pumpkin walls

Halloween lunch sketch today. Recognize the pumpkin? ;)

Along the fields of straw and stover

Clocked in ‘til the work day’s over

Time’s a gentle stream, longer than it seems

Patient is the night

How I long to see her face now

Her starry moonlit gaze now

I know she’s never late, still anxiously I wait

Patient is the night”


It Started With A Waffle: Pumpkin Tiramisu

It may be November, but if you live in Southern California, it’s 90+ degrees outside right now. Our resident baker, Clara Cakes whipped up a nice and cold recipe that’s perfect for a Thanksgiving dessert. We’ll be riding out the heat wave and enjoying this Pumpkin Tiramisu with our Boyfriend Jean Shorts on.

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When I thought of pumpkins, I immediately thought of this cute little scene in Pocket Mirror. It’s still one of my highlights of the game!

Pocket Mirror’s MC and the pumpkin for Inktober Day #19.