pumpkin pipe


My Fibromyalgia is going to feel wickedly fantastic tonight thanks to one of the most beautiful (inside and out) ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting through tumblr 🙏🏻 Ms @royallyoily I’m convinced she is an angel on earth 👼🏼 there are not many people out there who see people in pain and reach out to them and actually want to help them 🙏🏻 that’s very rare in this world.. She’s like a precious rare gem that you don’t find everyday 🙏🏻 love you girl 😘 very Grateful 🙏🏻

Leave It In 2015

1. Hoverboards
2. “Netflix and Chill”
3. Kylie Jenner’s Lips
4. “Goals”
5. Pumpkin Spice
6. Toxic People
7. Raven Symone
8. Donald Trump
9. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner
10. Dab
11. Pipe It Up
12. Drake’s Dancing in Hotline Bling
13. Nash Grier
14. Iggy’s Rapping
15. Racism
16. Homophobia
17. My Ex
18. FuckBoys
19. The Condom Challenge
20. Mariah Carey