pumpkin tears

Manspreading (Part 3)

Word Count: 9k

  “Don’t bring the dog into this. He’s young and he doesn’t need this kind of stuff pushed on him. He’ll grow up to have issues.” 

“Very funny, Tae. You’re a real funny guy. You know what else is funny? Your chances of sleeping in the same bed as me this month.”

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Epilogue

It wasn’t at all unusual for you to wake up smothered by the sixty-two kilograms of pure heat and clinginess that was Kim Taehyung. What was unusual however was how inappropriately naked the both of you were at the moment, and the suspiciously hard thing pressing against your side.

You’ve been awake for a good while now having an internal breakdown and devising increasingly elaborate plans to get yourself out of Taehyung’s loving death-grip. You wonder if you could slip out of his arms for a quick reprieve in the shower before you have to really face him, because right now you couldn’t think very clearly when he was so close to you and his addicting scent was bombarding your brain. He was always a heavy sleeper, and you figured you had a fairly good chance of slipping away without waking him up. When your eyes opened up and met his entirely too awake ones, you nearly jumped out of your skin.

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While drawing this I got a headcanon that what if Anti kidnaps Jack’s fans, turns them into pumpkins, carves them up and ends up killing them by doing so. Jack finds out when he sees less activity in the community. He goes to Anti’s world and just sees so many destroyed pumpkins. The foul stench fills his nostrils and almost makes him gag. As he’s walking on a path, he sees one that hasn’t been touched but a smaller pumpkin next to it is in pieces.

“What happened?” Jack asks the tear stained pumpkin.
“Jack you need to run. Please. Those that are like me can’t turn back. He doesn’t know you’re here yet. Just leave while you still have a chance.”

Ẁ̶͚̭͛e̸͖̜͐̈l̷̺̗͗͗l̵̨̛͓̋,̸̣̭̀͐ ̸̳̩̚͠w̴͉̳͆͝é̶͔͎͠l̴̨͖̍̓l̵̹͚̐̇,̶̪̞͗͋ ̶̨̞̈́̐ẘ̴͕̤̇e̶̞̬͒̔l̶̤̒͠ͅl̸̠̦̕͠.̸̪̟͋͛ ̷̖̪́̀L̷̜̱̅̕o̸̳̝̐̚ǫ̴̜̈̈́k̶͖͐́͜ ̵̼͙̔͂ẅ̷̰̩́̍h̷̜̲̉̿o̵͉̻̒̿'̷̤̻͆̅s̴̼̥̾̚ ̶̹̰̚͝h̴͛̽͜ͅe̶̖̯̔̈r̸̗͔̊͘e̵͙͚͛̾.̶̡̯̑̚ ̸̩̫̍̾

Pairing: Military!Reader x Jensen Ackles

Summary: The reader comes home to surprise her husband and daughter

I just got back from a long field day when I saw I had a missed face time from Jared. I walk over and call him back “Hey Jared” I said as I see him “Hey sis, how are things in the army going?” He asks “Tiring, but good. I just got back from field training. How are things with Gen and the kids?” I asked “They are good. Gen’s legs are sore from carrying the baby but besides that she’s good and the kids are the same” he says with a chuckle. I let out a chuckle as well “That’s good. Um… Jared, can I ask you something?” I ask in a concerned tone “Yeah” he says “How is Jensen and Mia doing?” I ask in a concerned tone. Jared lets out a sigh and then says “Jensen isn’t doing to good. It hit him really hard last week because of your guy’s anniversary. As for Mia, she has been okay. Gen has been around to help but I have a feeling it will hit her during her birthday in a few weeks” he says. I let out a sad sigh along with tears coming down my face “I miss them so much Jared. It gets so hard not seeing them” I said “I know sis but it will be okay. You can see them when you get back,” he says trying to cheer me up “I guess you’re right. Hey Jared?” I say “Yeah?” he says “Do you think you can help me surprise Mia for her birthday?” I ask with a smile. His face lights up at my suggestion “You’re coming home in a few weeks?” he says in excitement. I nod. “I come home and then I am home for good” I say with a smile “That’s great. I can’t wait. So what is your idea to surprise them?” he says in gladness. “Well, I haven’t thought about that. Do you have any ideas?” I ask Jared. “Well, Jensen said that Mia wanted to go to Dustin’s. Does that help?” he asked. “Yes, I know the manager for Dustin’s so maybe I can talk to them and ask if I can do something there” I said “Sounds good. Let me know what you decide to do so I can help” Jared says with a smile. “Will do bro” I say. “I have to go. Jensen is calling me back to set” Jared said “Oh okay. Well I’ll let you go. Love you Jared” I said “Love you too sis. I’ll see you in a few weeks. I may be working so if I am then I will have Gen pick you up” he says with a smile “Okay, sounds good. See you then” I say with a smile.

