Neil's Halloween debacle

It’s me, back with another ridiculous ficlet. You can blame Una for this one. She reached the point in The Raven King (can you believe she’s taken about a month to get here) where Nicky tells Neil not to trust him to pick a Halloween costume because he’ll “probably dress [him] as a French maid or something,” and immediately requested ((read: demanded)) a ficlet in which Nicky does just that. So, here it is. Rather than doing a canon-divergent situation, I wrote something that’s set a way into the future where everyone is happy. Also, Andreil’s cats feature, in Halloween costumes no less, because obviously I had to get them in somewhere. You’re … welcome?

“So, Neil,” asks Nicky airily, his voice crackling slightly through the phone. “What are you planning on wearing for Halloween? Are you and Andrew coordinating outfits?”

Neil glances at Andrew who, as usual, isn’t paying the slightest bit of attention, more preoccupied with trying to scoop rapidly-melting ice cream onto a wafer of insufficient structural integrity. An autumn breeze does nothing to disturb the sodden leaf piles outside, and a light drizzle patters against the large windows of the diner. Neil would wonder at Andrew’s food choice if he didn’t know him so well.

“I don’t know,” replies Neil eventually, gaze still stuck on Andrew’s ice cream. Andrew freezes for a second, eyes flicking to Neil before he stuffs the wafer in his mouth. He pushes the bowl towards Neil slightly, eyebrow raised slightly in question, and Neil shakes his head in response, grinning slightly as he turns his attention back to Nicky. “We haven’t talked about it.”

Andrew narrows his eyes momentarily before deciding the conversation isn’t worth his time and going back to his sundae. Beside him sit Kevin and Thea, who have been conversing in hushed tones since practice ended. The last Neil was able to pick up, they were discussing the US Court lineup for the Olympics qualifying matches; he highly doubts that Nicky’s Halloween plans will be of any consequence to them right now. Neil himself has half a mind to hang up the phone and join their conversation. He has a few ideas on which backliners should be working with Andrew if they want an airtight defence line.

“How about you let me sort something out?” asks Nicky, and Neil doesn’t like his tone of voice. It may be the distortion, but he sounds suspiciously sly.

“Andrew won’t go for that.”

“Just for you, then.”

Neil sighs. Nicky’s not going to back down in a hurry, and he’d rather not be on the phone for hours. “Okay, fine.”

Nicky emits a delighted sound that Neil can’t describe as anything other than a squeal. “I can’t wait. Our first Halloween in Berlin together. It’s going to be so much fun. I’ve been getting Erik to help plan our route for the evening. He says there’s a bar that serves eyeballs in all their drinks on Halloween. I mean, I don’t think they’re real eyeballs -”

“Can’t wait, Nicky,” interjects Neil, mindful of Andrew’s now-empty bowl and Kevin’s itch to spend as much time on the court as possible before he’s torn away from it for a long weekend. “We’ll see you in a few days.”

“Bis dann! I’ll have an incredible costume waiting,” sings Nicky, and the line clicks dead. 

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Spooky Day 2

Should I wait a little to post these since I just posted day one? Nahhhhh. Also I almost cried writing this so fluff warning in advance

Going Trick or Treating With You and Evan’s Kid

- Evan never liked Halloween
- but he knew you liked it so you had been doing couple stuff for a few years
- it grew on him
- so when you two had your first kid, he was actually excited for Halloween
- you naturally did a group costume
- no joke you guys chose to dress up as two scarecrows with your little baby in a small pumpkin outfit
- soooo cute
- next year you and Evan were mustard and ketchup and your kid was a hot dog
- the next year your kid was Dr. Seuss and you and Evan were thing one and two
- and finally when your kid was four it was time to go trick or treating for the first year
- you were both so excited
- this year you decided to go as Mario and Luigi/Princess Peach and your kid was a baby toadstool
- it was hands down the cutest thing ever
- you had a Cart for your kid that you made out of their stroller
- anyways trick or treating was actually the best thing ever
- everyone loved your costumes and complimented you guys
- your kid loved it
- Evan loved it
- you loved it
- everyone had such a fun time 
- Evan kept making Mario puns he stole from Jared
- you had a lot of fun seeing other’s people costumes too 
- often you’d run down the sidewalk pushing your kid in their cart and Evan would make car noises and you’d only stop when everyone was giggling
- Evan got kind of anxious to knock on people’s doors still so he always hung back a little bit at that part
- but otherwise it went amazing
- you didn’t stay out that long because you still had a four year old and they were tired
- but as soon as you got back you made plans for next year
- plus since your kid couldn’t eat that much candy you and Evan stole all of it and spent the night after your kid went to sleep gorging on candy and watching old horror movies
- just a totally pure event 

anonymous asked:

I heard Halloween asks and f u c k y e s! Anything for Johnathan and Joseph (separate) with a really excited s/o who likes to dress up and pass out candy to the kids, and just is a Halloween freak b/c it just makes them happy and sugar is important as f u c k


Jonathan likes the childish aspects to Halloween; he’s actually a little bit more of a scaredy cat than one would expect from such a large man and he doesn’t particularly want to watch horror movies and be too scared to sleep, but seeing all of the little children in their pumpkin outfits and their little bat outfits makes his heart swell with affection. Sometimes, after seeing a particularly cute child dressed in a particularly sweet outfit, he puts his arm around his s/o and squeezes and s/o knows that it’s a symbol of his excitement that one day, they’ll be able to go shopping with their children. 
He’ll help his s/o with their outfit too, and as long as it isn’t too scary he’ll want to dress up with them - liquid latex and dripping blood isn’t really his thing, but if his s/o says they want to dress up like something silly and cute he’ll probably be a little bit over-enthusiastic - when they both answer the door, children love gaping at this big huge man who offers them candy in the gentlest voice. 
We all know that Jonathan has a sweet tooth, and Halloween candy is no different - even after Halloween, the two are still working through their stash because they definitely over bought. 

Joseph, on the other hand, gets into all aspects of Halloween and has a special fondness for some of the spookier ones, especially if it gives him a chance to play a prank on his s/o and make them scream. When the tables are turned, though, Joseph also has a tendency to scream in a very undignified way. 
There are some children not allowed to trick or treat at Joseph and his s/o’s residence because he always goes a little bit overboard when it comes to answering the door, and the children have been scarred by his shouting and headless routine one too many times - Joseph puts his love of magic to good use by doing some illusion type tricks around Halloween, and for some children it is just too much. 
His s/o doesn’t get a say in their Halloween costumes, either - Joseph is far too excited at the prospect of playing with makeup and making them both look gruesome. If there’s an adult Halloween party, he’s going all out - if there are going to be children around, s/o can sometimes talk him down to dressing up like comic book characters. 


Pumpkin pals doin’ pumpkin things!

So in light of it being the month o’ Halloween, i decided to give Carver a makeover! He now wears this outfit all throughout October! He a dapper boi! (May change around through out the month while i become completely happy w/ it)

Oh also i just REALLY wanted to draw @mayadile ‘s Cider digitally because i love her colours?? fuckn,,,, aesthetic af heck yeah