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“also, sorry to continue to bitch about a movie that’s about a decade…”

I love Norrington, ugh. But I guess I never thought too hard about his motives, ooops.

yeah, I love Norrington too! I wish there’d been more depth for him in the 2nd movie. Jack Davenport <3 

I remember watching this on the DVD extras (it is hard to underestimate how obsessed 11 year-old me was with the first film) and finding it hilarious:

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what? what is going on with ONTD?

I’m not really sure but the gist of it is that disgruntled ex-members have apparently been reporting posts to the sources, resulting in a large number of sources being banned (including massive ones like TMZ). It started with the principal article-posters (isntdaveone, hawaii_bombay, wonderwomanhero etc.)  being suspended and has only escalated from there. And that’s meaning that the posts which remain are really scraping the bottom of the barrel, and some legendary old posts (‘everyone was dad and it was terrible’ for example) have disappeared. 

Brenden and ecctv have apparently been hinting that they’ll let us know what, if anything, they’re changing as a result, leading to rumours that there was going to be some sort of big announcement on Monday, which of course never materialised. Now everyone is going in on ONTD’s current state like they’re vultures which, being members, I guess they (we) are in the first placce. 

There’s also been a lawsuit against ONTD for reposting pics, which I think is over now or at least at first instance has found in LJ’s favour. It’s a messy situation and no one really knows what’s going on. 

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omg, maybe he’s just ~colourblind~ y’all.

A while back, I wrote that I figured he was commenting on how he pictured Nymeria’s skin colour, not the fact that Janina was an Indian woman…and how that really highlighted his ignorance about race and ethnicity. I guess he wasn’t thinking about the importance of poc in his narrative, but somehow still writing these characters as poc based on his own prejudices and just not realising what he was doing, does that make sense? Like he was imagining these characters as darker skinned and inserting all this orientalising dialogue and in-canon racism, without any thoughts toward race–as you said with a colourblind lens–while apparently still thinking of them as white. And that’s just very confusing to me as someone who doesn’t have the privilege to ignore that race matters. How does an author with very modern sensibilities write characters who experience prejudice based on their skin colour, their culture, and not think of them as people of colour? How do you appropriate the experiences of people of colour without realising that you’re doing so?

You would think being constantly right about things like this would validate me, but it doesn’t. 

The fact of the matter is that there are many woc with her skin tone and interpreting these characters as poc would change absolutely nothing about their narratives (well besides making them that more important)–especially since they are SO orientalised in the text. It’s something that would actually enrich and subvert the story so much. But now, knowing what I do, the entire series just became less interesting–it’s basically on the shelf next to all the other fantasy books that handle characters of colour the same way.


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whaaaattt. I always think it’s so weird when celebrities (especially older men) have a tumblr. it’s not safe here! lol

lol I’m surprised no one’s hounded him off yet like the xkit guy. It seems to be run by his management - having his official site on tumblr is a pretty wise move, considering that he’s in so many contemporary shows/films with wide tumblr fandoms (Who, Merlin, Harry Potter…I’m sure I’m missing a couple) as well as just being a general legend. 

Tagging posts are weird sometimes but I’m such a sucker for other people’s handwriting and I’ve been tagged by the super-lovely soulsliding so of course I’m doing this. 

1) name 2) url 3) blog title 4) favourite colour 5) crush/significant other 6) write something in caps 7) favourite band 8) lucky/favourite number 9) favourite drink 10) tag your friends (and faves!)

I’m tagging holmes-and-watson, rustincohleruinedmylife, lapetite–mort​, pumpkinapplemuffins and rustyfinn. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked for this, seeing what you guys’ handwriting looks like.

P.S. I’m sorry I wrote “rustincohleismylife” instead of “ruined” but I guess it’s safe to say these two are the same at the moment…

P.P.S. I just saw that I cut off my URL’s y. Y???

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oh maaaan, I used to pay too much tax (over just four months, they took 900€ too much, yikes) and I am glad when I caught it and got it all back. FINGERS CROSSED FOR YOU to get it all back too!!

eek yeah, it’s the worst!

one day I’ll get through to a real person before they hang up on me when I’m on hold. 

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I usually don’t know what to write/say/do for these tag thingies, so I assume I just need to show you guys my current background?

Since I’m about the only person left on earth that doesn’t possess a shmartphone, or a tablet, or netbook or any other devious devices, this is the only background I have that I can show you. :3

(Also yay for easy tag thingies that even I can do! XD)

I tag my darlings T. and K., if they’re up to it ♥

Quick thank you to those who commented on my ‘family drama’ post last night. Rather than change the main locks I think what I’m going to do is add locks to my own room and just keep that as my space. 

