So Sunday I was in my Bad Cop cosplay (I… I lost my Good Cop glasses, but that’s a tragic story for another time), and it ended up being the BEST experience!

I was up waiting around for the Lego Movie panel, and two guys asked to get a picture with me. Of course I agreed, and they were wearing nice Lego shirts, so I asked if by chance they worked for the company. Their reply?

“Yeah! We wrote the movie.”

WHAT?? O H. So there is me with Dan and Kevin Hageman!! They weren’t on the actual Lego Movie panel, they were there for the Ninjago panel, so I’m SUPER happy that I ran into them– or, that they ran into me! Wow!

The panel itself was fantastic! They talked a lot about how they designed the characters, especially Wyldstyle, Unikitty and Metalbeard, and showed a LOT of rough concept sketches. We even got to see the full rough animatic for the cycle chase sequence! It was fascinating, to me. Also, Lego HQ in Denmark has a giant slide for its employees to get from floor to floor, how cool is that??

The two men on the bottom are Michael Fuller and Matthew Ashton! They were the character designers for the movie. The character designers. They were both so friendly and so excited to be there, it was a real treat to meet them, too!

And Mr. Ashton signed my Unikitty, since he was the one who designed her!

I could literally not have asked for a better Lego day~


APPARENTLY today is world snake day! What a perfect time to introduce you all to my new tiny baby~

This is my new little okeetee corn snake! He is a boy, and he’s only just about two weeks old. Last night he ate his very first meal! aaaaaaa he is SO SMALL he’s like a little shoelace, I’m so excited to have him~~

I’m still trying to decide on a name, but in the meantime he has been dubbed a “wee snick” uvu