I cannot wait to see Jensen and Mia. I have missed them so much. I have been here over here for close to two years and it’s been the longest two years of my life. It has been so hard because I’ve missed so many milestones, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. I feel terrible that I left Jensen to not only be a single parent but also a television actor. I can’t wait to get home and be home for good.

*Two weeks later*

I had just gotten off the plane at Austin International Airport and was walking to find Gen, who was picking me up. I was walking though the airport when I caught sight of my sister-in-law. When I see her, I drop my bags and run towards my sister-in-law. When she sees me running, she opens her arms and engulfs me into the biggest hug. We stay like that for a few minutes just enjoying the comfort of each other “I missed you so much Gen” I said pulling away from her. “I missed you too (Y/N). It feels so good to see and hug you again. I know we got to video chat but it’s still not the same” she says as tears of joy start coming down her cheeks. At the sight of her tears I immediately hug her again. We both start crying a little over the fact that we are together again; as sisters. We pull away and wipe off our faces. I grab my bags and we head out of the airport. On our way out Gen gets stopped by a fan of the show. She asks to take a picture with her. Surprisingly, she asked for me to be in the picture as well and of course I agree. After we take the pictures we head out to the car and head to the restaurant.

(Jensen’s Perspective)

I am in Vancouver finishing up filming an episode with Jared. I felt terrible that I am missing Mia’s birthday dinner. Not only is (Y/N) not there, but neither am I. I head home tomorrow but today is her actual birthday and I just feel so bad that I am having to miss my daughter’s 5th birthday. We are taking a break from filming when I see that I’m getting a Face Time from Gen. I immediately pick it up to see Mia’s face pop up on the screen.

“Hi daddy” she says as she squeals in excitement. “Hey baby girl. Are you being good for Nana and Papa?” I asked smiling at my little girl and thinking how much she looks like her mother. “Yes sir. Nanna gonna take me to see Tom and Shep” she says as her face lights up with excitement. “You get to see Tom and Shep and Aunt Gen too?” I ask. She nods her head with enthusiasm. I laugh at her excitement. My mom comes on the screen. “Mia, why don’t you go get your shoes on then go get papa. Okay?” she says to Mia. Mia nods then runs off. “ Hey mom” I say. “Hey sweetheart, how is work?” she says “It’s good. We should be home by tomorrow or the day after” I said kinda giving her a fake smile. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” She asks me. I start tearing up when she asks me that. “I can’t do it anymore mom” I say as my voice breaks. “Can’t do what sweetheart?” she asks in a concerned tone. “Mom, I miss her. I wake up every morning hoping to see her laying next to me but she’s not. It’s been over a year mom, I can’t do it anymore. I know that I have to keep going but it’s so hard without her” I say to my mom as tears start streaming down my face. “Oh sweetheart I know you miss her, I mean we do too. So does Mia. Just think, she will be home in a couple months and then she is home for good. I know this is hard on you, son but you are strong and you can do this. Also, you aren’t alone Jensen. You have Jared, Gen, me, your father, (Y/N)’s parents, and the entire Supernatural cast plus that fandom of yours. You can do this sweetheart, I know you can” she says giving me a smile. I wipe away my tears and smile at her. “I love you mom. Thanks again for watching Mia and giving me the encouragement” I say to her. She smiles at me. She turns around because someone is talking to her. “Alright sweetheart I got to go. Gen is at the restaurant with the boys. Love you Jensen” she says “Love you too mom. Bye, and tell Mia I love her” I said “I will. Bye” she says and with that she hung up the phone. Just as she hung up Jared walked into my trailer. “Hey man, what’s up?” Jared asks as he walks in and sits on the couch. “Not much, just got off the phone with Mia and my mom” I said as I take a sip of my drink. “Oh that’s good. Jensen, are you sure you are alright? You look like you have been crying” he asks as he looks at me with a concerned look. “Yeah I was. My mom and Mia FaceTimed me and I was just sad that I am missing her birthday and that she doesn’t have (Y/N) either” I said looking down at my hands.