Hopefully it won’t be too expensive - the doors are pretty old and I don’t want to change them substantially, but my grandparents are fine with me adding a lock to one room. They didn’t even ask why! (I just bough them a new fridge freezer because the old one, which was 30+ years old, has finally given up on life - this may have had something to do with how ok with it they were haha). 

I’ve told a couple of my friends (the ones I had to cancel on) and one of them has a place for me to stay if I need it. I don’t want to be that friend though - and I’ve dealt with this on and off the entire time I’ve been here - it’s just the fact that I know it’s happening now. I’m still extremely angry that my mum was and is doing this, but honestly it’s no more than I expect from her. In September I’m back off to London and I can once again rest easy knowing she has zero control over my life! 

I hate feeling like this because I’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. 

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A Dobby reference? Was it "Dobby stretches, Sir"? Please tell me it was. PLEASE tell me it WASN'T! I dunno!!!

hahaha I probably would have quit if it were a ‘Dobby stretches, Sir’ reference. Thankfully it was just that after someone referred to themselves in the third person we were both like “ok, Dobby” at the same time.

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omg I feel you!! I went on a day trip on Friday, to a concert on Saturday and supported my friend at the marathon run on Sunday. Not even sitting in front of tumblr & ONTD for 8 hours straight afterwards could rectify that excessive activity!!

hahaha right! (Are you in London?! I didn’t realise! I was at the marathon as well :D) 

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Concerning your insights about Miyazaki movies, I wholeheartedly agree! I've been in Japan for a semester recently and like most westerners, who are interested in Japanese pop culture, my image of Japan has mainly been formed through media representation of it. And that representation, (magazines, TV news and TV entertainment) is made up of a majority of light-skinned Japanese people. However, when you actually go to that country, you encounter a rich variety of skintones. It's... interesting.

And there you go! It’s definitively erasure, imo, to have movies that portray Japanese populations as homogeneously light-skinned when that may not, as is apparently not, the case in reality. It’s a shame that such amazing movies suffer from this, but if definitively ought to be remarked upon and hopefully Studio Ghibli will move towards being more inclusive towards people with darker skin tones and actually portray them.

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I could go for a glass of wine… or maybe two. Right now. Christmas season retail is absolutely NUTS! Gotta get up at 7 tomorrow…

yeah I can’t even judge my flatmate. The only reason I’m not kicking back with a drink right now is that I know I just wouldn’t get up for work tomorrow aha

Retail must be brutal! I only had the pleasure of working a retail christmas once…if you did have a glass of wine (or three) it would be well deserved. Working retail makes me think of that Rudyard Kipling poem, If. 

“If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,

Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,

And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:”

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wow, that’s terrifying. it’s like there wasn’t even a way for you to come out of the situation unscathed. once a man decided to harass you, there is no dissuading him.

:( this time last year I was kicking myself that I misread him so badly and even said yes to coffee in the first place. I’m extremely glad I live in a totally different city now! 

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What does it feel like to live in NZ? I mean, I'm from Europe so I have already been to so many different countries on short and inexpensive trips. I've also lived in Japan for half a year and people would take short trips to Korea. NZ is so far away from everything, going somewhere else must feel like a big deal?

Uh, I don’t really know how to answer this because I’ve only ever lived here (and in England when I was 1-2 years old). So I guess it feels normal to live here? 

I guess it’s quite different to other countries which are bigger or closer to each other because there, it’s easier to go travelling. I get pretty jealous when I talk to my English friends and they talk about their school trips to places in Europe like it’s no big deal - our school does those kinds of trips but they’re incredibly expensive and a huge deal. We do have quite a few tropical islands at our travel disposal, though, plus Australia. But even then, it’s still a plane trip away, instead of a car or train trip!

But actually living here itself is just like living in any other country, really… there’s a heck load of diversity and I actually live in quite a big city (relative to the rest of the cities here) which contributes to that. There’s not really any feeling of being fenced in or anything like that!

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nothing opens ever in germany on a sunday. well, except like gas stations and shops at the train station or something. cafés and restaurants are open too, but large parts of town are just a ghost town on sunday here…

It’s so weird to me! I understand and appreciate the good it must do for the people who work at those places though. When you’re working somewhere that’s open 24h most of the time, it must be a relief to know that there are at least some hours you’re never going to get called in to cover.

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No, I’m in Düsseldorf. Do they have the marathons on the same day?? That’s cool :> I bet London has a much bigger turnout though.

:) apparently they did this year! 38,000 did the London Marathon this year (which is unbelievable) and Dusseldorf had 18,000. But the Dusseldorf one’s only been going since 2003, and the London one’s been going since 1981.