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…wait, aren’t we magical talking horses? Why do we need planes anyway?

Happy Fifth Anniversary everypony! I can’t believe we are still here after five years! Here’s hoping for another five!

Featuring: Pun Pony, Celestia Stuff, Robot Octavia MK V, AirPon, Brainy Twilight, Ask Wiggles, and Level Up.

Another last-minute print, this time of Starlight Glimmer because her voice actress is gonna be present! This one isn’t finished yet though; I need to add shading and highlights before it’s finished. o3o

So this is kind of a visual reference of sorts. If you’ve watched the show Inuyasha, did you know Kelly Sheridan (Starlight’s voice) is also the voice of the demon huntress Sango? I used to watch Inuyasha all the time when I was a kid, Sango being one of my favorite characters, and when I heard Starlight speak I always knew something was familiar about it. Welp, there it is, hence why she’s in a ponified version of Sango’s armor! I might actually implement this into headcanon somehow, but I’m not entirely sure… hm. Well anyway, I hope you like it so far! c:


The world of movies (and comedy) will never be the same again.

This ingeniously creative man has left a legacy of great movies, great performances, and great characters, and in my humble opinion the best one of all is Mr. John Keating from “Dead Poets Society”.

This movie shows how a teacher’s passion for his job, which is to look after and nurture future generations of students to be the best they can be, can drive him to the highest peaks and the lowest of pitches, yet the ups and downs of life don’t make him enjoy the ride any less. Through the best and the worst, it’s the inspiration we give in others and the one that we get back what makes us keep going forward.

Very much like how Robin Williams inspired an entire generation of actors, artists, comedians, and people in general, always with that perennial smile on his face, and a joke in his pocket.

Thank you, you will always be remembered.

OOC - Featuring (from left to right): Fluffle Puff, Pun Pony, Serious Rainbow, Pika Petey, Pirate Dash, Backy.


And that’s the end of the crossover with askpun! If you want to know what happens next with Agent 707 and Supremus’ detached legs, give ‘em a follow! You won’t regret it! …Unless you hate puns.

Also, cameo appearance by askthenightguards’ Adamant and Westwood! …Who also kindly lent me their backgrounds for use.

((Also also it’s my birthday on Wednesday ahahahahaaa))

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