Merry Christmas, and very belated, but hopefully happy birthday to my Nerri ♥

This so not doesn’t look like my own style at all, I really cannot draw Castiel to save my life. >; His face is really difficult, especially for a person who has numbed herself by drawing countless Zhou Mimis and basically nothing else for who knows for how long. kasdhjkeh. And now that I linearted this, it reminds me a lot of Lettiebobettie’s style of drawing Cas, except well, with much less quality. 

I really, really need to learn how to draw Casface if I’m going to keep drawing him, not subconsciously adapt other people’s styles. But I’m afraid I’ll turn Castiel into a desu hobo princess if I actually start drawing him more. >;  

Quick [max 15 min] Inga and her squishy, overly round boobs because she’s fun to doodle. At first I thought I wouldn’t like his/her character, but s/he’s actually super creepy and the interactions between Shinjurou and him/her are quite marvelous and a lot more interesting than I was expecting. 

Not just a fluffy sidekick, it seems. 

okay my dash is nothing but Reichenbach rn and I haven’t seen that yet so i should probably go now because dnw spoilers. 

meanwhile drunk Youth Melody!Mi. 

this was the best scene ok.

I can clearly draw believable backgrounds why am i like this.  

pastels everywhere.