pumpkin walls


Inktober days 14-20

Day 14: Splatfest Team Vampire (Splatoon)
Day 15: Swan Masqurade
Day 16: Ice Bear and Chloe (We Bare Besrs)
Day 17: Pottsfield Pumpkin Dance (Over the Garden Wall)
Day 18: The Beast Dog (Over the Garden Wall)
Day 19: Enoch (Over the Garden Wall)
Day 20: Queen of the Clouds (Over the Garden Wall)

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My Over the Garden Wall Enoch Cosplay! I made a metal cage that sits on my shoulders so I’m around 6′8 when wearing the costume (I’m 5′6 without the costume). I know Enoch doesn’t have glowing eyes, but if you have the opportunity to add glowing eyes to something, why not? I’m going to take some more photos, its hard to photograph something when you also need to be wearing it. The neighbor kids were probably like, wtf is that?

I made a Tutorial on my YouTube Channel, Watch it here!

 I also have a really cool no face and lego batman costume I need to photograph.

More cosplay pics

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Clearly I’m putting my Over The Garden Wall, Enoch costume to good use.
See photos of the full cosplay here

I made a costume tutorial on my Youtube channel, watch it here!

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