Extended Kicks
4. Oblique Twists
5. Crossed Crunches
6. Alt. Leg Sit Ups

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Training (Steve x Reader)


A/N: I really hope this is what you were looking for anon! I am really sorry if it isn’t. Please ignore any mistakes xo 

Oh and, to everyone waiting for Miracle Part 3, I am working on it.

Request:  Would you mind writing something with Steve and they’re training together and doing more simple stuff like just punching or crunches and press ups and stuff and then she’s teasing him or someone else is saying they’re better at pressups or he can’t one up what he’s doing so he gets her to lie on his back while he does them and she’s giggling and everything and it’s all sweet and adorable and lots of fun teasing please?

Warnings:  Middle finger, sexual attraction


Originally posted by the-whisper-men

I wore a tank top and a black spandex to my training session with Steve, knowing that it would get his attention. I got in earlier than him, knowing exactly what to do to make him blush.
I stretched to my toes, giving him a good view of my ass. Then I straigthened back up, acted like I didn’t do it on purpose. His expression was priceless, I could see that he was blushing, and his mouth was open.
“I hope you are ready to train Cap.” I said as he swallowed nervously, his eyes on my body. I heard Natasha and Clint chuckling from the other side of the training room.
He pulled himself together and acted like nothing happend like I did. Then we started to our training session with simple stuff, we streched then did crunches and push-ups before him helping me out with the punches.
“Get the power from your feet.” Steve said and I threw a few more punches, folllowing his order by getting the power from my feet. He held the punching bag still as he told me to go on. I kept punching the bag, trying my best.
“Maybe you should do some punching too. I like watching you do that.” I said, smirking. He rolled his eyes.
“Keep working (Y/L/N).” I whined before continuing the punches.
“At least this is better than crunches.” I said as I started to punch harder.
“I personally think that you guys were better at press ups.” Natasha said, smirking at us from across the room.
I chuckled.
“Keep punching or back to crunches.” Steve said, acting like a harsh gym teacher as a joke, but I knew he would make me do that, so I kept throwing punches after glaring at him.
I felt Steve’s eyes on my breasts as I was doing the punching.
“Eyes up Rogers.” I said, smirking. I liked catching him checking me out.
“He problebly likes where they are now.” Clint said, watching us from his seat.
“Shut it Barton.” Steve said, giving him a quick look. Clint laughed.
“You know what Nat, I think they were better at press-ups too.” Clint added, looking at Natasha.
“Yeah, but don’t you think it would be boring? Stevie can’t one up anyway.” Natasha answered with a playful voice, making Steve raising his eyebrows.
“What is that Romanoff?” He asked, turning to her.
“Oh she was just saying how you can’t one up what you are doing, Spangles.” Tony said, taking a bite from his apple.
“We’ll see about that.” He said harshly, making me smile.
“(Y/N), lay on my back.” He said after laying on the floor, his position ready for press-ups.
I smiled at the others, mouthing ‘nice one’ knowing that Steve wouldn’t see it. Then I layed on his back, his back against mine. Others gave me a thumbs up.
It was impressive how easy he could do press-ups even though I am laying on his back. Clint and Natasha cheered and whisteled, making me chuckle.
“21, 22, 23…” I started to count as he kept doing the press-ups.
“No stopping before 100 Cap!” Tony cheered from his seat. It would be impossible for any other human being other than Captain America to do that.
He didn’t even have hard time breathing as he continued.
“45, 46, 47…” I kept counting.
“They really look cute in that position don’t they?” Pietro said, smiling at us like we are 5 year-old kids playing in the garden as a joke.
“We should take a picture.” Sam said taking out his phone.
“Yeah, I like this position too.” I said loudly, making everyone chuckle.
“Keep counting princess.” Steve said between his breaths.
“61, 62, 63…”
“You know Rogers, you two should do press-ups more often.” Natasha said. After a minute later of us cheering for Steve he fianlly finished the challenge.
“97, 98, 99- 100!” I cheered and he let himself down. I got off him and stood up, whistling.
I saw Natasha pulling the others out of the room to leave us alone with the corner of my eye. I heard Tony say “But we will watch from the security cameras, right?”
“Of course shellhead.” Natasha said as she shut the door behind them. I turned to Steve.
“You really did a good job at press-ups Stevie.” I said with a playful voice.
He smirked at me.
“And you did good with the streches.” He said, taking a step towards me.
“Oh I did?” I asked, smiling, my eyebrows raised.
“Oh you did.” He said before taking one more step to me, leaning in for a kiss.
I chuckled before kissing him, I wrapped my arms around his neck as he put his hands on my waist. Our lips moved slowly in sync with eachother, then he slipped his tongue inside my mouth, explored every inch slowly and passionatly.
“WOOOOOHOOOO!” We heard others cheering through the speakers, we didn’t even break our kiss, we just both raised our middle fingers towards the cameras at the same time.


