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Just Married

And so, after a long while, it finally happened.
Sweet Paw and Switch Track are officially married now!
Thanks to everypony involved!

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…wait, aren’t we magical talking horses? Why do we need planes anyway?

Happy Fifth Anniversary everypony! I can’t believe we are still here after five years! Here’s hoping for another five!

Featuring: Pun Pony, Celestia Stuff, Robot Octavia MK V, AirPon, Brainy Twilight, Ask Wiggles, and Level Up.


And that’s the end of the crossover with askpun! If you want to know what happens next with Agent 707 and Supremus’ detached legs, give ‘em a follow! You won’t regret it! …Unless you hate puns.

Also, cameo appearance by askthenightguards’ Adamant and Westwood! …Who also kindly lent me their backgrounds for use.

((Also also it’s my birthday on Wednesday ahahahahaaa))

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Seriously though, this could be the best of these prequels, actually.

If only because it does have some legit gravitas added to the story and the characters. It doesn’t matter if the dialogue is almost transparent, because this allows us to focus on some pretty harrowing visuals. The last segment feels like it’s something out of a nightmare, with that lava planet, those dark red tones, the destruction of the Jedi Temple, the birth of the Empire. It all feels right. It took two and a half movies to arrive, but it finally feels like Star Wars.

Needless to say there’s a few things that don’t work, like the brainless romance dialogue, and the chemistry between the characters is almost non-existent, not to mention the robotic way they deliver their lines, but these are small distractions that don’t ruin the final product…much.

With that said however, I think I’m done.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Star Wars, but after the prequels I feel like I just got beat up with a toy light-saber for seven hours. It’s going to take a lot for me to regain my faith in this franchise.

Thank you all for following me during this intense marathon, and I hope you all enjoyed it.

(Featuring Pun Pony as Obi Pun Kenobi)