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Specially featuring @stone-faced-asshole of @junkpilestuff// original G!sans belongs to Borurou

Please, don’t take these as duo, Stoneface has his life and background, unconnected to other G!sanses and I respect it - I just found it incredibly hilarious scenario, since Stoneface is so experienced, while poor EchoG kinda’ …lacking it all. He’d totally get fooled by the older skele and I love it. But they still good friends …probably….hopefooly (eyes Junkpilestuff).

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So just a question about the Steven universe episode Steven floats, when Steven runs to the big donut in the beginning wanting a donut we see the address of the big donut saying Eat at the big donut Beach City, DV. Do you have any ideas what that might mean. Thank you

Eat a Big Donut is, like, their motto or tagline

DV stands for Delmarva, which is a state in the show’s continuity. The show is Earth on an alternate timeline, so a number of things are different from our Earth (from states to the shapes of the continents!). Delmarva is a state, for instance. Pennsylvania is called “Keystone”. New York is “Empire State”. New Jersey is just “Jersey”. The big movie scene isn’t in California but Kansas. etcetc. Here’s a map of Beach City:

Delmarva is named after the real life Delmarva Peninsula, where Rebecca and Steven grew up. Beach City itself is heavily inspired by the real life Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, and Dewey Beach

Also, something I find kind of interesting is that right next to Delmarva, in Chesapeake Bay, is a big meteorite impact site (underwater). Its considered one of the 10 biggest impact sites in the world! I dunno if that had any impact on setting it in Delmarva, since I’m pretty sure its mostly because that’s where Rebecca grew up, but I still think its kind of a neat coincidence considering SU centering around space and aliens and an initial alien invasion thousands of years ago

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