pun for fun in the hot hot sun

The Plague of Iscariot, Chapter 27
By Organization for Transformative Works

This fic is rated E for Explicit

This fic is set in an alternate universe with vampires.

Being a vampire sucked.
And no, that wasn’t a fun pun or silly little joke. Being a vampire literally sucked; especially if you’re turned at a young age.
Turned in the year 1800, Dipper Pines has walked amongst mortals for over 200 years as an awkward sixteen year old. Alone and embittered, he found no reason to get involved in human affairs, preferring a solitary existence.
Until now.


These four skeletons.. I just love them!!

Heats was the most difficult.. But most fun to draw! He looks SO cool with them glasses and his little sun pin thing.

I happened to notice that the pins are in different places between the three brothers. Like, Holiday is like.. A cold weathered Sans, his pin is down low, like the temperature. Temperate’s pun is in the middle, like the chilly but not freezing, warm but not hot weathers of Spring and Autumn. Finally, Heats’ pin is high, like the hot temperatures of Summer!

I also noticed a thing about Temperate while drawing him. I think he likes to garden. A lot. XD

Ink, Heats, Temperate and Holiday belongs to @comyet