Please tell me what you think! xo And, I will re-open requests as soon as I can people. Much love. Please don’t leave me if you didn’t like it, I am improving myself :) 

Words: 3234
Dean x Reader
Warnings: some violence, blood, language
Summary: Y/N must make it back from hell with some precious cargo.
A/N: This is the second-to-last installment of the Crash series. We are coming to the end of this journey. (Read the other parts first: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)

Your name: submit What is this?

You were hurrying to the door, Dean limply along behind you. You paused at the threshold, listening hard.

Dean coughed behind you and you winced at the sound. “Man, I really wish we had another one of those demon knives right about now,” he muttered gruffly.

You cracked the door open. “Pretty sure you always have that wish, Dean.”

Dean tilted his head a little, agreeing with you.

You pulled the door open more widely and glanced back at him. “Here,” you pressed the other long blade into his palm. “Coast is clear. Come on,” and your pushed ahead, stepping over the bodies of the slain demons laying crowded just outside the door.

Dean looked down at the bodies at his feet, hesitating a little with disbelief and feeling more than a little impressed. “This was all you? Just you?”

You turned around and gave Dean an incredulous look. “Is this important to discuss right now? We’ve gotta get the hell out of here.”

”You got bossy while I was gone,” Dean said. He laughed a low laugh, a little gravel in it, and your knees almost gave out at the sound of it. You had thought you might never hear that again. You couldn’t resist looking back at him once more and taking in the sight of him, even as bloodied and bruised as he was, wavering a little on his feet. You swallowed hard. “Come on.” You were worried that it was going to be difficult to make it through purgatory with Dean so battered.

You didn’t meet any demons until you rounded a couple corners on your way back to the door. You were around the corner first, staying well ahead of Dean and you darted back before they saw you. There were demons approaching down the hallway, still a good distance away but headed straight towards you. “Shit…”

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I thought you were a myth - Part 4

Derek Hale x Reader (x a little bit of Pack)

A/N: I wanted to get this done in time for our special guest star in tonight’s episode! Allison is back! Kinda. Haha! Anyway. So, after numerous requests for a continuation, I give you Part 4! Ta-Da! And yes, I know some characters might be a little OOC (and I literally mean little) but it will make sense in the next part. Sigh. Yes. I will write more. (Here is the masterlist, in case you want to catch up.)

Words: 1,905

Warnings: None that I know of? (Actually, mention of dead characters, so, a feels warning. And some light swearing.)

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


Scott’s words weighed heavy on your heart, despite the small smile on your face. Looking around the room, you could see the impact Allison had had on each person there, whether they had known her or just heard about her. She left a mark. And you could only hope that someday, given the position you had been handed, that you could live up to even an ounce of what you felt in the room for the former packmate.

Looking down to the floor and clearing your throat, giving your head a little shake with a rueful smile, you turned your back fully to Derek so you could face Scott, and you felt his eyes boring into the large tattoo down your spine. “So, Scott. You ready to have your ass kicked?”