“I get it man but just think you’ll be home tomorrow to see her” he says smiling at me. I smile back at him then say “Thanks Jared.”

(Y/N)’s Perspective

We arrived at the restaurant where Mia, my parents, and Jensen’s parents were waiting. The only people who knew I was coming were Gen and Jared but Jared is in Vancouver. We decided that Gen and the boys were going to go in first and then I would go in the back and help bring out there food and then surprise them that way. I walk around the back of the restaurant and go through the kitchen and wait in the back for their food to get done. On our way to the restaurant we called them telling them are plan and they were more than happy to help. Once their food comes out, I grab Mia’s so that I could give it to her. Once their server has their food I walk behind them as we walk out to give them their food and surprise them. As I walk out in my army uniform, my parents and Jensen’s parents gasp but Mia still doesn’t see me because I’m behind the waiter. As we get to the table I walk out from behind the waiter and Mia locks eyes with me. I set her food down in front of her and then kneel down to her level. “Hi sweetheart. Happy birthday pumpkin” I say with tears of joy coming to my eyes. “Mommy!!!!!” she screamed and jumps into my arms. As soon as I catch her, I wrap my arms around her and we both start crying tears of joy. Once she is in my arms the entire restaurant erupts into cheers and whistles. “It’s okay sweetheart, I’m right here” I say while rubbing her back. “I missed you mommy” she whispers. “I missed you too sweetheart. I love you so much baby girl” I say. She pulls back to look me in the eyes. “I love you too mommy” she says. I smile at her then I set her down so she can eat. Once I set her down, my mom and dad walk over and hug me. “Hey mom. Hey dad” I say while hugging them. They start crying and I hug them tighter. “It’s okay mom, I’m here and I’m not going nowhere” I say to them. They pull back and look at me with a confused look. “I don’t have to go back. I’m out for good” I say with a smile. My mom screams in excitement as she hugs me again. I giggle as she is hugging me.

After my mom and dad go sit back down, Donna and Alan come up and hug me as well. After everyone hugs me, I pick up Mia and then sit in her chair and the set her in my lap. As we are all talking and catching up my mom asks me a question. “Does Jensen know you are back?” Before I could answer, Donna speaks up. “From the Face Time we had before coming here, I don’t think so,” she says with a sad look on her face. “What does that mean?” I asked her with a concerned look. She lets out a sigh. “Mia wanted to Face Time her daddy this morning and I could sense there was something off. So I told Mia to get her shoes on so I could talk to him. He was just really upset that he couldn’t be here. He figured you weren’t going to be here so that meant that Mia wouldn’t have either of her parents but to top it off, he just really missed you. I think it being Mia’s birthday just made him realize how much he really has been missing you. It’s not that he didn’t miss you any other day it’s just that I think he was tired of telling everyone he’s okay when he really wasn’t” she said. Hearing what Donna said brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t realize that it would be this hard for him. Yes I missed him but by what she just said I think he missed me more. Hearing all of this makes me want to fly to Vancouver now even though he comes home tomorrow. All I know is that when he gets home tomorrow, I’m gonna shower that man with the love and happiness he deserves to have so he knows how much I missed him too. As we are eating, Gen’s phone rings. “Hello….okay…alright, I’ll let her know. Love you, bye,” she says as she hangs up the phone. “Everything okay?” I ask. “Yeah they are fine. It’s just that they need to finish up the season so they won’t be home till Sunday,” she says. I let out a sigh. “Well, then Mia and I will just fly up there to see him. I know that is only a few days away but I’ve waited over a year to see him and I can’t wait any longer” I say with a slight chuckle. “That is definitely understandable” Donna says. We all laugh. “Why don’t we go ahead and leave so you guys can go home and pack?” Gen suggests. I look to Mia. “You want to leave so we can go home and pack?” I ask her. “Why would we be packing mommy?” she asks. “We are gonna see daddy at work. Is that okay with you?” I ask her. Her face lights up with joy. “We are gonna go see daddy?” she asks. “Yeah baby girl we are” I say to my now excited little girl. She squeals in excitement. She nods her head in excitement. We all laugh as she jumps up and down with excitement. I smile as I can’t wait to see the look on Jensen’s face when we surprise him. We soon leave the restaurant and head home to pack. Within a few hours we are packed and on a flight to Vancouver. After several hours we arrive in Vancouver. As we left the restaurant, I called Cliff to see if he could pick us up from the airport. He happily agreed. As we get off the plane we walk to through the airport to find Cliff waiting outside. “Welcome home (Y/N)” he says as he envelopes me in a hug. After we finish hugging, he bends down to grab our luggage and put it in the car. After we load up, we head to set where Jared and Jensen are. On our way to the set I called Bob to see if he can help set up a surprise for Jensen and Jared. He told me to sit on Dean’s bed and wait because there was a scene where Sam and Dean walk into Dean’s room as they are discussing something. After about a two hour car ride we arrive on set. Cliff helps sneak us into the set where we start to put our surprise into place.

