Happy hump day echelon! So my recent food obsessions have been quite odd. First there was pumpkin puree, then refried beans, now it’s oatmeal. That’s right people this girl loves the one meal that everyone says is for the old folks. Like it’s no joke. But it’s not just oatmeal. It’s blended oatmeal with chocolate coconut water and banana. 

Although I don’t think anything will beat my 30 Seconds to Mars “obsession.” I put air quotes around obsession because I think this band has just become apart of who I am. It’s similar to the amount of musical theater I’ve done. It’s just become an everyday thing for me. And all this is a complete gift that I cherish and am grateful for. 

So I’m glad to be seeing Jared present at the Oscars because it means that (1) we’ll be that much closer to Camp Mars and (2) I’ll get to see what Jared’s hairdo will me. Who doesn’t want to see that?

Have a great day fam. I love you all so much!