His red eyes flickered, and a smirk crawled up his face. You were thankful for his quick shift in demeanor, for the pack as a whole, really. Moving on to the task at hand instead of dwelling in what had been. And Scott seemed thankful for it as well. “My ass kicked? I thought I was just fighting you?”

A round of ‘oh’s and snickers went around the group of teenagers, and you even heard Derek let out a chuckle, and it made you smile broadly. “Oh, tough guy, huh? I see. No wonder everyone I came across from Beacon Hills the last few years act like they are lucky to be alive.”

“Sounds like you don’t keep too savory of company, then,” Peter said in a seemingly innocent tone, but dripped with venom underneath.

You glanced over your shoulder at him, a quick flash of your eyes before giving a shrug. “When you’re as rare as I am, honey, staying alive is a day to day thing. Some people owed me favors. And obviously most of them were liars, since I see Scott is not, infact, ten feet tall with claws to match, and eats a live deer like it’s a potato chip.” You looked back to Scott. “At least, I’m guessing you don’t do the deer thing, right?”

“That’s what people say about me?” Scott asked, almost laughing.

“When the words ‘True Alpha’ come up, people don’t know what to think. Most have never seen one. They make us into camp fire stories to scare baby wolves.”

“It’s true,” Derek said. “I never would have believed it, had I not known you before. I thought it was a myth.”

“Come on! Less talking, more fighting!” Stiles cried suddenly, breaking the more serious turn the conversation had taken.

“Right! I’m supposed to be kicking Scott’s ass….”

“Ha-ha,” Scott laughed almost sarcastically, “it’s the other way around, remember?”

This time you heard Derek snort. Whether it was for Scott or yourself, you weren’t sure. Both of you made your way to the mats, taking a stance across from one another.

“No fangs, no claws, remember?”

“No fangs, no claws, got it.” Scott nodded once decisively.

“Now remember,” the two of you began circling one another, walking casually. “I’m still new to this Alpha, much less True Alpha, thing, so I may be a lot stronger than I think I am. I mean, just ask Stiles. How’s that hand, buddy?” You smirked.

“Yeah, she’s strong,” Stiles said quietly, haltingly, as he scratched the back of his head.

“Ah, but you’ve been a wolf longer than I have, so you have an advantage there,” Scott countered calmly.

You nodded with an approving smile. “Good observation, Scott. You may just stand a chance yet.”

Scott narrowed his eyes at you, their red color coming and staying as he stared you down, a lopsided grin turning up his face as he spoke. “Now, what’s that saying? What do they say…. ‘Pride comes before a fall’?” He charged you on the last word, and you felt your eyes flare and stay, a snarl leaving your chest as you side stepped him, holding out a single arm to your side, catching his chest, and causing him to slam down onto his back with a growl.

You looked down at him smiling, eyes brilliant red. “Yes. Yes, they do.” You held out a hand to help him up, and he took it, rising to his feet quickly, tugging you harder than necessary, making you stumble forward. Using the pillar just beside the mats in the middle of the loft as a springboard, you practically walked up several strides before doing a backflip and landing behind Scott. He whipped around to face you, and you smirked. “Come on, Scotty. Think on your feet-”

Suddenly you were staring up at the ceiling of the loft, your back to the mat with the wind knocked out of you. Scott wore his own smirk as he looked down at you. “I will if you will stay on yours.”

Swinging your feet into the air and rocking yourself forward, you landed upright, feeling a low growl leave your chest. “Touché.”

Both of you were breathing hard, circling the mats seemingly endlessly, until Scott charged you again. Dodging, you quickly turned to face him, dodging a few more blows, rolling out of the way several times, until you heard Peter call, “Stand and fight, Goddammit! Stop rolling around like-”

Sweeping your leg, you downed Scott and stood with your foot firmly on his chest, both of you heaving for breaths. Looking down, you saw Scott’s hands laying palms up beside his face in surrender, both of you letting your eyes fade before you looked up to Peter. “Okay.”

