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“Saitama and Genos” (One Punch Man)

I made this way back when One Punch Man the anime came out. It’s become one of my favorite shows of all time and I love these two so much, you have no idea. I ship it. Anyway, this is the first papercut fanart I’ve done where the original image wasn’t made from a screenshot from the show but something I drew myself. 

Made completely from pieces of paper and love. <3 Genos’ arms are about 15-20 individual pieces of paper each, if I remember correctly. I do sell my paper art so check out my tumblr for what’s available if you’re interested! :) I keep my prices pretty damn low for the kind of technique I use. This one goes for $30 and is about 8 inches tall.

(Apologies for the reflections, it’s impossible for me to take a picture of something in a glass frame without them DX)


I’m currently unable to take commissions but I do plan on doing so once I’m able to get my life back on track after the horribleness of 2016 destroyed it. Thank you so much for your contribution to that effort, head-in-the-ceilingfan!


Saitama from One Punch Man is one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite comics of all time. It’s one of those where every couple months, I remember to check for new chapters and, you know, while I’m at it, reread the entire thing. Granted, I have a lot of favorite characters in this case. Genos is great, and Sonic (whatever the rest of his name is) and King and… everyone is great, okay? I have determined if you don’t like the show/comic, it because you haven’t seen enough hero and/or martial arts anime. 

Crocheting a bald character was weird. Nice, but weird. The hair is normally the most time-consuming part of a character, so it was nice to not have that. But then, I’m so used to doing hair that I couldn’t remember how to do a head without it for a moment. It was an odd feeling. 

I’m thinking I might try Genos (even though I have no idea how I’ll manage that), but in the meantime, Saitama’s Etsy listing is here

What Was Necessary...And Other Demons - iwtv - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton, Captain Flint/John Silver, (depending on how you see them; follows canon)
Characters: James Flint, Thomas Hamilton, John Silver
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He let the sobs come, closing his eyes so tightly he saw deep orange and black. James was going to die. Correction, he was going to watch James die and there was nothing he could do about it.

If only hating God were enough.

“Thomas Hamilton?”

He jerked, startled, and looked up. There, standing at the corner of the house directly across from him was a long-haired man with one leg. Thomas had not been called Hamilton in a long time and there should not have been anyone left alive on this side of the world—save for James— to have known him by it.


Let’s Cite some examples first.

A punch that would hit Genos, but didn’t, still leveled a mountain behind him, largely without damaging the area that either of them were standing on;

- Saitama creates a focus/focal upon a point, and the focus reaches completion when the punch is landed.
- Wind rushes past him, but that alone isn’t evidence of enough force to blow away the mountain, and upon the cancellation of that action, the area that would have been subjected to the force of the punch is obliterated anyway.

-The force of the action created a vacuum that began to focus upon a single point.
- this impact does not mirror the entire moving area of his body, only the fist, as the ground where they stood was not effected.
- the wind rushes into a vacuum of air, which means that something was there, and now most certainly is not. We can assume what was there was the mountain (there is no evidence of something appearing, which would cause the air to expand outward before moving inward.

In the fight against the god of the sea, the punch that would have decapitated Saitama only caused his head to bobble;

- It did still move
- It stretched in a mildly disproportionate way
- his head and the gods fist were not able to inhabit the same location at the same time
- Saitama was not phased by this action, and stated the punch was weak, proving that he did not use a particularly large amount of his own force to prevent it.

-Saitama does not have an unlimited mass in this instance.
-Saitama does still have mass in this instance.

In the fight with the mosquito queen, instead of his power localizing to the size of his hand, it struck the entire body, slapping it into the building;

-The slapping motion replicated swatting a bug, which is probably not a coincidence, Implying that Saitama had intended to squash her.
- Theoretically, if this attack worked the same way as the punch, it would have instantly ripped the queen in half along the axis of the slapping motion, but it didn’t. Saitama Karate chops or slaps should theoretically work like scissors, where the other half of the ‘Pair’ doing the shearing is, essentially, the mass of the planet, and the inertia of the object compared to the velocity of the parts that Saitama effects.

-Saitama does have control over his effective area, E.g, he is larger than he is.
-Since the attack accelerated the entire body but did not destroy the building, the bug was squashed before it hit the building.
-This implies that Saitama made an attack that had a larger optical surface area than the queen, in the same form as a punch.
- The optical surface area of the queen would be larger at any angle than the optical surface area of Saitama.
- Saitama is bigger than Saitama, situationally.

In the case of fighting Carnage Kabuto, Saitama, whilst not concentrating, was able to be passed around by his opponent, whilst still not taking damage, but in the case of fighting the god of the sea, a punch did not in any way dislocate or move Saitama or the ground (despite, theoretically, being a stronger attack)

-Saitama may exercise perfect control over his position
-Saitama does not have infinite weight.