Jensen’s Perspective

Jared and I were waiting for our queue to enter Dean’s room. “Action” Bob yells. “You know we can’t do that Sam” ‘Dean’ says turning the door knob and walking into the room. I freeze in my tracks as I see (Y/N) sitting on the bed with the biggest grin on her face. She still looks as beautiful as the day I met her. “Took you boys long enough” she says with that beautiful smile I missed. As I still stand there in shock, she gets off the bed and walks over to me. “Hi” she says with a smile. I don’t say anything as I immediately wrap my arms around her and hug her as if my life depended on it. This was also my breaking point. I cried tears of joy while burying my head in the crook of her neck. As I cried into her neck, she whispered things like “It’s okay baby, I’m here” or “I love you so much. It’s gonna be okay.” Everyone stayed quiet around us as they let us have this moment. Over a year I was without her. I didn’t have the mother of my child, my wife, my best friend, and most importantly; the love of my life, but now I have her and I don’t want to let her go. After a few minutes, I calm down. (Y/N) pulls away from me and smiles at me. “Baby, as much as I love and missed you, I really want to hug my brother” she said “No” I said or whine since it’s felt like ages since I last saw her. “Why not?” she asked. “Because there is one thing I have to do first” I say smiling at her.

“What would that be?” she says smiling at me. “This” I say then I lean down and kiss her. After a year of waiting, I finally get to kiss my wife. As I kiss her the whole cast and crew start clapping and cheering. I can feel her smile into the kiss. “That was definitely long overdue” I say pulling away and smiling at her. “Definitely” she says with a smile. “Can I hug my brother now?” she asks. “Well who am I gonna hug?” I ask with a faking look of hurt. She giggles. “Well, you can always hug your daughter who is playing with Misha” she says pointing to the side where Mia is laughing at something Misha is doing. I smile at then let her go to go hug Jared. I smile as I see them hug. After a few seconds of watching I decide to go over to Mia. I decide to sneak up behind her and catch her off guard. I signal for Misha to be quiet and he continues to act like I’m not there. Once I get close enough, I wrap my arms around her and she giggles the whole time, while I spin her. “Hi daddy,” she says smiling at me with her mother’s smile. “Hi princess. Did you have a good birthday?” I ask her. She nods her head. “Mommy came home and surprised me” she says. “I see that princess. Mommy surprised me too” I say as I kiss her cheek. “That was the plan” (Y/N) says behind me. I turn around to see her walking my way with Jared’s arm wrapped around her shoulder. “And I knew about” Jared says. “Well, you knew I was gonna surprise them but things changed when you guys were called to stay longer” she said letting go of Jared and walking over to me. “I’m glad you’re home” I say pecking her lips. She smiles at me then says “Me too.” “Mommy, when do you have to go back?” Mia asks looking at her. She takes Mia from my arms then says “I don’t have to go back baby girl.” I look at her with a look of shock on my face. “You’re serious?” I ask her with a look of disbelief. “Yeah. I don’t have to go back” she says to me. I wrap my arms around her in excitement. “I love you both so much” I say kissing her and Mia’s head. She looks at me like she wants to say something but keeps stopping herself. “What’s the matter sweetheart?” I ask her. “Well I was thinking,” she says looking down. “About what?” I ask her, kinda concerned at what she has to say. “Well I was thinking on the way over, what if we try for kid number two?” she says. I look at her in disbelief. I wanted nothing more to have her home and having another kid. I was too excited and shocked that I didn’t even realize that she was just rambling on. I lean down and cut her off with my lips on hers.