He narrowed his eyebrows at you, and you couldn’t contain your smirk.

“Is this good enough for you?”

Peter scoffed and shook his head as you helped Scott up, patting him on the back as you caught your breath, giving him a nod and a small, “Good fight” before turning back to Peter with your head held high. “Do you believe me now? Or would you like me to kick your ass, as well, all to prove how I got the color of my eyes? Is it just so hard to believe someone wouldn’t steal it? Or that there are two of us at the same time? Or do you just still have a problem with me?”

When Peter didn’t answer, you rolled your eyes before turning back to the pack. “The night is still young. Anyone know how to play poker?”


The girls had all taken over the upper room to sleep in, and the guys shared the living room.

Everyone else had fallen asleep, and you were nearly there yourself, when you heard the bedroom door squeak open softly. In your state of near sleep, you reverted to old habits, and simply waited for whoever or whatever it was to get close enough before you reached up and punched.

A sickening crunch and a muffled but familiar “Ow!” through a pair of hands made your eyes shoot open, your own hands coming over your mouth in shock.

“Oh my God! Derek, I am so sorry! I was half asleep and-” the crunch of resetting bone made you shudder.

Glancing around the room, listening to all the heartbeats, all the girls were still fast asleep, so when Derek gestured you down the stairs, a low groan of pain finally passing his lips, you followed behind him, closing the door softly.

“Balcony,” he said quietly, pointing outside, and you glanced into the living room on your way to the door leading outside, stifling a laugh at the limp, snoring bodies of your new pack.

Once outside, you wrapped your arms around Derek’s chest, squeezing tightly, and turning your face so your cheek rested on his peck. “Oh my God! I am so sorry! It’s an old habit! I was half asleep! I- Oh my God. I broke your nose.” Your voice became quiet at the end, realization dawning on you, and you felt Derek’s rumbling laugh beneath your ear, the sound vibrating around inside him like a bird trying to break out of a cage.

“It’s okay. I get it. You have had one hell of a day.” He spun you around so your back was against his chest, and the two of you did that silly, stilted walk that couples do in the movies to the edge of the balcony, almost like an awkward three legged race, stepping in tandem as he held you close to him.

Looking up, you saw the sky was clear, giving you a magnificent view of the stars and the nearly full moon. It was nice to be able to look up and not worry about using the stars for directions, finding your way out of whatever forest your were running in.

Sighing, you let your body relax into Derek’s, feeling his warm breath against that same spot on your neck, that pulse point he knew so well, nuzzling his nose into the spot.

“Remember all those times as kids we would meet in the woods and just lay on the ground doing this?”

“We didn’t quite do this,” Derek mumbled against your skin, and you could feel the smile playing at his lips. “We actually looked up at the sky.”

You reached up and smacked the back of his head softly, chuckling, before carding your fingers through his hair. “That’s what I’m doing, dummy. I don’t know about you. What are you doing anyway?”

“Making up for lost time.”

His voice was wistful, full of nostalgia, and yet sad in a way. That shouldn’t make sense, and yet it did. You yourself longed for the days when things were easy, as simple as sneaking around, and thinking about them brought a smile to your face. But at the same time, a sinking feeling would settle in your gut, knowing those times were over and gone, and you may never see Derek Hale again.

Placing your arm over one of his around your waist, running down until you knit your fingers through his and squeezed, you swallowed, simply nodding gently, letting him know you understood.

His chin rested on your shoulder now, his voice dangerously close to your ear, making you want to close your eyes, but you kept them open. You wanted to know that for the first time in years, this wasn’t a dream.

“Do you know how many times I looked up at that moon, the only thing keeping me sane, helping me not shift was knowing you were under it?” You felt his head tilt up, and you followed suit, glancing over to his face briefly before looking at the moon yourself. “Funny. The one thing that was supposed to make me go out of my mind kept me sane.”

“Okay, now I’m confused. Are you talking about the moon or me?” You glanced at him again, a small smile playing at your lips at the incredulous look he gave you.