In the case of Genos purging the area with flame to eliminate the swarm of mosquitoes, saitama’s clothing is completely removed but Saitama is unharmed

-At a molecular level, Saitama was not able to be changed, or can chose not to be subconsciously, as is his will
-(acid almost certainly wouldn’t effect him either)

- Saitama’s physical form is not limited, does not exist, is not made of matter, is immaterial, is a miscellaneous exertion of force instead of matter, or due to an external force is not able to be changed (Quite a broad number of options)

(Mild Spoiler of Boros fight) In the fight with Boros, Saitama is not perceptibly injured, even though, theoretically, he could have had the same strength as Saitama. Saitama is quoted as not trying 'properly’ and is called 'way too strong’.
(Spoiler ends)

- There may not be something in this universe that is capable of harming Saitama, including but not limited to, anything that exists, at all.
- There may not be another situation in which there is a reproduced Saitama, but if there was, this Saitama would beat it.

- There could be, canonically, be other universes, literally, in the OPM universe.
- Saitama may partially reside in another universe, or something similar.
- His mass can tend to infinity without exerting gravitational energy, technically, as long as that mass did not exist at Saitama’s current location.
- His size or effective size could tend to infinity without exerting the expansion of an area (e.g, mass pushing away mass, and mass not overlapping its location with other mass) as long as that mass did not exist at Saitama’s current location.

As Culmination

- Saitama exhibits feats of impossibility based on his body, the total volume of his body, and his location.
- Those feats would not be impossible if his mass was not fixed, and if he was either not made of matter or entirely guarded by something that could not be considered matter
- Saitama exhibits forces that exceed his entire surface area in effective size
- Saitama is able to control those forces willfully, as long as the center from himself or his location, and able to change his own effective weight and mass similarly.
- Saitama is otherwise proved, by his past, to be a normal human being physically.
-Each force that Saitama applies appears to move or change in size based on the axis of that force’s motion; the punches collide and obliterate areas that represent only the fist, and not the entirety of Saitama’s body.


1 - Saitama as a focal point for near infinity mass existing at another location - Saitama is, otherwise, a normal human being, but through his resolve and luck, has inherited a mass of being many billions of times his size, in which he can control at will. Since he, physiologically, is a person, his brain would have to subconsciously control this force.

2 - Saitama as multiplied by near infinity / a locus for a much larger total - Somehow, Saitama’s mass had started growing, exponentially, over 3 years as he trained, to many hundreds of millions his own. this mass does not exist at his location, but is not borrowed, therefore there is a universe that exists somewhere that only contains Saitama’s mass, and that energy in itself prevents the Saitama in this universe, as is, from being changed.

3 - Saitama as the Convergence effect - Similar to how scientists assume that the strength of gravity is so large due to the existence of other dimensions, Saitama, and every single iteration of Saitama, are all perfectly in sync, and his every action is multiplied in power over an eon different universes. Similar to point 2 in that this power is not borrowed, it is still Saitama, and his training simply aligned all of the Saitamas in all dimensions to having one perfect, melded, fate.

4 - 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, 10km run, Every Day.

BONUS - Why doesn’t Saitama have any hair now? (He still has eyebrows, cancer or general stress hair loss appears to be a no though I am not read in either subject)

A1) since his hair is not a part of him, the force behind is movements, even on a small scale, is so great that the hair is literally sheared off of him as he moves, the cleanest possible shave. (except this should, theoretically, effect his eyebrows)
A2) He actually was stressed enough to lose all of his hair somehow, and suddenly not being stressed did not fix the issue. He’s just prone to early hair loss, as a normal human being.
A3) relative to the first point, Saitama has an approximate blueprint, and his appearance does not change from that blueprint, including his hair. His eyebrows, however, are unchanged.

Art Tips Network!

Hey everyone! I am creating a WhatsApp chat if anyone would like to join, please DM me!

In our chat you’re free to share your art, give/recieve tips and make friends with fellow artists! It doesn’t matter if you do crafts, digital/traditional drawing, colouring manga panels or what fandom you’re from, all are welcome. 

This group chat exists so that we can make friends, share, and help support each other. This is a fairly new idea, so changes may be made in the future, I might make an extra page on my blog listing the members etc, I’m not sure yet. For now I just see it as an opportunity to communicate more with fellow artists! :D

I hope to see you soon!

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Quick n' Dirty Tutorial- Repeating pattern stencil

Turns out you can do it with decorative punches and and save yourself quite a bit of time. In addition to the punches you will need freezer paper. You can buy decorative punches at a craft store in the paper crafting/scrapbooking section. I went with some floral punches for Rapunzel.

