Punahou Football 2012 Season Kick Off Video 

Tear of idk anymore

Am I sad that it’s over? Am I sad that we lost?

Nah I think I’m more overwhelmed at tonight’s game in general. Every time I reflect upon the game, tears roll down my eyes as I see the clock run out, our chance slips away slowly as the clock goes tick tock. Everything what we’ve worked for is halted before the finish line.

But what contradicts my emotions is, after the game, after everyone’s emotions of losing settles down, our team starts to pull back together. Coaches telling how proud they are to us. Captains, seniors telling us how thankful they are for such a memorable year. That feeling where no matter what happens we are able to come back together…. that is something no riches in the world can purchase. Moved by this, tears roll down my face…tears of joy. 

So what type of tears am I streaming? If I tried to define it, it’ll probably leave me speechless. But all I know now is that, this is a night to remember, a team to remember, and a memory to cherish, forever. Thank you Punahou for this opportunity. And thank you Family, friends, and Sons of Oahu for everything.

Today Coach asked who we want to dedicate this game to...

My answer was to my mother because she’s there for me no matter what and she sacrificed so much for me. The second answer I gave was the whole Punahou Community. Including the fans, the alumni, the coaches, and especially for my boys. Because no matter the situation I know my boys will have my back in any given situation. For the seniors of the team, us, underclassmen will always dedicate this game to you guys because you guys were what motivated us to keep going this season. You guys helped led us to where we are right now. So lets finish this together with a victory. Lay everything out on the line and leave everything on the field. I know you got my back and you can bet your ass I got yours.

So I as you now… Who would/will you dedicate this game to?