Turning his face toward you, you matched his movements, smiling when he tucked his face into that spot on your neck, looking at you through his eyelashes.

“What?” You laughed, fingers still absently in his hair.

“I just really missed you is all. I miss who I was when you were around. I miss what we were, what we had.” He kissed that spot gently before resting his chin once again on your shoulder.

You nodded gently in understanding, staring into his eyes

“I missed us, too.”

Part 5

Can't Sleep // Requested

ya girl is finally getting request i’m so happy aw. this request is kind of cliche and i kind of wanted to change it up. there are thousands of imagines like this like yAWN!!!! lmao ok but here goes nothing pce punch captain crunch


Every now and then the lightening would strike the night sky and I would get a glimpse of Justin’s sleeping face. God, he was beautiful. I tried not to flinch every time I heard thunder roar in the sky. I hated thunderstorms. It was childish of me, and I was rather embarrassed by it. I knew if I made even the slightest movement the sleeping boy beside me would wake up. BOOM! Another roar of thunder hit the sky. I thought I was being still but apparently not because the grip around my waist got tighter. I felt warm breath on my neck, and I knew he was awake.

“You alright, babe?” He asked me, his voice still raspy from sleep. He rubbed his face against my neck, pressing a sweet kiss afterword.

I bit my lip, clearing my throat. I didn’t want to worry him. Justin rarely got sleep nowadays, and I knew he needed every hour he could get. “Yeah, Jay, I’m fine. Go back to sleep.”

He breathed deeply, and then it went silent. I almost thought he was asleep until I heard his raspy voice hit the silent air again. “What’s wrong?”

I shook my head, not wanting to let him know of my childish behavior. “Nothing.”

BOOM! Thunder punched the sky again, and I couldn’t help but let out a little flinch. Although you could still hear the tiredness in his voice, I could hear the smile in his tone. “Y/N, are you scared of thunderstorms?”

“What? No, Justin, that’s ridiculous. I’m not five.” I huffed, wriggling out of his grip. The cold sheets hit my body almost immediately and I suddenly missed his warmth. I refused to give in, though. “Now go to sleep.”

He let out a chuckle and turned his back to me. “Alright, fine by me.”

My mouth hung open. He really isn’t going to leave me here, right? What a boyfriend. I scoffed, murmuring low under my breath. I tried to snuggle as deep into the covers as I could, but nothing was warmer than Justin. BOOM! I shut my eyes tight, trying to think of my happy place. I felt an arm around my waist and my eyes flew open. I could feel him smiling against my neck, but I didn’t care. He was warm, safe, and cuddly. “Jay?”

“Hmmmm?” He hummed against my neck. The vibrations from his voice transferred to my neck and I got butterflies.

“I am scared of thunderstorms. I know it’s childish, but-” I started, wanting to explain that I’m not as childish as my actions are right now. He interrupted my before I could finish, though.

“My baby-girl is afraid of thunder, how cute.” He mumbled.

“Shut up.” I scoffed, fighting off the grin that threatened to form on my lips.

I turned around so we were facing each other. His eyes were closed, but he still spoke. “Baby, if you were scared you could have just told me. I would have cuddled you all through the night.”

I buried my head into his chest, wrapping my arms around his waist. I smiled against his chest, letting out a muffled reply. “You’re so cheesy.”

He gave me a soft smile in reply. I could tell he was falling back asleep, his chest falling evenly up and down. That’s how Justin was and it amazed me. He went from the loud sun to the quiet night sky, a full concert to an empty arena. I pressed a kiss against his chest. I didn’t want to bother him much more, but I had to let him know. “Jay?”

“Mmm?” He replied sleepily. I smiled, admiring his peaceful face.

“I love you.” I stated quietly.

He pulled me closer to him, pressing a kiss against my forehead. He murmured a soft reply. “I know. Get some sleep, loser.”

And I did.


julian casablancas + the voidz, west palm beach, 10/26/14