“Baby, I want nothing more to have another kid with you,” I say smiling at her. She breathes a sigh of relief. “So, Mia do want a brother or sister?” I ask her and (Y/N) laughed at my question. “Brother!!” She kinda yells in excitement. I look over at (Y/N) with a smirk. “You heard her mom” I say as I lean down and kiss her. My family was now complete. I had my wife, my daughter, and hopefully a boy in the next year or so. As long as my wife is here. Then I am home. She is my home sweet home.

  • john: here, use mine
  • sherlock: [internally] jesus christ. i'd give up all the risotto in the world for 30 minutes with that slice of pumpkin pie. i'd tear that thing up like a corn on the cob.
  • sherlock: oh. thank you.
A Completely Nonsensical, Ridiculous, and Off-the-Wall Sebastian Theory

I got to thinking about Sebastian and what his biological father is like, who he is, and if he’s still even in the picture at all. Nobody in the game ever talks about it. And then I got to thinking… It’s a popular headcanon that Sebastian’s hair isn’t naturally black and that he dyes it, but what if that really is his natural hair color? What if Sebastian’s biological father isn’t even human?

What if Sebastian is actually half Void Spirit, AKA Shadow Person?

First off, let’s take a look at Sebastian’s favorite gifts. These include sashimi, frozen tears, obsidian, pumpkin soup, and void eggs. We’re going to take a look at Krobus for comparison. I’m not jumping the gun by saying that Krobus is actually Sebastian’s father. He’s just the only Shadow Person we can look at for this. Two of Krobus’ favorite gifts are pumpkins and void eggs, which he says are a great honor to receive as gifts, and he sells fish which can be made into sashimi. And obsidian is found by breaking open magma geodes which are found at level 80+ in the mines. This is also where Shadow People live.

Sebastian’s apparent interest in the mines is also worth noting, I think. It’s implied that he likes to go into the mines with one line of dialogue that tells you that he got cut by a rock crab in the mines and not to tell his mom. He also has a tendency to gift you loot from the mines if you marry him. This loot can include an amethyst, a piece of obsidian, a frozen tear, a bat wing, and void essence. Guess where you find Shadow People? And guess who drops void essence? Shadow People. He also seems to like slimes, and suggests that you raise more after you marry him, and if you have a slime hutch. Krobus sells slime.

And there’s also Sebastian’s schedule. For the most part, he seems to stay up all night, sleep in, and not leave the house until later in the day. The only days he leaves his house earlier are days when it’s raining. Krobus says that he cannot go in the sun, and that he likes the moisture in the sewers.

So yeah, feel free to boo at me all you want for this outlandish idea, but I think it would be amazing if it were true.

It started out as a morning warm-up and then I got a bit carried away~

BUT, I got to bring together the pumpkin pals (can they all be pumpkin pals???) with @sushinfood​‘s Highwayman OC and I got to try out @ttoba​‘s tears tutorial! (And now I see why the shading is important to make the tears stand out, although there’s only so much I can do with the layer modes in Flash).

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#my roommate tyler jøseph

me: *comes home to find stack of melted CDs in the kitchen sink*

me: Ty wtf where are all my reggae CDs?

tyler: <,:’:,mÿ täšté îñ müšíç ìš ŷøür fåçé,:’:,>

me: oh come on, what were you thinking man?

tyler: >’:,:’ñøbódÿ tĥíñkš ẅĥät Ï tĥîñk’:,:’<


Swatches of 23 Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks (besides Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Scorpio, Gemini, Rich Blood, Mannequin, Rose Matter, nude beach, queen bee, watermelon soda, virginity, Leo, flamethrower, deceased, pumpkin pie, chrysanthemum, crocodile tears, designer blood, checkmate, Sagittarius, Dream house, pussy whipped, and no tea, no shade) 💕 starting from the top:
Celebrity Skin
I’m Nude
Posh Spice
Unicorn Blood
Doll Parts
Anna Nicole
Hoe Hoe Hoe
Prom Night
Queen Supreme
Blow Pony
I’m Royalty (idk why it’s shown twice but it makes the picture look even)
Blue Velvet
Dirty Money
Drug Lord