pumpkin landing

The Nightmare Before Christmas Facts:
The most difficult shot was opening a door because of the filmmakers’ dedication to be as true to shooting like live-action as possible, one Nightmare Before Christmas shot proved especially challenging. When Jack discovers the part of the forest with pathways to other holiday worlds, he looks longingly at the Christmas tree door. A close-up of its shiny golden knob reflects this mournful skeleton as well as the trees behind him as he advances to open it. Getting the reflection just right took a great deal of time, care, and attention.


TLOS Tour: St. Louis - July 17th, 2016 // Left Bank Books
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can i have an imagines where youre best friends with jack and youre carving jack and sally pumpkins and you two keep throwing the guts at each other and you slip and he kisses you and then fluffffff?

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Your POV

I was sitting on the couch watching TV with Jack, something we always did on a weekend. But this weekend wasn’t any weekend. It was the weekend before Halloween. So thanks to Alex, we got the entire place decked out. I didn’t live with Jack or anything, but we did spend a lot of time together.

Jack is my absolute best friend, I can say that with confidence. Not sure if I rank higher than Alex on Jack’s best friend scale, but it is my goal one day. We have been best friends forever, and we usually went all out for Halloween. When Alex was dressing up with Lisa, Jack was dressing up with me. It was wonderful.

We had already picked out our costumes. Jack was Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I was his counterpart, Sally. Alex and Lisa were going as the Scarecrow and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

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