pun vale

I’ve been thinking about a Cecil And Carlos Finally Get A Kid au and, i just, love it…..so much……… I know the show doesn’t have to follow the ‘dating-marriage-kids’ path but…… please,.

Also let’s be honest, Cecil would make a great dad. He loves the kids in his family and loves caring for them, he’s just meant to be a father one day. I’m right and I should say this.

night vale pun

“And now, the weather. There’s a winter storm coming in, and it’s going to be a doozy- no snow, this time. It’s just 100% hail, accompanied by a dense layer of fog that’s going to make driving more dangerous than usual. Everyone is recommended to stay inside, or at least go out with a warm parka and a sheet metal umbrella.

That’s it for the weather today- apologies for the unusual format, by the way. Just to summarize, the weather is going to be: All hail; thick, low cloud.”

Joseph Fink is feeling flirty
Joseph Wink
Joseph Fink gets an animal
Joseph Mink
Joseph Fink plays a video game
Joseph Link
Joseph Fink has a glass of water
Joseph Drink
Joseph Fink is bent
Joseph Kink
Joseph Fink goes ice skating
Joseph Rink
Joseph Fink doesn’t float
Joseph Sink
Joseph Fink becomes small
Joseph Shrink
Joseph Fink creates a podcast
Joseph Creator Of Welcome To Night Vale