Nailed it!

The way Yash was staring at Asad as he cries and trying to revive zoya. Omg. It’s like, he understands. Cos he’s been there before. And the way he was trying to hold Asad as he breaks down reminiscing, pricking himself on the thorns, so much love for this man. He knows what Asad is going through and offered him the best advice. Asad found a friend. And how he and aarti have this unspoken connection thingy. Wow. Amazing. And asad, you’re forgiven. Really. My heart breaks with yours man. The forehead kiss. That completely broke me down. Aaaaaaaahh.

Wonderful acting by Gurmeet, Kratika and Surbhi. But Karan, you killed it man. You did. Awesome performance. And for that I tip my hat. Bravo.