pun intended

The anthologies I posted about are totally official by the way, and hilarious. 

  • There’s a story where Barnaby and Kotetsu argue over who has to dress as a woman to go undercover as a couple. Barnaby calls Kotetsu a pervert for wanting to see him in a dress.
  • There’s a story where Karina and Barnaby compete intensely to get Kotetsu’s affection.
  • Karina gets a Wild Tiger body pillow.
  • Barnaby get’s jealous when Tiger get’s partnered with Origami instead of him during a test of courage event.
  • Barnaby feels lonely when Kotetsu goes to see his mother for a few days, and when he sees a little racoon-dog decoration thing it reminds him of Kotetsu so he hugs it, not realising it’s Origami. He then wonders why the figurine’s image makes him “feel so at ease” and asks Origami to come to interviews with him as the figure.

And my favourite so far is when Sky High tries to help Barnaby out while he’s picking up after Kotetsu, who’s fallen asleep on a chair. Barnaby had been complaining about doing it, but when Sky High offers to help and goes to place a blanket over Kotetsu, Barnaby straight up slaps it out of his hands and then puts it on himself. Sky High’s reaction is hilarious.

These anthologies are WILD.


Earthbound doodles from a bit ago for vinnys stream ( @vinesauce )!!! i cant wait to beat the game with you guys live when i have time to rly put my heart into it. i have a few more earthbound arts i wanna post on their own

i wanna do more sketches bc this is nowhere near where i wanna be w these kids yet (i love the paula face in the 2nd tho) and its best i wait till i can play again and rly get back into it. for now i can only listen to the OST on repeat lol

also. im love Paula… i lo bv .. he r…