You will also need fabric paint, paintbrushes or q-tips, and an iron.

Tutorial will be updated with better pictures at a later date.

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Do you have any suggestions for movies?? (especially ones with kick ass ladies in them ?)

i tried to compile a large and varied list of movies with a prominent female cast, female star, or both: stoker, amelie, death proof, planet terror, with every heartbeat, mad max fury road, drop dead gorgeous, short term 12, mommy, it follows, side effects, the girl with the dragon tattoo (2011) bridesmaids, girlhood, whip it, girl interrupted, cruel intentions, election, jackie brown, a girl walks home alone at night, now & then, sugar & spice, charlie’s angels, charlie’s angels full throttle, josie and the pussycats, frances ha, romy & michele’s high school reunion, mulholland drive, wetlands, another earth, thirteen, still alice, cake, selena, but i’m a cheerleader, under the skin, the heat, spirited away, marie antoinette, stick it, obvious child, violet & daisy, daydream nation, hanna, jawbreaker, american mary, all cheerleaders die, welcome to the dollhouse, ginger snaps, dick, suspiria, your sister’s sister, never let me go, high tension, byzantium, panic room, the craft, sucker punch, drag me to hell, electrick children, the descent, the help, two days one night, sunshine cleaning, pumpkin, ida, grey gardens (both of them), life partners, black swan, heathers, mean girls, clueless

Spiralsilhouettes’ Guide to Witchcraft: Witchcraft and Religion

Here’s a new topic for my Witchcraft guide. Since earlier today I reblogged a post about a specific author in the Witchcraft community, I figured I’d talk about something that is often misunderstood by people outside our circles, or even just people who are new to the craft: Religion.

I already mentioned this in one of my previous guides, but I will restate it here for posterity. Witchraft itself is not a religion. You don’t have to be religious, believe in any deity, cosmology, or have any specific world view in order to be a witch. So, if you don’t like the idea of Gods, a Higher Power, etc, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a witch. 

Let’s take a minute to talk about the different types of religions that can incorporate the craft, in case you are interested:

Religious Crafts: What Religions can incorporate Witchcraft?

All. Of. Them.

That’s right. You can be Christian, follow Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinoism, Animism, any religious view you have can incorporate witchcraft. There are many people who do not agree with this viewpoint, especially if your holy book or scripture states that magic is wrong or evil. But it is completely up to you to make that choice and decision for yourself. I have met Christian Witches who say Jesus himself was a Witch. Now, you can agree or disagree with that viewpoint, but it is how they feel.

If you already have religious beliefs, feel free to make them a part of your craft. Call upon your God, Gods, or whatever Power you believe in during spells or rituals. Use your craft as a way to become closer to your religion. It is a completely valid practice!!

Secular Craft: Practicing Witchcraft without Religion

Now, on the flip side. Let’s say you’re not big on religion. Great! You can still be a witch, and you can be just as skilled as any religious witch can be. I like to point out this fact for two reasons:

1) In the Witchcraft community, a lot of emphasis is put on religion. Be it Wicca, some form of Paganism or other religious tradition, there is a lot of information out there that is focused on Religious Craft. It is important to note that secular craft is just as valid, important, and powerful.

2) Many people start practicing witchcraft believing that in order to be a “good witch” (whatever that may mean) they have to follow some form of code, and usually that leads them towards religious practices like Wicca where there is a Rede, or other forms of religion that have their own sets of rules. Some people even have started saying that Wicca and Witchcraft are the same. It is important to point out that, in fact, they are not. Nor have they ever been.

So, how can you practice witchcraft without religion getting in your way? Simple. Instead of calling Gods or a cosmic power during your spells (should you choose to do so) call an element, the spirit of an animal, an revered ancestor, even just calling on your own personal power can provide amazing effects. There is a lot you have to decide for yourself, and that can in turn provide some very powerful results for your craft. Let’s talk about some things you might want to think about if you want to practice non-religious Witchcraft!

(Actually…even if you’re a religious witch, you should probably think about these things at some point. Unless you are part of a very strict tradition and everything is taught to you.)

 - Do you want to have some form of moral code or code of ethics? 

This brings into question one of the more controversial things in the Witchcraft community. Do you want to curse? I’ll touch on this more later, but for now I will just leave you with the question. Will you use your craft to make spells, charms, etc for just yourself, or for others? Will you charge for the services you provide? All of these are valid questions when first starting out. As a starter, I would recommend not charging money for your craft in the beginning. Find your niche, and then if you want to make it a job and charge for it, go for it! Do you find rules constricting / do you want to just find whatever works for you and go with your gut? Ask yourself these things, and ask it often. Sometimes your view can change, and that’s fine too!

 - Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, otherworldly entities (not necessarily Gods, but things of the astral plane, etc)

This is really important for those who may want to practice more ‘traditional’ witchcraft. The kind that involves large elaborate rituals, circle casting, calling quarters, etc etc. Sometimes you might want to, sometimes you might not. It’s important to figure out if you want to call any kind of entity, be it a spirit, ancestor, manifestation of energy, or whatever else you feel like calling on during spells or rituals. Some people don’t want to, and that’s fine! If you want to, great! Figure out what you believe, do some research, see what clicks for you. Maybe you’ll decide you want to call on the elements, or storms, or spirits, or even nothing at all, and rely on your own personal power to get you where you need to go!

 - Where will your Witchcraft come from?

This is a really interesting question for a lot of Witches, both secular and religious. In the past there was an emphasis on family lines, where if someone else in your family was a witch, they would pass down their craft to you. That isn’t necessary in the modern world, but it is important to note where your craft comes from. 

For instance, there are many specialized types of witches. Some people choose to practice a specific type of witchcraft (ex: Storm Witchcraft, Hedge Witchery, Candle Magic, etc) while others pick from the pile, and act as Eclectic Witches that learn spells from all sorts of practices. That sort of leads us to the next question.

 - Are there things in this world that inspire you, and make you feel powerful?

This is where I truly believe you find yourself in your craft. What inspires you? What makes your heart flutter or makes you feel powerful? Is it in the rain? The wind? Do you love making things with your hands? Have you always loved astrology? Anything, even just loving a specific plant, animal, or stone can get you started. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! If you, let’s say, work as a teacher for a living, you can incorporate your witchcraft to help you teach. Charm the chalk you use on your chalkboard, use glamour spells to help your students understand you, anything you can think of. Find something that is you, and then find ways to bring witchcraft into it. Or, if you’re not sure what drives you, look into different types of Witches and see what appeals to you! There are some great lists out there, and I’m probably going to be making my own in the future as well.

 - What will you use your Witchcraft for?

This sort of goes back to ethics as well, but it is something to think about. Why do you want to use witchcraft? Is it to benefit yourself and help you move forward in a career path? Perhaps to help you ‘find yourself’ and learn more about yourself through your craft? Or even using it to help other people? There are a ton of reasons someone chooses to be a Witch, and you need to find out why you want to be a witch and what you want to use it for. Don’t be afraid if the answers change over time. As we grow, out motivation changes.

I would like to point out, being a witch is not like in the movies. We can’t strike lightning down from the sky on our enemies (although if you’re interested in curses you can put some punch in your craft), we (usually) don’t don pointy hats and cackle over cauldrons. It is not as romanticized as Hollywood makes us out to be. Just remember that, and remember that it won’t make you all powerful. If you want to use it to further your own goals? Great! While there are some very life changing moments we have all experienced because of our craft, it isn’t always a ‘the clouds part and you suddenly know everything and control the world’ sort of practice. It’s research, practice, failure even. A lot of small victories.

I’m going to leave off with that for now, but I hope you found it useful! If you have any questions regarding anything I’ve said (or want to correct me on something, because Gods know I’m prone to mistakes myself) please send me an ask!! I’m always open for conversation, especially when it can be a learning experience for myself.

Look what an amazing thing I bought. I dare to say it’s even purrfect!

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Sterek "work with me here"

“Stiles, I need you to work with me here.”

“I’m sorry, Derek, but you had your chance, and you blew it.”

“Stiles, wait—”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“I can help! You need to listen to me.”

“You sound like a crazy person,” Stiles hisses. 

“If you loved me at all,” Derek swallows, glances at the phone, up at the White House where Stiles is, somewhere, probably not wearing his wedding ring like Derek still does. “Then, you have to let me talk to the President.”

There’s a silence, and then Stiles sighs, “Derek, the last time you were in the same room as Scott, you punched him in the face.”

“I thought you were—”

“I know what you thought,” Stiles snaps, “And, you couldn’t be more wrong! Scott loves his wife, and I love yo— loved, whatever, look, we have bigger problems than our terrible marriage, right now.”

Derek tries not to feel too hurt about that particular comment, knows by the end Stiles was trying, and Derek was pushing him away. He knows, deep down, that Stiles wasn’t having an affair with Scott, but he’d felt so stupidly resentful. He’d missed having Stiles come home at night, loathed listening to his answer phone, or worse, trying to get someone on Stiles’ damn staff to give the phone to him. 

Now the world is ending, and Derek is damned if he isn’t going to be with Stiles when it happens. 

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