pumpkin party in sea hitler's water apocalypse

i pull up at the gas station. the bass is thumping in my truck. people are staring. they think i’m listening to something hardcore. i open my door.
it’s pumpkin party in sea hitler’s water apocalypse

placatedimpulse  asked:

How about uhhhhhhhh Roxy


1. Jackpotby Charles “Crazy-8” Neudorf and Marcy Nabors - It’s just so good and so fun and so Roxy!!!

2. Rouge on the Rox, by Tensei - A badass Rogue-ish song for a badass Rogue.

3. Portrait, by Solatrus - Goddamn she just has so many good songs.

4. Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apocalypse, by Malcolm Brown - Need I say more?

5. Pink Cat, by Ryan Ames - Everything about this song showcases Roxy’s character sooo well.

Runners up: Everlasting by Joe “DoubleJoeSeven” Ouelet, Vodka Mutiny by Catboss, and Wisest Wizord by rielz and Natrox.

When You Don’t Like/Know Homestuck But Wanna Hear Some Sweet Tunes

•Derse Dreamers
•Three in the Morning
•Umbral Ultimatum
•Dreamers and the Dead
•Requiem of Sunshine and Rainbows
•Heir of Grief
•Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apocalypse
•Carne Vale
•Rex Duodecim Angelus
•Liquid Negrocity/Black

Ok so in math a while ago I’m a member of the midnight crew acapella came on and the teacher liked it on his Pandora or whatever and half the class is looking up giggling and then he got the post punk version and disliked it while looking horrified and half the class is trying not to laugh and the other half isn’t paying attention and then ten or so minutes later when everyone had calmed down he got pumpkin party in sea hitlers water apocalypse and went over to like it and like fell backwards and projected it up on the board and half the class lost their shit and the other half looked scared it was beautiful